Monday, February 4, 2013

D. Fence... D. Fence...

Did you think today's post was going to be about sports?

Welcome to all my new followers and welcome back to everyone that stops in regularly to see how it's going in my neck of the woods. I also want to say "hai" to all those people who find it entertaining to come check me out and then pick up the phone to call someone to say "What is up with Melanie?". Well hello to you ALL! Today's post is NOT about sports - it is a little dohiggy that I put together for ME and anyone who was "wondering" about me.

Hi, my name is, Hi, my name is... Melanie and I am a wife, mother, daughter, runner, employee, friend, jokester, and BLOGGER. My blog is MAINLY about running and staying healthy BUT I will throw in some humor in making fun of myself and pictures of my kids, MYSELF, and others. Call me vain? Do as you wish... I work REALLY hard at maintaining a healthy self-image and have struggled in the past with confidence BUT guess what people... confidence is something that I have been working on lately and I am gaining it - and I AM PROUD OF THAT. I have birthed two children in the last 6 years, lost over 70 lbs with Elle, started running, ran a half-marathon, and honestly I am in my 30's now and I am confident in the person I am today, and why shouldn't I be able to display that. Well I am going to display it... I will NOT feel bad for who I am.

I do NOT expect others to understand my "habit" of running and I most certainly do not expect others to understand my "hobby" of blogging - but I also would hope, before you pick up the phone to call one of my family members to say "Oh man... Melanie used to be all about her kids and now she posts pics of herself and rarely talks about E" - you get the facts straight. I can honestly say if you are TRULY concerned about my family which I bet 99.9% ARE NOT (gossip is such a fun thing - right?) you know my number.

Here are a few facts:
1. When I started blogging E asked that I not blog about him or include him in it - he has a job that he does not want displayed on the IE - so guess what? I listened to my husband and I abide by his wishes (well this one;). Oh FYI... E is fine with my blog and always has been - he might not understand it or want to be in it but it makes me happy, so he is cool with that.

2. I love my children with my WHOLE entire being and they are well cared for, loved, nurtured, and #1 in my life - and if you knew me AT ALL you would not question this.

3. Yes I take selfies and post them. This is a form of entertainment for EVERYONE that comes into this blogging world. I work HARD to stay healthy, to keep myself up, and stay current with the trends. I enjoy fashion and that is all I will say about that. If you think I am vain or obsessed with my "looks" that is fine - but once again if you truly KNEW me - you would not question this.

4. I work full time - run - be a mother/wife - and take time for MYSELF and why should I feel guilty for this? Truth of the matter is - I do NOT feel guilty all the time (I have moments). I am a PERSON to. I work hard in EVERY aspect of my life (if you KNEW me you would know this) and I deserve time for me. If E is okay with it and my kids are fine - who are you to judge? I want E to take time to meet with friends, work out, golf, do his yard work... that stuff makes him happy and why shouldn't he be happy too? We need time to do things by ourselves - if not burn out happens.. I see it with the million posts on FB about "oh my child is sick again, I can't take it" or "I am going to scream these kids drive me nuts" or "please someone give me a break", etc... E and I support our "free time" with and without one another and/or the kids.

To wrap this up here... before you pick up the phone to call someone to discuss MY life - really take a look at what might be prompting this "talk". Is it that you are REALLY concerned with me and my family? It just MIGHT be something in your life that you could be lacking...

I have made a few changes in the social media world. You will no longer find me on certain social media sites and I have privated a few others. I toyed with the idea of making this blog private - but "eh". I have never been a private person and never will be - accept it or not.

In all fairness this will be LAST post I ever address this issue again. I had previously posted about this HERE. I am happy, my kids are happy, E is fine and MY life is what it is... If you don't like my style of blogging please feel free to click that red X button at the top of the page.

I am going to ask that you please refrain from commenting on this particular post. I know when your friends are hurt and upset you want to HUG them and tell them how wonderful they are (I do the SAME thing) - but I kind of want this post to stand alone. You can always email me at - and I will write you back. 

I will be back to my regularly scheduled programming on Wednesday... LOL.. On a lighter note - my kids RULE...


Monday OUT


  1. I can only imagine the drama behind those comments. Haters gonna hate! I have wanted to make my blog private many a time. I love your blog and think you are a great mom and wife! :)

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  3. Stay positive and keep running! I ran 2.04 miles in 25 minutes today. Woop woop!

  4. Did you just telll me NOT to do something??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are so funny! so here is your comment BIA! I love you!!!!

  5. I am so sorry you keep having to deal with rude nosey people! So annoying! They're jealous of your hot self and beautiful kids. : ) I didn't know it was over 70lbs you lost with Elle. You are amazing!!

  6. Me can't wait to see yew on Satuurrrday.