Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend In An Abundance of Pictures...

Sorry I have been terrible with updating and keeping up - it was a BUSY weekend - actually my life is just busy as all hell right now. So I am going to recap the weekend today and let you know that starting tomorrow I am hitting the next 2 weeks HARD for this half marathon on the 7th of April...

Friday - went with my girl Laura and her daughter to Disney on Ice "Rock of Ages". It was good - we left early - Elle acted a fool for a bit (the usual) - then we took the girls to The Fountain on Locust for lunch...

Friday night I met my girls Sarah, Bridget, and Melissa for sushi at my all time fav - Tani Sushi - I did my hair different and THANK YOU all who commented on Keek (your comments are too sweet) - I actually really liked it - it freaked me out at first but I got used to it (I even wore jeans on Friday night - shocker). Had a great evening with my bff's - then Sarah and I hung out with Beth for a bit. I love evenings like these.

Woke up Saturday and took the kiddos to the circus with Bridget and her clan. We had a good time - Elle once again acted a fool - we left at intermission. For real - how LONG can a circus be? Well it was really long.

Saturday afternoon/evening we all rested a bit, watched basketball, and then went into depression as my Billikens lost. Womp.Womp.Womp

Sunday I did the usual house stuff for the beginning of the day - then the snow started and kept coming. I met my mom at her house (the house where I grew up) and off we headed out... Yes we like to drive around in 8 inches of snow - they don't call my mom and I "Nuts" for nothing.

Sunday night more basketball. I won't get into the fact that now I might be slightly obsessed with Florida Gulf Coast University (heck half the U.S. is right now), but honestly I had the BEST time in a LONG time watching them play Sunday evening. "Drop down and get ya Eagle on".

Monday - SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW... and so I am home with my babies having a marvelous day playing in the snow, singing in our sing offs, tapping in the kitchen, making headbands, crashing cars, and just being crazy as usual.

Well there you have it - what did you notice about my weekend? YEP no running and working out - BOO:( I feel terrible today, but I needed a full fun day with my kids - so I skipped the workout. NOW tomorrow get ready for SUPER STRICT and HARD CORE Mel to emerge. It's time...

Happy Monday

Snow day today? Locust fan? Circus goer?


  1. Your hair looked great that way! I wish I could style my hair more than the straightening and pony tail I do.
    I'm only 5% jealous of all of that snow. We haven't had a great snow in a long, long time. But I'm more than ready for summer.
    Hope you have a great week!

    Katherine :)

  2. Your day looks so whimsical and fun! ALMOST makes me wish we got snow, too. Almost.

    Guess what, Mel! I decided I love basketball! I've found a sport! If only MN's teams were better (although I think EVERY MN fan says that, regardless of the sport).

  3. Hey girl sometimes you gotta push the workout for time with the minis. There only little once. Looks like you had a blast!!

  4. Your 4 days sound so fun! I can't wait to start taking G to fun places! I know she's gonna act a fool as well! Today, the kids singing, so cute!!!

  5. I just love how happy your kids are! Always smiling! And that Elle? Gah, I love her! :) And you, glad you had a great weekend!

  6. Sounds like a fun filled weekend with the kiddos! Those are the best, I bet. I can't get over all that snow you're getting. It'll be almost 80 degrees here this weekend!

  7. Love the pics, especially the snow ones! Not saying that I'm thrilled by this spring time snow storm but your kiddos are adorable and obviously having a blast!! Looks like a fun weekend, best if luck with your half marathon training! I know you're gonna rock it!!

  8. First I love that you left both Disney on ice and the circus early! Totally what we do. I get so theater walk out?! Me!!! I can't believe the snow! I live in snowy hell and we have sunshine! Looks like fun!

  9. Happy weekend!! nice pictures children are looking so cute

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  10. Snow! I think the weather is confused. It's almost April lol!

  11. I may have weekend envy. You guys are always out doing fun things! Oh, and the snow? So over it. I'm ready for warm weather already!

  12. SNOW. SNOW. SNOW. Not jealous of that crap one bit. HATE IT!! You heard dat? The kids looked as if they enjoyed it. Loved the hair. JEANS??? What?