Friday, January 18, 2013

Half Training Week 1 Update

Hello Frizzidy Friday people. I am SOOOO looking forward to the weekend. I don't have ANYTHING to do - no partying, no food indulgences, no running around, etc... Just me and FINALLY taking down my tree;)

First - before I start with my training update - can someone please tell me they HATE American Idol as much as me? Or am I the only broad on the planet that absolutely cannot STAND that show. Please, someone loathe it with me?

Second - is anyone else obsessed with Manti Te'o Catfish story? What do YOU think? I don't know WHAT to think - I really hope this guy has NOTHING to do with it - I mean for everyone's sake, BUT... something in me just can't believe it. Ridiculousness, but unbearable to take my eyes away from...

Third - picks for Superbowl? Anyone out there? Kyra and I have the Ravens vs. 49ers. Your picks and why?

Fourth - Oh yeah....the freakin BLUES are back baby - Saturday game here in St. Louis vs. Detroit, Red Wings - get those rally towels READY... I LOVE going to Hockey games - one of my favorite sports to watch in person - anyone want to take me? I like to sit right behind the glass, eat soft pretzels, drink the big beers, eat a massive bag of cotton candy, and scream real loud while "slapping hands" with others - any takers? LOL

Okay onto the Half Marathon Training Week 1 Update. Remember I am following this training schedule right HERE - I used it for my last Half and I felt I did fairly well - so I am re-using (tweaking a bit though).

Monday - Ran 2 miles (treadmill) - 17 min pace (not too shabby - I tried to snap a pic but it was shaky) and did whole body strength training including abs.
Tuesday - Coughed all day and night - NADA. OFF DAY.
Wednesday - 1 mile (outside) - 8:22 pace and lower body strength training including abs.

Thursday - 1 mile - 8:15 pace and upper body strength training, some good ole fashion squats, and abs.
Sorry had to slow down and then I could take the pic - but it was 8.15 when the  mile was up.
Friday - 2 miler and some booty exercises (love me a good tush).
Saturday - 3 miles (TBD pace)
Sunday - 3 miles (TBD pace) and whole body strength training including abs.

Goal for 1 mile is 7:59 - I will get there - might take some time but I am hoping to jet my last mile of the half-marathon - if I am not keeled over and half dead... I heard the GO St. Louis April run (course) is pretty killer with hills. Ugh....

Okay... so you can see I add in some runs and also keep up with the strength training. I just CAN'T leave out the strength training it is SOOOO important to me. Alright there you have it - Week 1 is almost complete. YAY... Feeling pretty good - pretty strong - eh... with a terrible hacking cough. How are you all doing?

Have A Great Weekend...
How are you runs/working out going?


  1. Ahhahahaha that Ecard at the end is PRICELESS! Haha love it SO MUCH, how true is that? It's definitely true for me. I'm so glad you're doing these updates--I'm trying to find a good training schedule so I'm eager to see how you like it. And on another note, I've never been to a hockey game--I don't think I've ever even seen one played on TV! How crazy! Happy weekend to you--enjoy it :)

  2. I love me some hockey, but I am a Toronto Maple Leaf fan. ;)

  3. Way to get strength training in there; that is so important to get an edge in training!

    I gotta go with Patriots against the 49ers. The Ravens have overachieved big-time because they were exposed in the regular season. There is no way they get passed the Patriots in New England. The 49ers and Falcons should be a closer game, and it could go either way. I think Kaepernick could have a hang-over game, so I won't be surprised if the high-flying Falncns offense goes off and runs away with it.

    I dislike Idol so far. I can't say I am a fan of any of the judges, and I turned it off this week. I want the focus to be the singers, not the judges. I just felt bad for some of those people because they had to stand there and watch two grown women fight like they are in high school.

  4. Way to go on the half training!!! You are going to be amazing, as usual. love the last e-card.. true story! I also HATE American Idol!!! Idk why but I always have, maybe it's Ryan Seacrest?? I also JUST took my tree down this week and I have to get the rest of my decorations down today before I find them on the curb. Have a great weekend, feel better :)

  5. My husband an I are obsessed with manti teo! Especially because my husband is obsessed with Norte dame and we lived in Hawaii. I think he made it up! I think he knew she never existed!

  6. What is going on in the world of sports today!?!?! Liars!!! Manti Te'o and now Lance Armstrong. I mean really. I am a HUGE Notre Dame fan and I can't figure this shit out! It's obi he must not have ever met her in person.

  7. My local sports radio show did an E-harmony commercial with Manti Te'o this morning, it was amazing. Super excited for hockey season, we actually got season tickets this year! Oh, I watched like 10 minutes of Idol and I am over it! Jealous of your "I aint got shit to do" weekend!

  8. the catfish thing is crazy! There is a TV show called Catfish too about the same sort of stories and its so addicting!! You can watch them on demand and I am obsessed! ... and Im not sure how you even get yourself to run just a mile... I would have a hard time even getting out there to run.. go you!

  9. I have been sick all week... but I need to start my half training soon... I may just copy what you are doing, it will be my first and if its worked for you... it wont hurt me trying it! thanks for keeping us posted... I keep resting thinking I will get better, but I keep feeling worse, may actually need to break down and go to the doctor...

    we dont have alot of hockey down here, but it is fun to watch the fights, I do agree with that! :)

  10. I will take you to the game but you have to wear my Red Wings jersey! :)

  11. You are not alone in the American Idol hate. I can't stand that show, but it is taking up four hours on my DVR (silly husband).

    As a wife of a ND Alum and a person who also bleeds blue & gold, the only discussion of converation in our house the past 48 hours has been the Manti story. I don't know what to think. I would like to trust that he had nothing to do with it, but I just don't buy it.

    And last but not least.... Let's....GO....Blues....

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Hockey games without fights are super boring! I lose interest if the game doesn't get violent haha

    I loathe American Idol... any kind of singing show actually (except The Voice b/c of Adam Levine, obviously) but American Idol takes the cake... I'm so sick of hearing about it already

  13. I can't STAND American Idol. I used to watch only the auditions but now I can't even watch those. It's just awful!

    Great job on your training!

  14. Girl, we are destined to be friends (the real life kind, someday)!!!! I LOATHE American Idol almost as much as I loathe pinstripes (if you catch my drift with your baseball team). :) And HOCKEY -- YES, PLEASE!!!!! We are HUGE hockey fans at our house! R is an Acalanche fan while I'm a Penguins girl, myself. We have a local hockey team we go watch almost every time they play at home. SO fun!!!

    Good work on the running! You'll get 7:59!

  15. I have a confession, sounds like I may be the only one, but I do like American Idol. For a couple reasons- one mainly because I LOVE hearing different voices and people that can sing amaze me. Second- my husband and I had just moved in together when the 1st season started and he actually said Kelly Clarkson would win the day she auditioned. so we always watch now and my kids love it too:)

    You are going to kill that half marathon! Your training has started out awesome!

  16. Would love to go to that game...although I am a wings girl all the way. We may end up fighting if we went together.

  17. OK I HATE America Idol. I really think the show is just overrated!
    Way to go on the half training you are going to kick that half in the butt!!
    And we need the PATS to go to the Superbowl so I can have a happy hubs this weekend :)

    Have an amazing weekend girl!

  18. Oh my, this Manti Te'o thing. Crazy. My bf is a big ND fan so we were kinda shocked to hear all this. He has loved Te'o this season and through all the "tough" stuff he has had going on. Honestly I hope he was played for a fool. I hope he wasn't just flat out lying. Maybe next time he will go on that Catfish MTV show when he meets someone online. And what? American Idol is on? lol

  19. 1. American Idol came on my TV again last night! HELP ME!!!! Im SURROUNDED!!!

    2. No way the Ravens beat the Patriots. Although I would love that

    3. The woman who loves Sponge Bob nighties has Blues season tickets. BE CAREFUL LOL!!

  20. I too hate American Idol. We were just talking last night about how we wondered how it still plays. Nicki Minaj makes it so weird. Her and Mariah are some hot messes!

    Loved the ecard at the end too aahaha..Great job on your training:) Hope you are feeling better!

  21. Not an Idol fan. Someone please make it stop!
    I'm training for a half too! It's my first though. Going pretty good here, but I for sure wouldn't be doing this if I were a natural size 6. No frickin way.

  22. NO, NO, NO....My Falcons are going to beat the 49ers. :)

  23. I would hate that the Teo guy was lying but I just can't believe that a big time football star who probably has girls(read:whores) throwing themselves at him is going to have a girlfriend online that he had never met. It's just highly unlikely.
    I'm suppa duppa jealous of your laidback weekend. I have to go get the oil changed in my car.Wrech :-P And then I have an avalanche of laundry to get to. But I know you are a hard workin' mama so I know you deserve your time off.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  24. First of all. I HATE American Idol... gah they need to cancel it already. It's the worst.

    Second... Who's your favorite NFL football team. (PS Go Falcons!)
    Third awesome job on the running! When is your half marathon? I did one last march and want to do another one but don't know when. After ONLY running for so long I am really enjoying weights and spin right now!

    Thanks for entering the give-away! I'll be posting the winner on Monday! Have a great weekend!

  25. First, you are definitely not alone friend. I am not an Idol fan. I used to be, back before that shit got cray, and I was like 20, but now I'm over it and not amused that it takes up so many slots to be aired! Ain't nobody got time for that!

    Second, I too cannot stay away from the trainwreck that is Manti Te'o's story. I find it so impossibly hard to believe that he had NOTHING to do with these lies. I want to believe he is innocent, but the story just keeps getting more twisted as the days go on and I don't know what to think! Aren't we so glad that the Heisman winner was from my alma mater and doing his best to give the Heisman folks and Texas A&M head honchos a heart attack with his shenanigans, instead of Manti?? Lol

    And third, I don't care who goes to the Super Bowl as long as it's not the Patriots!! I cannot stand that pretty boy Tom Brady and I'm pretty sure I'm going to boycott the SB if he is a part of it!

    That is all :) Have a fabulous weekend girl!

  26. HOCKEY! I've tried and tried to get into hockey in the past, but I always have such a hard time keeping track of the puck. Trying again this year because I really want to go to a bunch of MN Wild games! W00t! Our mascott is nature! :-P

  27. I don't know what to think about Manti -- seems so far fetched to not ever meet a girlfriend after a whole year. BUT I want to believe the best in him, so we'll just watch and see how this plays out.

    Super bowl -- anyone but the Patriots!!!! Ugh, I'm so sick of them! Go away, Pats!

    Awesome job on the half training! Does running only a mile seem weird since you're so used to running more at a time?

  28. I HATE American Idol! I always have and always will. Truth be told, I could not care less about any competitive singing show.

  29. #1 - I HATE AMERICAN IDOL - sorry for the shouty letters but eww gross me out, #2 - I HATE THE RAVENS - ok sorry again for the shouty letters :) Have a great weekend lady, thanks for posting about running to this aspiring marathon runner :) Week 1 of couch to 5k over with, woot woot!

  30. I want to go the the hockey game with you, but more for the food and beer! Too bad I cannot have the beer for awhile! Enjoy your weekend and GREAT JOB on the 1/2 training!

  31. I love going to hockey games too. The University here has a team so we get to enjoy it during their seasons. I think I might like watching all the crazy people more then the hockey game but that is fun to.

    Love the ecard!

  32. American Idol is lame...lame. I am totally into this Te'o story. I have a hard time believing that a Heisman Trophy/NFL contender needs or wants an online girlfriend. I would imagine this guy had more chicks after him than he could shake a goal post at. If he had nothing to do with it, then I feel really bad for him. Super intriguing though!

  33. I LOVE that we are on the same training plan and started the same week...even if you are about a minute faster than me!!! #bitterpartyofone

  34. Hi! I'm a new follower :) I'm inspired by your running! I've never been much of a runner but I am making it a goal to run a 5k! On another note, I'm also not an idol fan!

  35. Baha I love that ecard!! I also love weekends where I don't have any plans. Enjoy!!

  36. If you ever come to Vancouver we will do up a hockey game Canadian style! Whoop whoop (yup, it did just make that sound out loud!)!

  37. YAY!!! Week 1 is almost over!!! I'm right behind you with starting my training on Monday!!! I'm nervous yet, excited!!! Can't wait for next weeks update!!!! :)

  38. 1. I can't stand American Idol either. I only liked it the first couple seasons and then it was just the SAME THING every year.
    2. Manti T'eo...I just hope he wasn't involved. That will totally overshadow his talent.
    3. Ravens vs. Falcons: The Battle of the Birds.
    4. I LOVE HOCKEY!!

    Have a kickass weekend!

  39. OMG...we are currently living Polar Lives! HA! I HATE IDOL! Mariah and Minaj ruined it! Teo was totes involved..but I also don't want to believe..aka Lance Armstrong...49 vs Pats...Pats win by 14...What's hockey? Is that like curling???baaah! I live in WA! I'm currently training for my second half marathon with my bff and the snow and below freezing temps killin me...grrrr. happy weekend!

  40. I cannot stand american idol! never jumped on the band wagon - just so over dramatic... bleh. that being said, i love me some biggest loser.... hehe

    i too am curious about the manti teo story. can't help but wonder if he tried to cover up homosexuality... it would make sense to me!

  41. Love the someecard!!! If I were a size 6 I'd say screw it!!!

  42. 1. I hate AI!!
    2. I can't even wrap myself around the story so I'm just confused. Every article/news hasn't given me a real clue as to what the H is going on! You read anything that actually makes sense?? I HAVE to know! :)
    3. Go Harbaugh brothers!!
    4. I don't mind hockey, but I don't really follow any teams. The scenario you described sounds AWESOME! I'm in!
    Eek! I love another sports lay-dee!
    And kick ass on the miles, girlfran!!

  43. That ecard at the end is exactly how I feel hahaha. The course is kinda brutal, hills like crazy. I thought I was going to be able to do some of my interval runs in Costa Rica, but we were literally on the side of a mountain... I like me some kill work but that hill was scuuuuury. So I'm making it up this week. I'm gunning for a huge PR (anything is better than my ridiculous 3+ hour finish last year... You know its bad when they are closing water stations as you pass.... )