Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who Inspires You?

January 31st is a very special day to me - it is THE most important person in my life's birthday - MY MOMMA!!! Her name is Carol, she is crazy cool, super fun, has a heart of gold, and honestly is my BEST FRIEND. This lady right here is who inspires me....

People will come in and out of your life forever, but the one's that stick around NO MATTER WHAT are your true gems. I often find myself reflecting on who in MY life inspires me to get up each morning, to walk about my day confidently, to brush off the disappointment and naysayers, to always find the GOOD in people, to keep taking care of myself, and to just LOVE life in general.

You all know I am a pretty nutty person - I talk loud, walk loud, laugh like a crazy person, act a fool, crack stupid jokes, say ridiculous things, want to be famous (sorry had to throw that in there), and try to enjoy every minute of life - I get all these traits from my number one lady - My mom.

Here are a few things my mom has taught me that inspire me to be the person I am today:

1. Smile ALWAYS...
2. Every person has "another side" of a story - never believe the first one you hear.
3. Life is hard - there will be disappointment and hurt - but know there is always something GREAT on the horizon.
4. Never let anyone make you feel inferior - only YOU can let them do that.
5. Don't take life so seriously - if you don't eat that piece of cake you will be ticked if you died tomorrow.
6. HUG. HUG. HUG. - nothing is better than a good ole fashion hug.
7. Be YOU - crazy and cooky as we are - just be YOU - someone will love you for it.

Growing up my mom never ONCE criticized me for ANYTHING. I was a chunky kid (she told me how beautiful I was), I had a bad soccer game (she told me how great I looked out there), I was heart broken from break-ups (she told me NO boy is lucky enough to have me), I was bullied by others (she told me to turn the other cheek because I was better than that), I was HUGE pregnant with Elle (she told me how much I was beaming and how my skin glowed) etc... Moments of sadness, happiness, fear - she shared in each of them with me. She is my ROCK - she is why I get up each day and am confident in who I am. I love this woman with every inch of my being and I am so blessed that I was chosen to be her daughter.

Happy Birthday Luna... This girl right here loves you more than you will EVER know...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Well today I am fresh out of ideas to blog about today... I was thinking of doing a post on how much I hate Valentine's Day or vlogging about how I am hosting a shower on Saturday and am NOT prepared yet - Melissa if you read this... sorry girl... It will be gorgeous though - promise! So I thought I would take the opportunity to plug some give-a-ways going on out there.

My girl Lindsey from A Plane Doctor, His Nurse, & 3 Little Passengers is giving away this adorable little black leather wristlet - check it out.


Laura from Walking In Memphis In High Heels is ALWAYS giving away something but this bracelet has my name written ALL over it. Totally my style... Please Please Please let me win.. LOL... Check it out...


My fitness buff Leigh Ann from Elle Noel will be hosting a killer Brady Bands give-a-way soon.


Oh and my ever so chic and sassy girl Courtney - who is a Cross Fit DIVA -  is hosting the Diet Bet again - I am getting in on this one. Check it out HERE

On that note... I am looking in my crystal ball here and there is a BIG give-a-way brewing... deets to come!

AND... finally... on a "running" note. I ran 8 miles last night at a 9:42 pace - so pretty happy with that. Today will be strength training and another 3 miler.

Wednesday Out

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You might not have known...

First off THANK YOU to everyone who follows me on IG or here on the blog. I hit 500 followers on my IG - so pretty freakin STOKED. Sweet Mother May I!!! Now when I hit 300 on this little ole blog - this girl will be hosting a fun and awesome running/workout giveaway. So I truly appreciate it guys - much love to you all....

It's Tuesday everyone and I thought I would share my LOVE for ice skating with you. Not sure if you knew this already but Melly Mel LOVES to ice skate. For real, we grew up roller skating FIRST.  You know when your mom would drop you and girlfriends off at the Roller Rink and you would "hope" the cute boys would be there. You would get your skates on and get out there on the floor and try NOT to make a fool of yourself. Then when the slow songs came on, and the girls were corralled out onto the floor, while a boy would "pick" you. WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT? Who EVER thought this was okay? For real, being the girl who NEVER got picked and standing there ALONE while everyone skated away hand in hand is not my idea of fun.

All I have to say is "PLUMP GRADE SCHOOL MEL" HATERS - SUCK IT NOW - I be working on my fitness... BAH!

Sorry about my little rant there.... onto better things... So I learned to roller skate first and then I moved on up to ice skating. Once again the same scenario MINUS the total embarrassment of being a NON-PICKED. Ice skating is a blast - using all those muscles, balancing, and watching people wipe-out - who wouldn't call that a "GOOD TIME"?

So Saturday night, my brother and I took Elle and my nephew ice skating - it was Elle's first time. I LOVE the outdoor rinks - so we chose Steinberg. It is absolutely beautiful there in the dark, with all the lights.

We get in line to get skates and the guy pulls out some old brown beat up things for Elle - she lays on the ground and proceeds to say "I will not skate in that crud". Really girl? My skates were all gray and cute. So of course being the awesome mom I am - I march back up there and ask for gray one's - which they HAVE and Elle is then "okay" to skate. I would PROBABLY NOT be okay with her actions - but I don't think I would of worn those hideous skates either ~ wonder where she gets her "tude"?

The kids get all bundled and laced up.

And we stop for one photo, while the Zamboni cleans the ice. For real, on my bucket list is "Will drive a Zamboni before I die". I want to drive one so bad - anyone want to help me out?

I loved getting back out there - it was like I never had stopped. Elle did AHHHHmazing... She is fearless and doesn't give up. NOW.. she wanted to take breaks, get hot chocolate, watch the people, pee 7 times, etc... BUT she kept getting back out there and GOING... That's my GIRL - we DO NOT GIVE UP! Not for anything or anyone...

I love this child with my ENTIRE being.. I felt bad Wes couldn't go - but he would of been like an elf out there getting trampled - we will save his first ice skating experience for another time.

We had a great time and I "think" I might start skating at least twice a month and Elle is most likely going to take lessons - she was quite good for her 1st time - we will see... and I LOVE my brother and had a great time with him.

Some more pics from the evening - of course I had Mexican before... hahaha... Queso anyone?

Have A Great Tuesday

Ice skating fan? Roller skate hell? My brother is single ladies...?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Frostbite Series 4 Mile Race Re-cap

Good morning everyone - back to the grind. You all know this weekend there were a TON of us who were racing - well I had my Frostbite Series 4 Mile Race with the AMAZING Kim from Growing with the Gilmore Girls.

Kim and I met at a commuter lot and I drove down to the race. The race was in Forest Park (one of my favorite places in St. Louis). Kim has a pre-race tradition of downing a Red Bull before the race - she said it "gives her wings". BAAAAHHH!!! She brought one for me - but I was too chicken to drink one. Anything out of the ordinary on race days - makes me all "oh I might have to pee" and this broad does NOT stop. LOL...

Here is what I wore... 
We got to the race around 8:30 a.m. or so (race starts at 9:00 a.m.) - yeah... we didn't want to stand around in the cold. The weather was EXCELLENT - around 40 degrees and straight SUN! Bibs were NOT given out before hand, so EVERYONE had to wait in line to get their bib (probably not the ideal registration process) - but none-the-less we got our bibs and then I had to pee so bad...

Well... I am going to let you all in on a little secret - if you follow me on IG you will know about this "somewhat" already. Okay here is the deal I AM a nice girl - I am NOT mean to people and I don't HATE anyone - EVER!!!! BUT.... there is this ONE person who cannot stand me( for reasons that are not valid and honestly I didn't care 11 years ago and still don't today) and when I looked over and this person caught my eye and gave me that "I can't stand you face" - I smiled so big while looking them dead in the eye (GAWD I loved this feeling) and thought BRING IT!!! I could of went up and did a nice swift drop kick - but I am NOT like that... I thought I will use this energy to bust it out today.

So.... Kim and I took some before pics of the race.

Walking to the start line

Start line

Kim and I 

Race started and it was so beautiful, I FINALLY listened to music this WHOLE race and I loved it. I have NEVER raced with music before and I have to say - it definitely is a motivator - thank YOU Big Pun;) I love that Kim and I can race and we don't have to stay together - she does her thing, I do mine, and we meet at the end - best way to race. Kim is faster than lightening so off she went in her yellow pull-over - LOVE HER!!! The miles went by quickly... I was jamming out and thinking of that face I saw just a few minutes before - and that definitely had me going. There were hills and I pumped my arms harder as I went up them. The wind felt awesome on my face and my legs were going, going, going... no water breaks, no stops, and then it was mile 3 and I sped up my last split. I finished at mile 4 and it felt great.

Me headed to the finish line - I wanted to whip it past that girl in black - sorry I am not sorry chick!
Met up with Kim - of course she finished about 2 minutes before me - because she is Mrs. Speedy McSpeederson - so proud of her. We took MORE pics - good bloggers in us!!! and drank some water.

We waited to see our times and postings and then split... For real we were in the car by 9:50 a.m. and back at home by 10:30 a.m. or so - PERFECT.

My Time and my PR baby!!!! Woot Woot.

So yeah... I finished in 35:43 - came in 7th for my age group (pace 8:56) and can't be more dang happy with that - "Yeah you, in the bib registration line, with the grudge and angry face - THANK YOU for helping me get here" - BOOYA!!!

And finally.. I pulled a "Mel". I got so excited about the Run for your Beads Mardi Gras 5k and how Darci, Holly, etc... and I were going to run it before we got all amp'd up for the parade on February 9th. So I signed up - paid my 27 bucks and was like "heck yeah"... only to find out it is THIS Saturday on February 2nd and I am hosting a 30+ baby shower at my house at noon. Say What? So question is - do I go, run as fast as I can, run straight to my car, and get home in time to brush my hair - throw on clothes - and host a shower? Or do I say nah... and chalk up the money? Oh I picked up the bib and registration yesterday - so you can see which way I am leaning - AGH!!!!!

Great Race - Happy Week
How did your race go this weekend? Pull a Mel? Any person make you run your a** off?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Half Training Week 2 Update

It's the freakin weekend - get it! Well here we are again recapping my week 2 training for my half marathon on April 7th.


Here was the schedule and here is how I tweaked it:

Weekday Schedule:
Monday - OFF Day ~ OFF
Tuesday - 2 miles ~ 2 miles 18 minute pace / Strength Train w/ abs
Wednesday - 1 mile - 3 miles 28 minute pace / Strength Train w/abs
Thursday - OFF Day ~ OFF
Friday - Strength Train ~ 2 miles 18 minute pace / Strength Train w/abs

Weekend Schedule:
Saturday - OFF - I will be running my 4 mile race - goal 37 minute pace
Sunday - 4 miles - I will be running 6 miles / Strength Train w/abs

As you can see I don't follow the schedule to a T... I am not going to lie - it is hard being use to running 5 miles+ and then knocking it down to 1... but I am TRYING.... I don't want to get burnt out or over due it, but I am doing what my body can handle and not feeling fatigued... The lethargy doesn't really come into play until training week 8 or so. I am still keeping up with my strength training - I just can't let that go - sorry. I love it. I know a few of you want to see my strength training routine - vloggy baby... next week. Now to find someone to hold my camera - mwah ha ha ha... yeah... it will most likely be Elle. LOL

Alright there you have it. I will recap the weekend runs/race on Monday. Have a GREAT one - if you are racing, massive luck being sent your way! And.. this is how I shall roll on Saturday... insert cake, booze, sushi, etc...

Well since all the cool kids are doing it - as soon as I get to 500 followers on my IG and 300 on this here ole blog - I will be having a BIG RUNNING/WORKOUT GIVE-A-WAY - ya know - some cool stuff to keep ya fitness up;) 

Instagram (IG) follow me at @missmel_joy (or click the IG button on the right) - I post a TON of pics. I am addicted to this app. A.D.D.I.C.T.E.D.

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Twitter follow me at @4kottez (or click the Twitter button on the right) - eh.. I don't post much - I am not that fun, but sometimes I get a wild hair up my a** and bust out some tweets (usually when I go out BUT I delete about 2/3 of them in the morning - story of my life). I also post a ton during baseball season - oh yeah... and hockey too;)

KEEK follow me at @4kottez - Yeah buddy... I post a TON of little clips (I love this app and the camera;) and Kim and I have our rap off EVERY Friday.. Tonight it is on... Busting out some 50 Cent "In Da Club" for ya... Go Shorty

Yeah - I know you are thinking it... yep.... shameless self plugging up in HERRRR!!!!!!! 

Weekend ON

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Ramblings...

Well. Well. Well. I skipped a day, didn't I? Yep the glorious "Weigh In Wednesday". Why, you ask? Because I am NOT getting on the scale until next Wednesday and hosting link-ups give you kind of a "free pass" for a day - or at least they do in my book.

Thank you all who linked-up with us on Tuesday for the "Favorite Running/Workout Attire" link-up. I think I am hitting up Lululemon for this skirt right HERE. They don't have my size right now in this print - but I love this.

I also think I am headed to Tarjay for some knee socks tomorrow at lunch. I want some cute one's for my race on Saturday. If you don't know -  Saturday I am running a 4 mile race called the Frostbite Series 4M. I am meeting my adorable and ever so running diva friend, KIM, from Growing with the Gilmore Girls. This will be the 2nd race we ran together - we also ran the Santa Dash 5K back in December. Since this is a  4 miler - my goal is going to be, to finish in 37 minutes. I think I MIGHT be pushing it - but I am going to stick with that since 7 is my favorite number;) Cheers to freezing our tails off at 9 am on Saturday - the temp should be somewhere around 25 degrees...

I am going to wear my new pink Nike pull-over and my staple Nike capri's. Of course the hat below, as well. I want some cute knee socks and gloves to go with this outfit. Yes I plan my outfit out a week before the race - I AM a girl, ya know. I also can't WAIT to RACE in my new shoes and use my Garmin. This will be my FIRST RACE with my Garmin Forerunner 10.

New Nike pull-over - sorry I posted this pic a million times. Deal with it. 
My Nike capri's at the Glo Run.
I am looking forward to Saturday with the race and all - but I am also going to take my beautiful daughter to Steinberg (outdoor skating rink) for her 1st ice skating experience, that evening. STOKED to the max.

My darling... 
I LOVE to ice skate and can't wait to show her. It is going to be a mommy/daughter night out. I am sure we will be drinking hot chocolate 92% of the time inside, but I am hoping she falls in love with it. I am also thinking sushi and some type of dessert is in the making for our M/DGNO (Mommy/Daughter Girls Night Out) too! I adore these nights...

Tomorrow I will be posting my Half Training Week 2 Update - can't wait to see how everyone else is doing with their running.

Happy Thursday

Lululemon fan? Enjoy ice skating? Love that skirt as much as me?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Favorite Running/Workout Attire Link-up

It's link up day my friends and we are talking MORE running/working out - but this time it is CLOTHES... YAY! My girl Laura from Walking in Memphis in High Heels is like a FASHION DIVA.. and it would not be appropriate to do a link-up with her if it didn't involve FASHION. I love this gorgeous lady. So hey, hey, hey - link up with us today and let's us know some of your favorites...


You know me - I am a FOOL for some good workout attire. So here are a few of my favorites...

My "cow looking" pull over for my first half-marathon (The Missouri Cowbell) - how fitting (Under Armour) & my Brooks gray running skirt. LOVE it.. It doesn't ride up;)

Under Armour pull-over and Brooks skirt
Speaking of Under Armour (which I LOVE) I am obsessed with this turtleneck - you all know that if you follow me on IG.

Turtle neck
And... I am also addicted to Nike.... Here are some examples...

Nike Pull over with robot sleeves:)

Another Nike Pull over
You can't have an ensemble without a fab accessory - here is my staple - my Garmin Forerunner 10

And... finally no outfit is complete without a stellar pair of shoes... Me love Brooks:)

Nike Pullover - Nike Capri's - Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 shoes.

A few notes to take with you - I will ONLY run in the winter with long-sleeve shirts that have the thumb-hole - if they don't - I won't buy them. It is for the comfort and ease. I don't wear LONG pants - I wear shorts, capris, and/or skirts - not sure why... but I do. SOCKS are so important - nice non-cotton, breathable socks for running are a MUST. Hats are my "thang" - keeps my hair out of the way. I love me some Bic-Bands, but hats just feel the best.

And finally... one last "Mel" opinion - you never know who you might see out running, and to me - "You should look/feel good everywhere" - running in clothes that YOU feel good in, can really motivate you. When I first started running I wore these frumpy sweat pants, cotton sweat-ball top, and felt all dumpy... When I FINALLY went out and bought some good clothes - it made a WORLD of a difference. I was like "hey I got this - I am a FREAKIN RUNNER".  Happy Shopping:)

Well there you have it.... Link up with us below and/or hop around and eye yourself some new running/workout digs...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Miles, Wins, and The Man

Good morning everyone - it's MONDAY baby. I hope you all had a GREAT weekend - I KNOW I did. Oh don't forget about  Laura's and my "Favorite Running/Workout Attire" link-up that we will be hosting tomorrow. I don't have the button HTML ready yet, yes I procrastinated... but I will soon. We all love good workout/running attire, honestly I love buying running clothes - let's be real I love buying ANYTHING;) So link-up with us and show us some of your fav's. You know we love to go out and buy each other's shiz.

Alright time to re-cap this weekends miles/workouts. If you follow my on instagram this will be a repeat - if you don't and want to find me, it is @missmel_joy. I am an IG addict and I love it.

Friday - yeah... I ate Mexican with my girl and then came home and relaxed. I was tired from the week and from being sick. So... NADA! Off Day...

Saturday - I woke up early and headed to Cliff Cave Park to run with my girl Laura. We ran 5 miles at a 9:42 pace. It was a nice run, but I was struggling with the breathing with my cough and all. I then went straight to Fleet Feet to get some new running shoes. I wanted to "try" something different, so she brought out some Saucony's for me to try, and I ran in them for a bit.. Yeah... NOPE... I love me some Brooks and have realized I am a "true and through" Brooks girl. I ended up with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13. I also snagged myself some new socks and this adorable pink Nike pull-over. Love them all and even the shoes are cute...

Then I decided to watch some Mizzou hoops in the afternoon - yeah sorry... but they were getting KILLED by Florida - so I laced up again to try out my new shoes. I AM one of those people who wear the shirt I bought THAT day. Deal with it... I did a quick wardrobe change, put on my new socks/new shoes and out the door I went. Ran 3 miles at 9:43 pace then walked 1.5 miles for a cool down.

That evening I couldn't WAIT to watch the Blues play some Hockey. I REALLY REALLY REALLY missed that sport. All you peeps who like to say "who cares about hockey" or "there are two kinds of people here - those who love hockey and those who don't give a f" - YOU don't have a team in your city... TRUST ME - if you did or you do and don't like - you are CRAZY... Now THAT is a sport - get your booty out there and skate for 3 periods, with a stick, while you knock the crap out of each other. COME ON... Don't be hatin... Jealous much??? BTW... Welcome Tarasenko - way to make an entrance.... Yes we won 6-0 over Detroit.

Sunday - Got up early and worked out some whole body strength training, with hitting my legs HARD. Wes made an appearance.. I have some projects going on around the house (will post when finished) - so continued with those . I then decided to hit up a "trail" run. The kind of run where you run on gravel and hope you don't bust your booty on the down slopes. LOL... Well it was HARD - the hills were KILLER and I was huffing and puffing like a mad woman. BUT... I made it... 4 miles 10:23 pace. I slowed up big time with this type of run... but I loved the change of scenery - so I will keep at it.

I won't recap the games for you but both my picks are in the Superbowl - so yeah for the 49ers and the Ravens. Kyra we RULE!!!! I am picking 9ers - cause I want to... Your pick?

Okay this post is getting winded... so last thing and most importantly, if you haven't heard, Stan Musial passed away on Saturday evening at the age of 92. If you want to read more about it and the wonderful man he truly was - there is an outstanding article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch from Sunday. I am an article keeper - so I here it is (the image)... It's going in my "article" box. Want to read more - read it HERE.

Alright there you have it my miles, wins, and losses (The Man). I hope you all have a great Monday and hope to see you tomorrow for the link-up.

Monday Out
Your miles this weekend? Off days? Hockey fan?