Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Eh" So What...

Two things today... First... I think it is about time I vlog a question and answer session again. I have some new followers and well... you know me... I love the camera;) So if you have a question for me (nothing I won't answer) you can leave it in a comment below or email me at - I will be posting my "question and answer" vlog next Tuesday and trust me guys, you can ask me ANYTHING. No shame in this game.

Second... I am linking up with Shannon from Life After I Dew for "So What Wednesday". I have not participated in this one before - so here goes...


I made pot roast yesterday and ate it WITH biscuits...

I am stoked to have my bed to myself for the next two days...

I woke Elle and Wes up today to the Harlem Shake (I wake them up often to music)...

I accidentally washed a bottle of Children's Advil with my whites and had to re-do them twice, to get the pink out.

I didn't get up and run 5 miles this AM (now I will be running tonight womp.womp.womp)

I am NOT that thrilled about our Easter plans this year...

I am already planning out my CA trip in my head (Laura get ready to learn to surf - wet suit much?)

All I want to do is listen to music the entire day and be in my own thoughts...

I am going to head out early today to pick up my St. Pat's Race swag...

I made E put the trash cans outside this morning, so I won't have to tomorrow when I am in my heels.

The idea of moving out of state in 5 or so years has been brought up in my household.

I can't wait to spend some mommy alone time with my babies for the next few days.

I cut my kids "getting ready time", this morning, short because I took too long putting on my make-up BUT I didn't rush them - just scooted them along a little faster.

Alright that should be about it for this week. Don't forget to hit me up with questions if you so desire.

Happy Wednesday

Racing this weekend? Ever wash Advil? Questions for me?


  1. Moving out of state in 5 years? Say what?

  2. Mel, you sound like a wonderful mom. I'm not a morning person but I wish I was. It sounds like a lot of fun at your house in the morning. Maybe I need to work on that. Have a great day!

  3. I'm intrigued by that one about moving out of tell! I remember my parents used to wake me up with song - but it was their own singing. Ugh! It annoyed the crap out of me then, but now it's one of my fondest memories of my childhood. :)

  4. I'm not excited about my Easter plans this year either! I told my Hubs I just want to pack up our bags and take the baby to Disney World. We'll make new plans!!

  5. I giggled over the one about the trash cans and heels! :)

  6. I cracked up over the laundy incident... Same thing here!!! HAHAHAHAHA PS are you going to be in St. Louis in April, too?!

  7. I request a hair asap :)

  8. I waking up my baby with music too. She loves tunes.

  9. Love that you wake your kids up to music!!

  10. I have some questions? ... Do you plan on having any more beautiful children? What is your favorite cocktail / drink of choice when going out? I am finally getting a girls night on Saturday and I am so lame I have no idea what to drink - I don't want to drink beer cuz it's gonna be a long nigh and I don't want to get that full/bloated feel from the beer - help this lame momma out!

  11. Mmm, I love pot roast. That sounds delicious!

    You could move over to Kansas, but I'm sure that's probably not the intended state.

  12. Pot roast and biscuits sounds so good right now!

    I can't wait to hear more about this maybe move. As long as you stay true to your STL sports, you can move wherever your heart desires :)

  13. I want someone to wake me up to the Harlem Shake! Coolest Mom award!

  14. My kids would LOVE for me to wake them up to the Harlem Shake. In fact, I think I may even set my alarm to that tonight and see what the Hubs reaction is. HAHA!

  15. I have a few!!
    What do you typically eat day to day?
    Has the weight you lost from the cleanse stayed off?
    Would you do the cleanse again?

  16. Its been a minute since we have had some ellie dressing drama lately. How did you get the pink out? I tried oxiclean on some dumb teen lipgloss on my whites and it is not wokring!!!

  17. Oh my pot roast and biscuits. I just drooled all over my keyboard.

    And what are your Easter plans?? And MOVING!?! What?!? How do you feel about that??

  18. Mmmmmm...roast!!! I love every single one of you so what's! Especially the Harlem Shake!

  19. I have some questions too! What's yours and Es relationship like? Like do yall get to see each other a lot? Who works more? Who does what like chores and dinner? Etc!

  20. Come on over to Tulsa!! I'm all by myself out here!! Your kids are lucky to have such a cool mom ;)

  21. Ah! Does 'moving out of state' mean moving to SE Iowa???? :) I hope so, althought i doubt it. Tell me more about this!

    Hmm, a q about Miss Melly. When you were a teenager what was your typical Saturday like? If you weren't doing whatever in the heck it is you do (job-wise), what would you be doing instead? What is your favorite color? If you could meet one dead person who would it by and why?

    When you do this can you talk louder? I always have such a hard time hearing you on your vlogs. Thx, love!