Thursday, February 14, 2013

Look Who`s on TV mama... it`s the devil.

It's my boy Bob's (or as I like to call him Bobbie Boucher) Birthday today -  and of course he does this...

All I got was this.. 

"Now that's what I call high quality H2O. "

In other news... my kids looked like this today...

I am thinking I need my girl Kim to Keek this song today...

In honor of #tbt or Throw Back Thursday - this was in 2008 when I was heavier (not even a year after having Elle)... Awww my SIL is beautiful - love it!!! 

Also - please go HERE today and check this post out - when you get there you will know WHY I sent you;) Kelsey - be still my ever young boy loving heart.

And..... here is an update on Advocare Cleanse Day 2 (yesterday)...

Update on Day 2....
1. Drank my FiberDrink in the A.M. - chugged it - so much easier. Drank a big glass of water afterwards.
2. Drank a TON of water - 8 8 oz glasses
3. Took my 3 Herbal Cleanse Pills before bed
4. Strength Training in the P.M.

What I ate: (It was Ash Wednesday - NO MEAT)
Breakfast: 2 Hard boil eggs - I had coffee PLAIN - 
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Brussel Sprouts, Apple, 2 tb natural peanut butter
Snack: Carrots
Dinner: Sugar Snapped Peas with a dripping of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How I felt:
1. I was the crabbiest I have been in YEARS!!! It was H.E. double hockey sticks. I definitely was the DEVIL.
2. I had a headache in the evening.
3. I had more energy - got a workout in and stayed up watching the Blues game and chit chatting.
4. I sweat a TON during my sleep - like woke up drenched and had weird dreams again.

Alright - onto Day 3. Hey I only have 7 more days. WOOT WOOT...

Thursday OUT...


  1. That is too funny, I have the exact same thing in my breakroom only they are red velvet cookies... and I'm not touching any of it! You got this girl, 7 more days - if anyone can do this I know you can ... you're crazy!! ha ha ha =)I mean that in a good way! When are you supposed to start feeling better? Is there supposed to be like a turning point where cravings and headaches go away?

  2. Aww your kids look SO CUTE! I'm following along on your Advocare adventure...trying to decide if it's something I would want to do!

  3. Your babies look SO cute!!! Love that "love stinks" shirt :)

  4. That sounds miserable!! I am not sold yet! Ha ha!

  5. The kiddies look adorable! Happy Valentine's Day friend!

  6. Seriously, this clenase seems like complete torture! Your my idol for getting thru it! ....and you look itty itty in 2008 lady!

  7. Sorry you're having a rough time with the cleanse. :-/ But on the plus side your kids are absolutely adorable! I want a little boy so I can dress him like Wes! Is it weird that I'm more excited about boy fashion? Old man cardigans, bandanna bibs...and we're not even planning on kids yet! Simmah down, Kate!

  8. OMG those freakin' sugar cookies with the frosting in that first pic... my son LOVES those! I don't buy them for him but his grandmother does so when he's there he eats them... drives me crazy!

    Your kiddos are adorable... LOVE your son's shirt!! LOL!

  9. I am anxiously awaiting your cleanse results... because if you end up liking it, I may try it the next time the hubs is out of town for work, I couldnt do it while watching him eat whatever he wanted..

  10. Your kids look awesome :) I hate when there are sweet treats at work - there were doughnuts on my desk yesterday, I kindly asked my boss to remove them, (not before calculating that they were wayyy too many WW points) but I DIDNT EAT ONE :) Small victories ;)

  11. Lol I will have to warm up!!! I love Wes shirt!!!

  12. Gotta tell you.. You are not selling the cleanse for me. I hope it gets better for you!

    Please tell me you watched SNL this past weekend with Bieber as the host? It was actually pretty good.

  13. Aww, your kids look so cute in the Valentines Day Outfits. Happy Valentines Day!

  14. LOVE that song! Thanks for the reminder! Cleanse headache's are the worst. It's will be so worth it- Just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

  15. Way to go! I decided to bypass all of the goodies at work today as well. Everyone has been asking if I am going to eat some goodies and I must say, I am pretty darn proud that I've managed to say no. :)

  16. cupcakes are from the devil. you're all "its ok they are so cute and tiny the calories won't matter..." UNTIL YOU EAT THE WHOLE FREAKING DOZEN *wipes frosting from face* uhhh - am I the only one who does that?

  17. I can't wait to hear if it was worth it. I might KILL someone!!! You are for reals eating like a rabbit!! Keep up the good work. OPERATION RED BIKINI. Say What? You got this, MEL!!

  18. hahaha you seriously crack me up girl! So...I'm assuming you're doing the rap keek off tomorrow...does this mean you're gonna be a total badass rapping since you're cranky? totally could pull it off! I just wanna fast forward till the end of your cleanse so I can stuff your face with bread and cheese and see how well the cleanse worked!

  19. There is no way you got enough calories and nutrition in you yesterday. That would make me crazy crabby! I need food! Finish this cleanse up so you get back to normal eating.

  20. your kids are toooo cute.
    love the throwback pic - pretty, pretty!

  21. Awe your minis are so cute! Your throw back you look beautiful. Silly girl. I'm feeling for those of you on the cleanse. I'm mega bitch without a little sugar in my life. I hope it gets better:)

  22. Omg youre freaking hilarious! And your tbt pic is gorgeous! Annnd thank you so much for that link... holy hot young boy!!!! Ha!