Friday, April 19, 2013

If running were easy....

It's Friday and this girl is feeling REALLY REALLY good. Last night cranked out Day 3 of the 30 Day Shred - BOOYA!!! Woke up early today, finished up Day 4 of *the beast* and ran a little 2 mile dash;) Now let's bring on the WIZZIDY WEEKEND!!!

Yesterday I was toying around with a couple of race shirts I am planning on making - I want some cute shirts with killer sayings (anyone want to suggest a great running shirt designer - Etsy, online, STL, etc... let me know... I need to find one?). So I hopped online and guess what - BOOYA.... My girl Marcy found some hysterical one's too...

- Fast girls leave you breathless
- In my dreams I am Kenyan (Dying when Marcy sent this one)
- I thought they said rum (Marcy find)
- I'm the fast girl your mother warned you about (Yes I am thinking I have to have this one)
- I belong to a drinking club with a running problem (another fabulous Marcy find)
- If running were easy, it'd be called your mom (My personal favorite)

And Finally... I sent this one to Holly - maybe HJ could use this when he runs his races:
- Hold my medal while I kiss your girlfriend

So I leave you with this - come up with a killer running quote for me or something that seems fitting for "Mel". I am going to compile a list and order a few shirts.... If I pick your quote - you will get a little "surprise". Mwah! (Oh and your booty has to be following my blog too - BOOM... not getting off that easy). I will pick the winner next week.

I also need a place to order them from - if you know a good site that makes great custom tanks - let me know - leave it in the comments with your quote.

Now get yo rump shakers out there and RUN IT!!!


  1. Those are freaking hilarous!!!! Love them all!

  2. I am so not creative, I wish I was! Have you look at Ruffles with Love? I also really like Move Your Booty tanks, but they only sell 2, and they are both gray, but one has pink coloring (have and love), and the other is green. You should still get one of those too. ;)

  3. HA! I love the "I belong to a drinking club with a running problem"

  4. "Running is a mental sport...and we're all insane!"

    "My mascara runs faster than you do."

    "Kick assphalt"

    "Does this shirt make my butt look fast?"

    Back of shirt: "Like my shirt? After the race, I'll let you read the front."

    1. LOVE " my mascara runs faster than you do" !!!

  5. This was on the back of our high school's cross country tshirts and I've always loved it, "Distance runners do it longer."

    Annnnnd that's all I got before coffee... Have a fab wknd! xo

  6. I love all your and Marchy's ideas and my girl Lindsey's too. I can't wait to see the final shirts. I only wish I was witty enough to add something!

  7. Love this one .. - I'm the fast girl your mother warned you about

  8. I LOVE this idea! Another favorite of mine for a half shirt "I don't go all the way" or "Complaining won't burn calories"

  9. RUM and your mom! SERIOUSLY!!! I think i may need those! HA!!! Love it!!!

  10. Those are awesome! I haven't gotten one yet but I plan on snagging my husband a "My Sport is Your Sport's Punishment" shirt from soon, they have some really cute tech tanks too :)

  11. Running. Cheaper than plastic surgery.
    Found My Happy Pace.
    Does this shirt make my butt look fast?
    Kick asphalt.
    Your pace or mine?
    Bustin mine so I can beat yours.
    Fast girls have good times.
    And my favorite I've been meaning to design for a pretty!
    Ruffles with love is awesome on Etsy and come enter my giveaway for the Boston tank top I designed. ; ) have a happy Friday girl!!

    1. Oh I love this Your pace or mine!

    2. I love "your pace or mine" too!!

  12. I would buy every single one of those!

  13. OMG... I want some cute running swag too! I've been looking at several different sites for a long time, but haven't bought anything yet.

    And....apparently I'm now following your blog with two different email addresses. HA!

  14. HAHAHA - these are freaking awesome! Can't wait to see the end result!

  15. love I belong to a drinking club with a running problem

  16. Love the "I thought they said rum" one....

  17. Somebody beat me to a personal favorite of "your pace or mine??"!!!

    For a first race, "It's my first time...13.1 virgin"

    I'd rather be drinking...

    Where's the beer??

  18. Sending an email w/ my quotes. :)

  19. Love all of them! And yes HJ needs that one!

  20. This are hilarious! I love them all! Lol

  21. I love the drinking club with a running problem one!!

    Couple places: of course Ruffles with Love or AbundantHeart Apparel- both on Etsy. and will do custom.

    "Runs for Rita's"
    "i RUN this city" (I have a tank with this on it)
    "Life is Short-Running Makes is Seem Longer"

  22. I seriuosly need the one that says "I thought they said rum" ...and you need "In my dreams I am Kenyan" bwahahahahahaah

  23. Here you go chica!
    why are these people following me
    Pain later
    One more mile and that cake is history
    See Dick run, See Jane run faster
    Endorphins..runners drug of choice
    Will run for chocolate
    This sport would be fun if it wasn't for all this running
    Worship me like the running goodness I am
    Curse you lactic acid
    Runningis a mental sport....and we're all insane

  24. "Running is a pain in the ass...but it gives me a nice one!"

    I think you should post whatever shirts you design and let us all buy some from a custom shop! We all wanna be like PrettyMel! Have a great weekend :)

  25. I think I need the "Rum" one considering Captain is my BFF :)

    Happy Friday Girlie!

  26. I'd like to vote for the "I belong to a drinking club with a running problem" quote. Zazzle does good work. We regularly order stickers from there. I know a sticker and a tank are not the same but I would expect a good quality tank from them. :)
    playing catch up!

  27. I love the fast girl bad I'm not fast! LOL! Dang it!