Thursday, March 7, 2013

I think I LOVE you....

Wednesday Workout
     2 miles - treadmill - fast pace / 7 incline
     Full Body Strength Training & Abs.

Oh yeah... I have decided to join in the Blogger Crush Link-up today with two of my favs Erin and Kimmy. Erin from Living in Yellow is hosting this link-up - and I adore this type of post... so I am rolling with it...

I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many favorites - such as HollyErin, Kimmy, Ashley, Erin, Kim, Hubby Jack, etc... BUT you all know this because I talk about these girls/fellas ALL THE TIME!!!! So here are a FEW that you MIGHT not KNOW I am "in love" with them.... (or that I adore their blog, their personality, and just them in general).


Yes my girl Lindsey - I absolutely adore her. I find her witty, charming, real, and someone I KNOW I could be bff's with. She makes me laugh, cry, smile, and really makes me "think" about the relationships in MY life. PLUS I find her daughter totes adorable.... and I can't wait to meet her in April. I heart you Nancy Clue;)


One of the most genuine and loving people I have "met" in blogland. My girl Lindsey (yes another Lindsey). I am not sure how to explain this - but I feel a STRONG connection with her. Her posts are hysterical yet I find peace in each and every one of them. She is an AMAZING woman and I admire her strength and loving personality AND I can't wait to see you tomorrow. FOR REALZ!

Kate oh Kate - how do I express my LOVE - haha. Kate is absolutely, hands down, AWESOME. She is working hard at getting fit, she runs, skis, has an adorable doggie, a great hubby, and rocks everything she does. I am addicted to her stories of the past, present, and future and I feel like she could be my little sister. Like I want to take her, hug her, hit up a coffee shop, run a muck, and then have a great dinner at her house (while she cooks). LOL... Love that chick...

Oh yeah.. my girl TorontoRunner - she is running machine, traveler, chocolate lover, shopper - a girl after my own heart. She is absolutely SOOOOOOOOOOOO sweet. She seems like an old soul finding her way in this big ole world and I LOVE reading about her encounters. Her mom is adorable too. Reading about her escapades and her running "thoughts" are so much fun and isn't she GORGEOUS???!!! Yes she is....

Finally - last but certainly NOT least, my MAN... (yes a man - gasp!!!) Tyler from The Running Ginger. Tyler is a machine people - he NEVER stops:) He is a runner and fellow strength training junkie. I find his blog to be insightful, witty, and downright hysterical at times (high-fiving fellow runners). He is my twitter buddy and I find his tweets keep me motivated to get my BOOTY out there and keep going. He is real - and I dig real people. If you are a runner and need good tips, or need a fellow runner to bounce ideas off of - check him out.  

Well all you fellow bloggers KNOW I heart you... Sending all of you lots of blog love today.

Thursday OUT...


  1. You did this post so good! I am going to need picture placement lessons when I come over! Love you too girl!

  2. Aww, Mel!! This is going to come off as cheesy and potentially fake, but seriously, I'm so honored (I know, I know, cheesy) that you love my blog! I feel like my blog is nowhere near the same level as the rest of your favorites! But I'm very glad you like me because I just think you're amazing! And someday we will hit up a coffee shop and you'll show me how to pull off red lipstick and then I'll make you some bland Swedish food and it'll be awesome! Thank you for making my day!

  3. Nice! So many new blogs for me to check out! I'm definitely checking out the running ones, too, since I need to get back at it! I found you through the linkup :) New follower!

    Lesley /

  4. Thanks for the tips on the great blogs to check out! I've got some awesome reading to catch up on!

  5. Great blogs to follow, thanks!, and I can't believe you run 2 miles at 7 INCLINE?!?,!!!! I'd fall flat on my face and get treadmill burn!

  6. 7 incline! WOWZA's!! I'm excited to check out these bloggers and start following you on here too!

  7. Oh my goodness I am gonna cry! You are so sweet! I love you!

  8. LOVE all those blogs!!! Have fun in Memphis without me. : ( : (

  9. The Running Ginger!! My life is now complete!

  10. Oh yeah, definitely going to have to check out the Running Ginger.

  11. I heart you, Mel! April and STL can't come soon enough! Thank you for all of those sweet things you said! Made me melt like a puddle. xo

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