Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cleanse, Randoms, and Birds

It is Wednesday and I am telling you what... Mel is feeling FABULOUS! Advocare Cleanse - I thank you:) Or it could be the amazing Mizzou game, last night, that I stayed up half the night watching... YEAH YA! Not so great for the Blues, with their loss to the Sharks. Womp.Womp.Womp - but I still love ya boys.

Advocare Cleanse Update:

Update on Day 8.... (Yesterday)
1. Took my Pro-biotic pills in the AM with a big glass of water
2. Drank my Fiber Drink in the AM
3. Drank a TON of water - 8 8 oz glasses
4. Ran 4 miles on the treadmill in the afternoon

What I ate: 

Breakfast: Apple and 1 rice cake with 1 tb natural peanut butter
Snack: Carrots
Lunch:1 rice cake with 1 tb natural peanut butter
Snack: Almonds
Dinner: Turkey burger MINUS the bun and corn

How I felt:

1. I am feeling AMAZING
2. I have a TON of energy
3. Running - I feel like 5 miles is my LIMIT when on this - then I get shaky and light headed. 
4. I am NOT hungry that often anymore - I have to remind myself to eat.

See Advocare has me SMILING... but what's new right? LOL
This morning I spotted my new ride... (not really.... but I wanted to ask the guy driving to let me sit shot gun)

Porsche - come to mama....
Walked into work today and saw THESE in the kitchen - for real -  WHAT?

Peppers for breakfast anyone?
Well I went in yesterday to check out the photos of the St. Louis Cardinals (as they got their pics yesterday) and these were some of my favorite "mugs". 

Of course my #1 - Mr. Matt Holliday...

Holliday - Numero Uno...

#2 - David Freese - I mean come on....


And I am sorry but HELLO Tyler Lyons - HELLO HELLO!!!!!

If you want to check out the whole team - check them out HERE - GAWD I can't wait for baseball... I can't hardly stand it.

Tomorrow is the Give-A-Way Post - WOOT!

Drive a Porsche? Peppers for breakfast? Lyons - yay or nay?


  1. Keep going strong girl! Can't wait to hear the stats.

  2. Hellllloooo Mr. Lyons............OW OW!!!

  3. Oh Mr Holliday! Come to mama.. I think I am going to try and get up to see them play a game next month here in Florida

  4. You are too funny checking out baseball mug shots already, I'm so super de duper excited for the season to get underway!! There is something about a boy in tight white pants.....mmmm

  5. Love holliday too!! come on already baseball!!!

    I LOVE those peppers, you can send some my way. i would even eat them for breakfast. But i eat salad for breakfast all the time and breakfast for dinner because im a crazy freak but ive never hidden what you signed up for with me so :-P

  6. The fact that that is all you ate makes me hungry for you!

  7. That cleanse seems intense - I think I would die with eating that little! I could definitely use the energy its giving you though!!

  8. I can't believe you don't have a picture of my boyfriend out there.... I am totally in love with Yadi. What can I say, I like a boy with a neck tattoo :)

    I can't even believe the MU game. I would love to say that I watched it, but I didn't. Womp..Womp..

    Todd was at the Blues game last night. He has been to two this year and they lost both of them. The next time he has a chance for tickets, I am going to tell him that he is not allowed to go. He is bad luck for them.

    I think our next mom/blate should be at a Cards game! How much fun would that be?

    Have you ever been to spring training? It is a blast. We went in 2006, and had so much fun. The stadium is amazing. We will probably go back when the kids are a little older.

  9. STL don't play when it comes to baseball players. These fellas are hooottttiieeess!! Yummy!

  10. Aww you should've waved when you saw me on the road this morning! LOL Happy Wednesday laday!

  11. Lack of far this is the biggest selling point of the cleanse to me!

  12. ooooh glad you're feeling on top of the world!! this post made me smile :D

  13. love that you are doing so well on your cleanse! way to freaking are eating bird food! :)

  14. I don't even like baseball but seeing those hotties makes me want to watch...

  15. I don't know how you can't be hungry. Your whole days worth of food is one Meal for me.

    New follower - and really enjoying reading about your workouts.

  16. Question for you on the cleanse, does it come with a menu planner or does it give you a guide of what to eat? I think the meal planning would be the hardest thing for me.

  17. Glad you are feeling good. A good while back I thought about doing a cleanse. I keep on thinking I need to do it when there aren't any holidays coming up. That way I'm not tempted to eat bad.

  18. This morning on my way to drop Amelia off at daycare she told me she was I looked in my lunchbox and saw my baggy of sweet peppers and let her have them for a snack on the way - she ate two of them, leaving me with two - so yes, peppers for breakfast :)

  19. You are so pretty and I am so glad you didn't eat the cheetos...yet haha you can on Friday! I cannot wait until then! It's gonna give me so much motivation to start it !

  20. is there a calorie limit while on this cleanse? I would want to eat so much more...

  21. No fooling, that was a GREAT game! We also watched the fun, super close game of Indiana/Mich St. 2 nail biters in a row, fun fun! Can't wait for March Madness to start!

    I am so on the fence about doing a cleanse. Seriously, reading what little your eating scares me to death! I get so jittery so quickly, I think Andy would come home to me in a coma on the couch if I tried this. IDK, still thinking about it.

  22. LOVE the baseball pics. Omg. Yum. Haha, I cannot wait for baseball season to get going!! I need to go check out the Memphis AAA Redbirds and see if we have any hotties this year. You know we always get to try them out before they make it big time and move up to StL :) And whenever they are rehabing in Memphis, I am scouring the ticket site for some dugout seats! Yes ma'am! haha

  23. Ok I after reading your posts and watching your keeks, I think I am ready to bite the bullet and do the cleanse. I have almost purchased it, 5 times now. Also...I am SO ready for beers and baseball! We are going to meet at the park the spring/summer and I will buy the first round. :)

  24. You always look so dang gorgeous in your pictures! ; )

  25. Ohhh Mr.Holliday! When he played for the Rockies I made sure to always sit in left field to admire that ass!!!

    Thanks for the motivation to do the cleanse!!

  26. You've got me wanting to do the cleanse now. Maybe I'll have to try it out, just as long is it doesn't have me living in the bathroom!

  27. Could you please send Mr. Holliday back to Colorado?

    That'd be great, thanks :)!

  28. I am starting the cleanse soon too, so it's good to know you're feeling so great! It's a big change but I can do it. Imagine how super hot you will be in your bikini this summer girly!

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