Monday, April 8, 2013

Cardinals Opening Day and KIMMY...

It's April 8th people and guess what that means? This girl is OUT AND ABOUT... It's Cardinals Opening Day BAY BAY!!!! I worked a few hours this morning and right about now, I am sitting/standing/leaning in downtown St. Louis, enjoying Cardinal Nation.... Oh I am sure you will see IG pics later on today;)

But... with all this being said... I asked my bff and MOST HYSTERICAL girl Kimmy from That's The Thing About Destiny to guest post for me... So here we go....

Hi everybody! I get to hang out with you today while Mel is at opening day for our beloved Cardinals. Is anyone else hoping she is getting them a shirt while she is there?  (I’m in an XL Mel!) When she asked me to guest post I struggled with insane amounts of jealousy but in less than 2 seconds was reminded of how fabulous she is and couldn't stay that way.  It happens. All you have to do is look into her eyes.  Even if you don’t want to look into her eyes, she will make you, so just go ahead and succumb to the awesomeness that is Mel.

Luck for her (and YOU!) I went to Wal-Mart for some office supplies at work and was able to craft the most amazing Wal-Mart blog you’ll ever read.  But before you read on, know that you must continue to be my friend and come say Hello over at my blog still even after I show you this footage and drop this amazing knowledge your way! Deal?  Deal!

This post is brought to you by the most fabulous socks you could ever own, sold at your very own local Wal-Mart:

That’s right baby YOLO socks.  In case you’ve been living under a rock YOLO means You Only Live Once. (I know, DUH, because after you live you’re dead, and if you are dead, well you are not living because you are DEAD!) It’s all the rage for the cool kids ages 12-16 because you know, they are all about “living” HA!

I decided to find some other things and products to do in the YOLO theme.

So slide on your YOLO socks with me and let’s go on a journey….

First up:

Kiss some babies.  Even if they cry.  Because kissing babies is awesome, they don’t know it yet.  But you can take a picture to remind them later.  Like when they are about to head out on their first date, YOLO!


Find some fancy lip gloss and sport it roung the Walmart.  People will compliment you.  My choice is always a palette.  I found this one in the parking lot, so I got a great deal.  But you can purchase them too over in Health and Beauty. Remember the more sparkle, the better, YOLO!


Go get your nails did.  It’s all the rage at walmart now.  Mel loves GOLD so when I saw these I knew they were totally FOR her! The spider ring she has on her finger is just bonus gold, so have at it, after all YOLO!

You have definitely worked up an appetite by now so you must try these:

WORLD’S BEST HUSH PUPPIES.  They aren’t even barking, its just the truth. Well all know Mel loves Asti, and since these were approved by one of Asti’s cousins, probably Fenway… You must enjoy them, YOLO

Lastly you are going to need a drink.  Those hush puppies were salty! Head on over to the water area and you can have your choice from any of these fine bottles of water.  Sure they’d prefer you to buy an actual gallon but feel free to choose one of these already opened ones sitting around, YOLO! When you are done, snag one of those almost-not-used napkins on the shelf and clean your self up!

You need to look good because on your way out make sure you hop next to your old pal Ronald for a little photo-op. YOLO!!

I promised you footage and I do not tell lies.  Several years ago I was at a Walmart.  I was looking through the hunting section for who KNOWS why, completely sober mind you, and decided to try on some gear.  Complete with plastic birds covering me.  I then chased an unsuspecting boy and probably scarred him for life.  You have to see it to believe it.  Before you push play, don’t forget you promised to still be my friend!

Rock your Monday people. Remember YOLO!

Yep you now know why I love this girl to the moon and back and why I can't get enough of her. THANK YOU girl for helping a sista out today and for being the MOST RICHETOUS girl you are:) Kimmy I adore you.


And... I will be back tomorrow - headache or not:)


  1. OH MY WORD!!! That video was hilarious!!!! Kimmy did it again! I'm crying from laughing so hard! I foresee a trip to Walmart in June!

  2. Bahahaha you are a damn nut my friend! Did you notice those aren't the "World's" best hush puppies but the WORD'S?? That makes them even better I think. Happy Monday to you Kimmyyy and Happy Opening Day to you Mel!

  3. Ok I almost peed myself laughing from that video. What the hell! Lol. And this my friends is why I don't shop at Walmart although I do feel super classy if I do have to shop ther because what else is open at 3 am. Thanks for the morning laugh!!

  4. KIMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YOU ARE SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! PS Mel you are playing my Redlegs today holllahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Wow, that is hysterical!! I love you Kimmy. And you are right, I am jealous, but then I remembered how sweet and awesome Mel is and couldn't be jealous anymore. = )

  6. Oh Kimmy! Thanks for making me smile on this shitty Monday morning.

    So jealous of you pretty Mel! Have fun at the game today! I am sporting my Cardinals shirt, because at least they gave us jeans on Monday today!!


  7. Oh my goodness, bahaha! That just made my Monday! YOLO! And yea I'm so jealous of your Mel! Take lots of pictures of those wonderful men in baseball pants!! And does that say "Word's" best instead of World's??? hahaha

  8. This is hilarious Kimmyyyy? Did I get the right ammount of "y's" and "m's" in there? Thanks for guest posting and Mel have a blasty blast at Opening Day! Jealous that yours is probably way warmer than Cincy's was last week!

  9. OMG! My friend and I dressed up in hunting gear too. Complete with bows and arrows and even did a photo shoot. GAH!

  10. That bird attack was hilarious! I nearly spit out my coffee. I love Kimmy. I'm sure that there are always good times to be had with her at WalMart.

  11. Love me some Cardinal Baseball!! Can't wait till June when we can get up there for a game!