Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Clean it up... & Lent...

What up Wednesday? Yesterday I alluded to the fact that I started the 10 day Advocare Cleanse. If you don't know much about Advocare then you are RIGHT along with me. Yeah... I like to buy things, try them, and not really put forth the effort to REALLY understand what it is - just call me Ms. Jumponthebandwagon.

I ordered my Advocare through my blog friend Molly Hall - You can always email her at for information and/or to order. The 10 day cleanse is around $32.00. Holly did a post back in January and has some great tips and information - check it out HERE.

Anyways... I had heard about this cleanse through the blog world and really was in search of a product that I could try for a SHORT period of time to jump start a better "eating regime". You all know this mama loves her some food and I am NOT to proud to admit it. Yes I run, workout, etc... but I like to EAT... and honestly, I know you all love your BIG SALADS but this girl loves her BIG BURGERS & SWEET POTATO FRIES! I go for two weeks and do AWESOME and then I cave... and eat an ENTIRE bag of Swedish Fish, order a WHOLE Sierra Turkey sandwich from Bread Co WITH a cookie, eat 2 (or 3) bowls of Cap N Crunch Berries cereal... you get the point. My will power is NOT the greatest.

Insert the Advocare 10 day Cleanse - my odds are NOT the BEST - let me tell you... BUT I am really going to put forth a BIG effort.

HERE is what you do in a nutshell.

Update on Day 1....
1. Drank my FiberDrink in the A.M. - not the right way but now I know to just chug.
2. Drank a TON of water - 8 8oz glasses
3. Took my 3 Herbal Cleanse Pills before bed
4. No working out on Day 1 - that is recommended and was okay with me...

Little did I know this would lead to FABULOUS sleep;)
What I ate:
Breakfast: Banana, 2 Hard boil eggs - I had coffee PLAIN - sorry I had to.
Snack: Carrots
Lunch: Salad and more carrots
Snack: Orange
Dinner: Fish with homemade salsa and brussel sprouts - NO BUTTER or ANYTHING.

How I felt:
1. I was HUNGRY and CRABBY - not going to lie. I wanted bread - BAD!
2. The FiberDrink was not great - but I didn't drink it the right way - today I will do better.
3. I was tired and and had a headache.
4. The cleansing pills before bed made me have CRAAAAAZY dreams - but it was fun;) *think Gideon...

Yeah... I may have Keeked about the dreams:)
So now it is day 2 and I woke up feeling REALLY GREAT today. I can't wait to get my strength training and a run in tonight and I prepared tons of fish, chicken, hard boiled eggs, and veggies last night - so I am READY for the rest of the week.

AND... here is a big SHOCKER everyone, I am giving up alcohol for Lent. Yep... minus St. Patrick's day - that day is just too "me" and a couple glasses of wine here or there. Yeah it is never black/white with me;) BUT I am doing it...

Time To Get My Ashes
Interested in Advocare? Love dreaming? Any one giving anything up for Lent (if you do this thing)?


  1. Starting my cleanse on sunday!! I am laughing because you totally listed two of my favorite foods! I thought I was the only adult who loves crunch berries! haha...I love Christmas time because they come out with the red and green ones!! haha. and Sierra turkey!!! YUM!

  2. Good for you on your cleanse and your Lent choice! It will probably feel great.

    Also, St. Pat's is of course an exemption during Lent. Always. :)

  3. I am right there with you on the whole, nothing is ever black/white with me. If I am going to be strict on a cleanse or something of that nature, my family demands I drink wine or coffee, so they can tolerate me! I am sure you will get through the cleanse and Lent, with no problems at all! Thanks so much for always being so real! You rock!!

  4. haha! Gideon! I am dying to read these books! I've read 50 shades but not the Crossfire ones yet. The third one doesn't come out until like July and I'm the kind of girl that needs to read them all consecuitively!

    I am so excited to see how your cleanse goes! did you weigh yourself before you started?

  5. I keep hearing about this advocare thing - can't wait to see what you think at the end. I seem to go in cycles too. I'm all hardcore lets eat spinach salads every day and then i'm like GIVE ME THE DAMN ICE CREAM AND NO ONE GETS HURT.

  6. Good for you girl. That fiber drank looks yucky. Not sure I could choke that down...And Gideon dreams are a positive in my book...bamchickawowwow..LOl
    Good Luck with the cleanse. You are braver than me.

  7. I need to get on this bandwagon too and try this out. It doesn't sound too bad and hello sexy dreams! :)

  8. Good luck girl! I hope you take before & after pics and some stats for the rest of us. You can do it!!

  9. I am interested to see how the advocare works for you. Giving up booze is a tough one!

  10. LOL minus St Pattys day - I love it!

    No butter? Ok I am def OUT, that just is not right!

  11. Kudos to you on giving up alcohol for Lent but I think I'd give up sex before I would alcohol. HAHAHAHA!

  12. Is it essentially like no carbs for 10 days too? I still want to do it... But I'm of course still hesitant. Bc hi! I love food too!

  13. Do they give you a menu or food recommendation with the cleanse supplies too!
    I'm carefully watching how it does for you before I hope on the bandwagon!! ;)
    Glad you feel great today!

  14. Alcohol for Lent? You crazy girl, but get at it! Keep it up with the cleanse, sounds like you're over the biggest hurdle :)

  15. Wow--feeling back to normal in just a day? That's good! In the past when I did sort of "extreme" diet changes, I was a wreck for like 3 days! So what is it supposed to cleanse from you? Gluten? Dairy?

  16. Wow, this looks incredible, interested to see how the rest goes - I am giving up cheese - call me cray cray but I know it is the secret to my flabby belly - it's time to get this weight loss train moving :)

  17. I am a little leary of the cleanse, but will probably do one before my date with Jordan Knight :)

    I haven't figured out what I am giving up yet. I will probably know tonight. I am thinking maybe drinking my daily water. Boring, huh?

    Molly requested that we go to church tonight, because she wants some atches (her words not mine) that her pre-school teacher told her about.

    St. Pat's is totally a free day in my book.

  18. Oh that does not sound like fun at all but I bet you feel amazeballs after those 10 days! I should really do something like this to cleanse the crap out of my system - I will see how you do first! ha ha!

  19. I'm giving up soda, french fries, and nutty butty bars. Lord help me.

  20. Gideon as in Cross? Love those books. Can't wait for the third one to be released. Good luck with the cleanse! :)

  21. *hugs* Someday when you hit it big as movie star and have tons of cash or when my husband becoms a lawyer and is raking in the dough, you and I must meet up and go on an all inclusive cruise. You know those hoes be servin' food 24/7! I hope this cleanse kick starts you into a health regimine you can stick with. I'll be here going through crack-head-like withdraws from carbs and fat as I get back to my diet meal replacement shakes. blah

  22. Well, it's been a lonnnnnng time since I went to Beale and didn't get my drank on...we will make the most of it when you come. I considered giving up alcohol. I gave up chocolate last year. What a hot mess that was!

  23. Way to be a copy cat on the alcohol ;) St. Patrick's day is so you. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it is very me too.

  24. Ugh. That Fiberdrink is THE WORST! It takes like sawdust. I love the Advocare Spark. The CarbEase also helps curve your carb cravings or chromium. I am rooting for you!

  25. You are doing so much better than me on this cleanse. I am sneaking a bite here and there just to function like a normal human. :)

    And I am glad you disclosed about some drinks on St. Patty's Day... we are going to need those!

  26. I usually add in some type of whole grain or quiona to fill me up at night, it helps!

  27. I did the cleanse a whole ago well I made it 5 days but I always mixed the spark with the fiber drink and it was WAY better. If you don't have the spark maye some crystal light??? But the spark is AMAZING! Alcohol for lent?? You cray girl! But that is awesome and I can support you since I can't drink anyway either (I dream of wine and skinny Margaritas on a regular basis)!

    You will rock this cleanse!

  28. Did u write anything else about advocare after day 2?
    It helped knowing some foods I could eat :)