Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maybe you didn't know...

It's Tuesday (the worst day of the week) So I am going to leave you all with a little Random Things About "Mel". 

1. I sleep with one leg out of the covers.

2. My nicknames are MJ, Melonballerina, and M.

3. I can't fall asleep with the TV on and I sleep with a fan on - ALWAYS. I have to have white noise going.

4. I make a MEAN breakfast (biscuits and gravy, anyone?)

5. I will NOT camp - EVER.

6. I don't leave the house without lipstick on.

7. I chew gum NONSTOP.

8. I wear slippers in my house - ALWAYS.

9. My house is muted colors - because (although I love) bold colors - they freak me out.

10. I have an obsession with teeth and LOVE going to the dentist.

11. You will find bobby pins ALL over my house.

12. I adore little dogs and have to talk to them when I run, walk, see them.

13. When I get ready, I ALWAYS have music on and you know I will be breaking it down too.

14. I can't stand my kids to have dirt on the their face or snot on their nose - we wipe our faces OFTEN.

15. I tell people I know where I am going and yet, have NO clue the directions (but we get there, right?).

16. I do NOT like driving nor being a passenger in a big ole truck.

17. We pray before dinner each night.

18. I smile at EVERYONE.

19. I love a good friendly competition.

20. I am not hard to persuade.

21. Grey Goose is my friend - along with Three Olives Grape...

22. If out and need a dance partner - call me up.

23. I still have 4 baby teeth.

24. Never had wisdom teeth.

25. I fly by the seat of my pants... and wouldn't have it any other way:)

Well there you have it... Tuesday OUT...


  1. Ha! I truly love that you can drop it like it's hit while getting ready! Dance party sistas!

  2. I always say the only way I'll go camping is if we're camping at the Hilton! No thank you to woods, dirt, bugs, and no electricity.

    I still have baby teeth too and the fact that you sleep with one leg out from the covers totally creeps me out... I could never!!

  3. I will camp on occasion and I even endured a life threatening backpacking experience. I pray before dinner too. Ugh, I hate the dentist but they love me since they're always finding cavities, root canals, gum issues and so on. I do take care of my teeth but I can't give up sugar! This is a great post! Esther Norine Designs estherdavison@gmail.com

  4. #15..... I had NO idea {cough, cough -- attempting to go to Hooters}. "Follow us, I know how to get there!" But you're right.... we made it. :)

  5. 1 and 3 right there with you! I have to sleep with one leg out or I can't sleep at all. And the fan started when I married the Hubs. Now none of us can sleep without a fan! I love this post!

  6. Oh I love me some biscuits and gravy! My favorite breakfast! There is always a fan on when I'm sleeping too. I don't care if its the middle of winter.

  7. Love this post!! We have lots in common, like #'s 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13 & 17!! :-)

  8. Love this post!!!
    #3,7 & 11 are all me too!! The ceiling fan always has to be on! I can’t stand the silence! It drives me crazy!!
    Right now I’m addicted to the Dessert gums that Extra makes…Lemon Square is my obsession right now!!
    Bobby Pins are all over my house, in my gym bag and all in my car! HA! Then I wonder why I can never find any!!! We may need to take stock in the bobby pin company!! What do ya think??
    Have a great Tuesday girl!!

  9. LOL, I sleep with one leg out of the covers too - otherwise I'm too hot. And I should really start listening to music in the mornings again - I stopped because my radio broke, and haven't gotten a new one since!

  10. I am so with you with camping. Yuck. I mean, I am the same person that will turn her AC on during the day and furnace on during the night, so do you really think that I am going to sleep outside? NO!

    I kinda feel the same way about a condo on vacation. They are good for space, but don't expect me to cook you anything. It is called vacation for a reason, and this momma isn't going to cook while on vacation!

  11. I MUST see these baby teeth on Saturday!!!

  12. You sleep with one foot out from under the covers....just another reason we are meant to be.

    My feet are SERIOUSLY claustrophobic and I will freak if both of my feet are trapped under the covers. Mark does it to me all the time to see me squirm. HAHA!

  13. Oh man, i wish we lived near each other!

    No camping. None. Ever. I love not camping.

    Bobby pins? EVERRRRWHUUURRR.

    Grey goose and I are super close.

    I can't sleep with my leg in the cover, period!

  14. SHUT THE FRONT BACK AND SIDE DOORS MISS MEL! I still have four baby teeth, too and I never got my wisdom teeth either! HAHAHA! I think we are the same person because I am one in the same with everything you said!

  15. I love dance parties! I don't camp or glamp either! No way in hell!

  16. I always have to sleep with a fan on too! cannot sleep with just dead silence no thank you. All 4 seasons no matter what the temp is I have my fan on :)

  17. We are alike on so many of your random facts!

  18. Love this. And I sleep with a fan and one leg out of the covers. Always.

  19. i love this! especially that you also smile at everyone. it drived my husband nuts bc he think I know them and I dont. I always say that I must have one of those faces bc people smile at me all the time :)
    also, i feel like you would probably be the best dance partner ever!

  20. I had a boss that asked me why I smile so damn much. I just do. I like a happy face.
    My house is pretty muted as well. I like bold colors on other folks and their houses but it's just not me. I think I am pretty bold, bright, and fun on my own. If I were to add wild colors it would be overkill.

  21. I love this! Did you just not lose your baby teeth? I don't mind the dentist, and I still want braces.

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  23. #1 I feel like monsters under the bed will get my feet so they're always covered! Haha!!

    1000x YES to #5! If by camp, you mean a hotel, then sign me up :)

  24. I love going to the dentist too and must have a fan!!

  25. I can relate to quite a few of those, especially #3. :-)

  26. You're awesome!! I love posts like this! I sleep with both legs out of the covers! I'm a camper, but a diva camper, I need electricity and running water! I need a shower everyday! And, I hate when my kids have crap n their faces too!! So awful!

  27. I love these random posts. I totally agree on kids with clean faces. Nothing drives me more bat shit crazy than a runny nose.

  28. Please, please share your lipstick wearing secrets! I can't wear lipstick without looking like a drunk, bag lady :(

  29. Hello, Melonballerina!! I love that about 4 of your facts were about teeth! I am losing the wisdoms next Friday and not too excited...(especially to pay the deductible...they don't even hurt!)

  30. Yes I'll be calling you Melonballerina too now! And cook me some biscuits and gravy please?

  31. I love you Mel! I'm totally on board with the clean face kid thing! It freaks me out when there is crap all over their faces! GROSS!

  32. I was only born with 3 wisdom teeth

    andrew is ALWAYS dirty no matter how much I wash him

    how can your nickname have melon in it when you dont like melon???