Monday, January 14, 2013

Love & Love to Hate

Happy Monday - how the he** are we already into the middle of January? Anyways... I am sure 85% of the posts today will be other's versions, recapping the Golden Globes from last night. Okay... here is the deal - I don't watch the awards shows - I watch the Red Carpet Arrivals. Do I care about the meat of the show - NOPE - do I love fashion - YES! So sorry guys - my post is going to be pretty much about what I "think" looked FABULOUS and what looked LAME.

Let's start with FABULOUS (Love). 

Jessica Alba - that color is gorgeous - the necklace is fabulous - the clutch is tres chic - her hair is perfection - and her smile is one of my favorites in Hollywood. Stunning.

Isla Fisher - Sparkles are all the rage - love the detail in her gown - the fit looks great on her - added plus for the simplicity of her bracelets and earrings - and her hair looks so put together. Gorgeous.

Amanda Seyfried - detailing in the bodice of the dress is magnificent - the soft color looks great on her - her makeup is beautiful - I adore that she rocks her beautiful porcelain skin - her tresses are number one - and I dig this chick.

Jennifer Garner - the color of the dress is stunning - once again I love the simplicity of her bangels and earrings (huge fan of the bare chest with OUT necklaces) - her bbs look AMAZING with this sweat-heart neckline - her subdued makeup is beautiful - updo's are a PLUS in my book for the Red Carpet. Plus I adore her.

Kate Hudson - Absolute FAVORITE for me - the collar - the train - the clutch - the deep V neckline. Her hair could of used a little "something" if you ask me - but the long sleeves - WOWZERS. I just love EVERYTHING about this look. She stands OUT... and that is what you want to do on the Red Carpet. Kate girl - you rock my world:)

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski - Nuff said... One of my favorite couples in Hollywood. Bow tie on the Red Carpet is a HUGE A+ in my book. FABULOUS.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler - Tina looked amazing last night - her hair was my favorite of the whole night. I also love when a woman can rock a fabulous suit. Amy's looked awesome with the deep neckline. I probably would have chosen a simpler shoe - but her necklace and clutch made up for it... Funny ladies are AMAZING.

Let's move on to Lame (Love to Hate)

Jennifer Lopez - sorry I am tired of this nude with lace look - OVER it. She does have a smashing booty though and with her killer legs - she should be showing them off ANY chance she can get. 

Alyssa Milano - Really? Come on... a different color, fit, and a steamer might have helped this look.Oh and that hair - ugh...

Al Roker - That jacket makes me ill.

Mayim Bialik - Okay this is probably the BEST she has looked in a LONG time for me - but I don't like her so she is going on my "lame" list (sorry if you do - well sorry I am not sorry).

Sienna Miller - I love Sienna but this boring flower power outfit is NOT my thing. I do love her make-up and pulled back do though.

Kaley Cuoco  - Okay the make up did me IN!!!!!! I do NOT like her with that dark make-up at ALL. The dress is "alright" but the hair and make-up make her my LEAST favorite of the night. Plus I know people adore her - but she gets on my nerves, plus I HATE that show - I just can't connect with it. Give me "New Girl" any day. Once again - sorry, I am not sorry.

Alright there you have it - my recap people. Who were your favorites and/or least favorites?


  1. I absolutely LOVE Amanda Seyfried and she looked STUNNING!

  2. I didn't get to watch last night. I love Jennifer Garner and her husband. LOL

  3. I didn't watch them... So I enjoyed your funny recap.. Out of all of them Jessica Alba is my fave!

  4. I compltetly agree with your fashion review! Kate Hudson was my favorite. She looked absolutely stunning Mcqueen! Tina and Amy were hysterical during the show! Loved it

  5. Your picks are right on! I think Amy and Tina looked great all night and there's nothing better than a funny lady!

  6. While I didn't watch any part of the awards, from what I've seen, you've done a great fashion recap and I agree 100%! Love Jennifer Garner's dress and Kaley's makeup is THE WORST!

  7. I don't watch the awards either! I was watching football, basketball and then a movie lol. Good fashion recap. One day when I'm rich ill hire you to be my personal shopper :)

  8. I love the recap since I didn't watch! Ummm is Alyssa Milano preggo? That dress was HORRIBLE and she looked tubby in it!

    1. I was thinking the same thing! I kept searching for a bump.

  9. Love your recap! I also skipped the awards. I never have the desire to watch them until I hear all the buzz the next day and then I feel a little left out (but not too torn up about it!). Why do you not like Mayim Bialik? Just curious--I know almost nothing about her except she's Blossom and Sheldon's GF (and I don't watch that show).

  10. I love this review - Im glad you did it and now I dont have to - ha - my favorite was Amanda Seyfried - she look so beautiful - I would kill to have hair like hers!!


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  12. Yes thank you for doing a review, because I didnt watch either! I LOVED Kaley Cuoco in 8 simple Rules, but everything else she is in just she is just annoying. And her make-up is ug to the ly!

  13. A to the Men about New Girl! love that show! I didn't like that every outfit Amy Poeler had on was a deep V, they changed like 4 times and she had the deep V all 4 times! I'm like, okay! you have perky boobs, now change it up!

  14. I'm the same way - watch the red carpet then turn the channel. Any important stuff will be all over the internet the next day anyways haha

  15. I LOVED Jennifer Garner's dress. My personal favorite of the evening!! Agree with ALL of your Lames. :)

  16. Sienna Miller's outfit... gasp.
    Excuse me while I go gag. Let's be honest, all the "hate" outfits are pretty bad. I absolutely adore Amanda seyfried! Ugh, LOVE HER!
    Happy Monday!!!

  17. You are so much better than Joan Rivers! I missed the show, but I loved your recap. I'm sad about Alyssa Milano. Love her, but that dress was way off the mark.

  18. I was drooling over Kristen Wiig's hair color. Seriously. That's all I've been able to talk about, right? Hair. Envy.

    Thought Jennifer Lawrence's dress was over rated and Adele just looked glowingly glam.

  19. Confession...I didn't watch at all. I was busy preparing for a gig. I play piano in a band. :) Esther Norine Designs

  20. Omg, I hated JLo's dress. Reminded me of Kim K. Ugh. To me that sheer with lace thing just makes every chick look like she's got fat thighs. Loved Jennifer garner and Jessica Alba though.

  21. I loved this fun little post! I totally agree about Isla Fisher and Jennifer Garner - stunnas! All those non-fav girls....well I barely know who most of them are! :)

  22. Seriously, JLo! Ugh! Alyssa Milano is a wrinkled mess. If she was pressed for time the dryer would have been a chance I'd be willing to take! The comment on Kaley Cuoco seriously made me laugh!

  23. My lists were the same. Love Isla Fisher and Kate Hudson. What the heck with Alyssa thinking?! Ugghhh.

  24. I only watch the red carpet too! ... It i missed it this time... I swear the first year of a baby's life I do not get to watch live tv at all!

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