Friday, January 25, 2013

Half Training Week 2 Update

It's the freakin weekend - get it! Well here we are again recapping my week 2 training for my half marathon on April 7th.


Here was the schedule and here is how I tweaked it:

Weekday Schedule:
Monday - OFF Day ~ OFF
Tuesday - 2 miles ~ 2 miles 18 minute pace / Strength Train w/ abs
Wednesday - 1 mile - 3 miles 28 minute pace / Strength Train w/abs
Thursday - OFF Day ~ OFF
Friday - Strength Train ~ 2 miles 18 minute pace / Strength Train w/abs

Weekend Schedule:
Saturday - OFF - I will be running my 4 mile race - goal 37 minute pace
Sunday - 4 miles - I will be running 6 miles / Strength Train w/abs

As you can see I don't follow the schedule to a T... I am not going to lie - it is hard being use to running 5 miles+ and then knocking it down to 1... but I am TRYING.... I don't want to get burnt out or over due it, but I am doing what my body can handle and not feeling fatigued... The lethargy doesn't really come into play until training week 8 or so. I am still keeping up with my strength training - I just can't let that go - sorry. I love it. I know a few of you want to see my strength training routine - vloggy baby... next week. Now to find someone to hold my camera - mwah ha ha ha... yeah... it will most likely be Elle. LOL

Alright there you have it. I will recap the weekend runs/race on Monday. Have a GREAT one - if you are racing, massive luck being sent your way! And.. this is how I shall roll on Saturday... insert cake, booze, sushi, etc...

Well since all the cool kids are doing it - as soon as I get to 500 followers on my IG and 300 on this here ole blog - I will be having a BIG RUNNING/WORKOUT GIVE-A-WAY - ya know - some cool stuff to keep ya fitness up;) 

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Yeah - I know you are thinking it... yep.... shameless self plugging up in HERRRR!!!!!!! 

Weekend ON


  1. you are an amazing beast and I LOVE YOU!! have a blast at your race this weekend, can't wait to read about it!!

  2. I feel your pain own the drop in mileage. I am doing a lot of my low mileage runs in my Vjbrams in order to add some challenge to it.

    Mmmm, pie.

  3. Yeah girl!!
    Can't wait to hear you and Kim's amazing times at tomorrow's race!
    I seriously wish I lived in MO...y'all got all the coolest people there....just saying!
    Happy Friday and yay for a giveaway!,
    FOLLOW, people!! You know you wanna!

  4. OOOOO I want to win some workout gear... I would promote you on my blog but I'm pretty sure all of my followers already follow you! HAHA

    You're doing great with training! Just listen to your body and run when you want to!! :)

  5. So I'm signing up for my first half and was wondering how that training schedule worked for you? It seems doable considering i work three twelves M-W. thanks for the input! Loooove your blog!!!

    1. Hey girl - sorry I would email you but you are a "no reply blogger"- LOL... Yes this training schedule is awesome - it works awesome for me. I work M-F full time so this was totally doable. AND... thank you so much for the sweet words. You can always email me as well. Happy Running and YAY for your 1st half - it is so much fun.

    2. Oops! Sorry! I have no idea how to fix that. Lol

    3. Go into your blogger email settings - enter an email and then click "display the email" and voila.. or you can google "how to NOT be a no reply blogger with blogger". LOL...

  6. I think it's great that you keep the weight training in. And I look forward to seeing your vlogs with your routine!

  7. I only did Jillian 2 times this week. But I did run stairs every day I was at work for 15 minutes. That counts right?

    You will have followers in no time because UHHH you are AWESOME of course!

  8. I'm feeling pretty good about my training too, despite the fact I didn't run at all while in Costa Rica. I seriously thought there would be like a sidewalk or something I could run on and even packed my garmin! Nope. no where to run safely. No sidewalks or shoulders. and the house we rented was at the top of a freaking mountain. Mountain repeats? No thanks I'll stick to the "hills" in my subdivision. Gotta fit in a 5 miler this weekend, but my speedwork is paying off. I'm gonna PR this dang race if it kills me!

  9. Your week/weekend work out routine is amazing to me, great job! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Trying to get you up to 300 followers girl! Kind of embarassed I wasn't already following you but I just like to click around and read pretty much every day. Good luck at the race this weekend!

  11. Gotta get to this training plan!! Maybe I can do it, even though I SUCK at running???? You're my hero, btw. Let's get you those followers so we can see that awesome giveaway!!!!

  12. I have to start remembering my abs. I exhausted from everything else and just don't do it. Can't wait for your giveaway!

  13. Your half training plan is so different from mine! Why do they knock you down to 1-2 miles right away? Is it to get your pace up? Mine (H.H. Novice 1) started at 3 as the smallest run.

  14. You are a beast! So jealous!

    Have a good weekend. Other than tomorrow, my weekend is pretty quiet. Tomorrow on the other hand, I have a date with my main 2 year old for breakfast, followed by watching the funeral coverage for Stan (so sad), and then an adult dinner date with our besties!

  15. Oh I hope you get the followers!!! I know this giveaway will rock!

  16. I'm definitely slacking on my training!!! You're almost there!!!

  17. Look at you, Miss almost 300 followers! And to think, I knew you when. ;) Keep it up with the strength training, you are doing awesome and I love that picture about pie. So you.

  18. I swear I will be a runner like you someday :)

  19. I can't wait for a giveaway! and da-yum Gina, 500 IG followers?! #gogirl

  20. Love it! You are such an inspiration. Thanks Mel!

  21. I'll be honest, I never cut back when training. I went out and ran whatever the hell I felt like and it was fine :) hahah. I did rest the day before a race!