Thursday, April 11, 2013

All over the Place...

4/11 Bay Bay... It's time to get serious here - my booty is getting in a bikini in a MONTH. Yep a freakin month... and let's be honest after my Advocare Cleanse - I "may" have went a little crazy. But you all know me... So I am being honest - I HAVE to get back in the saddle here.

So as of yesterday - I am off the "drinking/eating like a machine" train AND I jumped onto the "eating healthy" cart. Back to strength training 3-4 days a week and running at least 3 days a week. It's time to fuel this body with good nutrition and NOT Hershey kisses. Goodbye Easter candy I have loved you like no other... I will be posting on my strength training routine (hopefully a video). I am not following any training plan for my runs until June (when I start training for my halves) - I am just going with 5-6 miles on an average and a longer run on the weekends.


I have decided to "try" and do a race at least once a month until my Half Marathon Extravagance in Sept/October. Yes I signed up for 3 half marathons in a 3 week span. Am I freak... some call me that.

Here is my "tentative" racing calendar:
May 11th - Girls on the Run 5K - I was debating on whether to do or not - yep I doing...
June 8th - I Love Beer Run 5K - fitting, huh?
July 4th - Freedom 4 Miler - why not run on the 4th of July?
August 24th - The Glo Run - this race is a blast...
Sept 22nd - Roots & Blues 10K - in Columbia, MO - road trip....

I am sure I might throw a few more in there - the Electric Run is coming (date TBD) and I am totally down...

Then... starts the half marathons... One a weekend for 3 weeks...
Sept 28th - Fort4Fitness Half Marathon - in Fort Wayne, Indiana - running with some stellar gals - road trip.
October 6th - MO Cowbell Half Marathon - ran this one last year, flat fun course - can't wait to do again.
October 13th - GO St. Louis Halloween Half Marathon - yep we are dressing up... Spice Girl style.

AND..... I am EVEN debating this one... but I don't know - I might not be able to move...

October 28th - Rock N Roll Half Marathon OR Marathon... Yep the full - maybe? I kind of would like to do the 2 person relay for the full - that would be fun.. Hum... Who is down? LOL

Alright there you have it - RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN. I am actually really excited about all of this running and the people who I am running with. I have met some of the most amazing people and accomplishing goals with them makes it even SWEEEETER!!!

Anyone training right now? Petey? Anyone want to run some of these with me?


  1. I will see you in Ft. Wayne!! I'll be driving up from Indy to run the 10K (I'm running another half in November and I'm not a freak like you haha!) I would like to run a St. Louis race at some point - we went there a couple years ago and loved it! I'll be back someday!

  2. Giiirl you're a beast! Please tell me that you're going to be baby spice. ha. I don't know what my race schedule is going to look like after my half in Pittsburgh next month. I may take a break from racing. Everytime I say that I sign up for another race. Ha!

  3. I"m supposed to do a 5K in May. Good thing I haven't signed up yet, because I can barely run a mile. haha.

  4. I'll run the Fort 4 Fitness with you! ha! Still highly considering the Rock and Roll half on October 27th too!

  5. "Am I a freak? Some call me that." Bah!!! Priceless quote!

  6. Running my 4th half in two weeks and hoping to PR, I've got a full on my mind too...ARE WE CRAZY?!?

  7. So I am new to blogging and have loved your blog for a while now. Noticed that you are doing quite a few runs in MO. Are you a MO girl too??? I live near Springfield!

  8. I am tired just reading this schedule...

    Only one day seperates me from my Yadi the Hottie! Can't wait!

  9. Like a boss!! Girl you are crazy but if anyone can do all of that, I know you can! =)

  10. Awesome, you are amazing to be running all those races, but I'm with you if I'm not training for a race I'm not running. Yes girl I'm training right now! Half on May 19th...and first full (yikes) September 22nd which is why I can't join you hotties on the 28th...that and it's my anniversary and my hubs would kill me. Ha! I want to meet up with y'all cause you guys are amazing!!! And you'll be amazing at all of them! Great job and you're super motavating

  11. I am doing a GOTR in June! I did it last year and loved it!

  12. Still wanting to puke! K thanks bye... Ps who are these stellar womens you speak of that you will be running that race with in Ft. Wayne ;)

  13. my cousin wants me to run a full with him and I still havent even signed up for my half yet!?!? I am crazy! haha

  14. I wish I lived closer to do some of these with you! I'm running my first half in September and fundraising for my sister's foundation. Check it out!

    samiciaccio - instagram

  15. I don't run at all. But the Color Run is coming to a small city near me in September, so I am going to start training for the 5k. We shall see how that goes...

  16. Woohoo! That's awesome :) I am thinking about doing the Rock & Roll Half here in Nashville at the beginning of Nov - yikes!!

  17. Love your blog. Love that song too ;p I wish I could tag along for all these races! Sounds kick asthe and awesome. But alas, I am a wayyyyyys to scured for that. Congrats on all the races!! Super exciting!

  18. You are definitely crazy, but I love you. I kinda forgot that I agreed to run a half for corporate challenge on May 18, so after that running one in September should be a piece of cake, right?

  19. Go Mel!! ... Im excited you are doing the May Girls on the Run!! ... I might have to do that June one with you too... That is about the only open weekend I have in June, so I am down! ... And I officially signed up for Cowbell today as well... I have a feeling I will ended up doing another half in the fall, but we will see as we get closer...

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