Thursday, March 14, 2013

Smoke, Silence, and Catfish...

Tuesday's Workout
     Strength Training (full body & abs)

Wednesday's Workout
    5 miles - treadmill - steady pace

Well everyone... it would not be appropriate for me to NOT post about the new Pope. I have been waiting to see that white smoke for two days and, finally, yesterday afternoon it came billowing out of the Sistine Chapel AND we welcomed Pope Francis (Argentine Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio). Good day - Good day...

Yesterday, I went and picked up my St. Pats Race shirt. FYI... the women's are running small - so BEWARE in the chest area;) Look at me all smiles...


I was hanging out at home and earth shattering news broke. My MAIN man, Danny Amendola, signed a 5 year $31 million deal with the Patriots.

Get up off the floor right now - I am NOT joking. I sat there with my mouth open and Elle said "What mommy" as I tried to explain to her the hurt I was feeling - she said "Oh that guy you scream about to Daddy when the football game is on". HA... yes Elle!!! AND then immediately the twitter messages started....

If you do NOT know about my UNDYING love, that is L.O.V.E.E.E., for Danny - you can read about it HERE, HERE, etc...heck EVERYWHERE!!! Football season, to me, is about #16... ALWAYS!!! What am I going to do? Well I am buying my Patriots shirt today - end.of.story... New England gained a new fan... I miss Danny already... Ugh... so today I am taking a moment of silence and starting to look for plane tickets East for Football season...

And finally...

You know how you come along some posts and you just have to share them with the people you know. I know you all have heard of the show Catfish on Mtv - if you haven't... it is about internet relationships, then the people finally meet up in "real life" with camera crews and Nev (swoon). They all decide if they want to pursue the relationship or not... quite ground breaking if I might add.

Susan from "Straight on the Ground" has been keeping me on the edge of my seat for DAYS with her prelude to her Catfish story she was going to post. The whole time I was thinking "AGH... she met some dude on the Internet - met him in real life - he was actually an animal - she freaked out and lived to the tell story." BOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYY was I wrong... OMG read it HERE

AMEN for Amendola....

Don't forget if you have questions for me - ask em... Vlog up next Tuesday.


  1. Off season sadness! I feel you pain. I was so sad when the Saints lost Reggie Bush. I really liked him!I LOVE the St Patrick's day shirts! You look gorgeous as per usual! Happy Thursday!

  2. Gah he is so yummy! I'm not even a Rams fan but I'm sad for you! Cute top, you're gonna have so much fun :) Happy almost Friday!

  3. I am sorry for your loss! Not going to lie. That is how I felt when Kevin Carter left the rams in the 90's. He was my favorite rams player. I tried to convince Todd to buy me a Titan's jersey but he wouldn't do it.

    You are a better person than me, because I can't stand the Patriots. I think Tom Brady is a first class jerk. But, good for your main squeeze to go to where he has a chance to win. I am ready for a GOOD Rams team. I miss those days!

    That shirt is super cute, but I wish it was green!

  4. look SO TINY in that shirt! SO...the shirt isn't small, you are! :)

  5. Oh wow! I just went and read the Catfish post!haha I will HAVE to go back and read the rest of the previous ones because I am kind of lost. Is she married with a baby? Is this catfish guy just her friend???? So, many questions.So intriguing! Mel, you know I am super nosey so thanks for this heads up on Susan's story.

  6. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beloved player. :( I wish I followed football more so I would actually know what the impact of this was. Too funny about Elle identifying him as the guy you yell about.

    The St. Pat's shirts are cute and you do look tiny! Good luck on your race! I'm debating about taking the girls to the parade this weekend. I just don't know if I want to deal with the crowds.

  7. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm going to have to root against your new team, cause there aren't any Patriot fans in Indianapolis, lol :) GO COLTS!

    Good luck on your race this weekend, you look as cute as ever!!

  8. You're gonna have so much at your race! too cute!

  9. Haha I won't lie the hubs is pretty excited about your man coming to the Pats! But he was soooo upset that Wes left!

  10. Holy Balls that catfish story was unreal!! That guy was HOT!! So why were they meeting anyways? Was she married then??? That part is a little confusing but what a pleasant surprise that would have been!!

  11. I thought of you right away when I heard about dear old Danny. But to switch teams and cheer for the Pats? ugh, no bueno!!! But DANG is he cute!

  12. Have a great time at your race...make sure you finish with a drink afterward..


  14. Good luck on your race, you look so gorgeous in that cute tee!

  15. I made your blog!!! I am still at a loss for Welker going to Denver but it is a bit better with the addition of Amendola (sorry)

  16. haha thanks for the shootout!! I'm going to have to post a faq about that post :) happy st paddy's day!

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