Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fact or Fiction Follow-up

Happy Saturday my friends. YAY!!! I woke up today after a great rap off with my girl Kim last night on Keek (@4kottez). I am sure this might become a Friday Night Favorite of mine. Kimmy girl - you got skillz - your "URRRRRSHER" was da.bomb...

Today I start my "life style change" - yes I waited until the 5th of January - so sue me... I am off for a 7 mile run around noon and back to eating CLEAN. I did devour a bag of gummy bears and a Carmello bar last night. Went out with a BANG! Yes 2013 is going to bring quite a few changes my way, and I am READY for them.

Anyways... back to "Fact or Fiction" Friday.... So yes people this was a "trick" question and all of you are RIGHT - because they are BOTH TRUTHS... AGH!!!!

1. B.U.M. Ruled - I am going to see if my girl Bridget still has the video and I will post for you.

2. Yes I wore the stripper heels with those thigh high black nylons as a BEE - WTH? - bah!!!!!! AND... I
     won... with the help of my sexy nurse friend Melissa... LOL

OMG I have searched everywhere for the Halloween Picture - Ugh... Darn it... I can't find it anywhere... I am going to go through some boxes, in the basement, in a bit. BUT... I did find this gem...

I think I LOVED neck stuff - SICK....
Don't forget about the link-up next Tuesday on your favorite running shoes... I can't wait to hear about them all - then make an EDUCATED decision...

Enjoy the Weekend


  1. My lifestyle change starts today too...and I went out with a bang. We ate at Carino's, so I had a huge bowl of pasta and tiramisu. Have fun on your run today!!

  2. You little trickster! I hope you find that video, I'm DYING to see it.

  3. I love your fact or fiction :) I will definitely be linking up - even if I am not a real "runner" yet :)

  4. I knew it!!! We're sistahs from another mistah....

  5. I always go out with a bang before starting a "lifestyle change" too!

  6. Hope you enjoyed your run! Why is it that sometimes you just feel like you can't go anymore, and then your done and relaxed and think "Oh that wasn't that bad!" :)

  7. Ahahaha that's hilarious and that photo is a keeper lol!!

  8. I'll be plugging the linkup!! :)

    And we must be on the same schedule because I was starting Jan 5th too... which has now turned into tomorrow. Blah. I need Pretty Meg wo whip my ass into shape!

  9. Love ya lady! Bone thugs and harmony this Friday!

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