Wednesday, April 3, 2013

So What Wednesday...

Honestly, this day is EASILY becoming my favorite day of the week. I am LOVING "So What Wednesday". Today I am linking up with Shannon from Life After I Dew...

So What if...

I asked my bff Kimmy to guest post for me next Monday, so I can play around downtown with all the Cards fans for Opening Day. CARDINAL NATION BAY BAY....

The first thing I did when I walked into the office today was devour a huge piece of coffee cake. See fat isn't ALL that bad - read Hubby Jack's thoughts HERE.

I didn't wake up this morning and run (why do I keep torturing myself - just SLEEP IN). Nah... I AM getting up early tomorrow - Kadi I promise #mybumisup

Now tonight I have 5 miles PLUS strength training to do - looks like I will be watching Si from the treadmill:)

I wore these polka dot pants on Easter and today I am thinking "eh not sure I like them?"

I don't put that fake grass in my kids Easter basket's because I can't stand that stuff all over my house.

I was going to do this BIG post on my before and after make-up photos - and now I just uploaded the pics and thought to H.E. double hockey sticks with it. BTW... I NEED A TAN and my roots done!!!!

                                                 NO Make-Up
After Make-Up
I put my LAST half-marathon shirt on the other night to psyche myself up AND... because I own NOTHING orange and I needed that color to go with a team I was watching... (what you don't dress for your teams?)

I am running the GO St. Louis half marathon on Sunday and realized on April 1st that I forgot to sign up, went online to register and BOOM... no longer can register online. Now I have to physically go to the Expo on Friday and spend 100 bones IF they are not sold out. Happy April Fools to me... (FYI... I am running with or WITHOUT a bib)

I joined the Diet Bet, weighed in once, and then went on a eating binge.. Yep I lost my 15 bucks but it sure tasted good...

I think I have the cutest kids in the world - I mean come on....

Small Print the one in the middle is NOT mine...HA
Don't forget about tomorrow - it's Erin and my PURSE PARTY!!!! Link Up with us peeps... I can't wait to be all nosy and see what you stash in yours.



  1. Have a blast Monday! I'm jealous!

  2. You look fab in those polka dot pants - own that shit! I dread that effin "grass" every year, especially this year when my kids woke up before we did and proceeded to DUMP their baskets on the living room floor ... ugh! Where's the damn Easter bunny to clean that shit up??!?! right??

  3. Those polka dot pants are beyond adorable. Lovely post, hun. If you get a minute, I'd love if you could swing by. xo

  4. My thoughts exactly... $15 tasted really good. Haha!

  5. Love your look. I can not stand that grass crap - I don't buy it. Also, I reuse the same baskets year after year - I can't stand wasting my money :)

    Have a great day

  6. I love those pants! That's a huge bummer about the 1/2.

  7. I hope you take plenty of pics on Monday and post them... I'll live vicariously through you. SO happy baseball season is back!!

  8. You had me at coffee cake. That plus Starbucks is my favorite breakfast. :)

  9. I'll be here tomorrow with bells on.

    You look great with or without makeup, but I totally think people are going to go for the after look just because you threw in some cleavage. HAHA!

    I have to get my butt in gear also, my husband is all over me about buying a treadmill then using it 3 times.

  10. I freaking love coffee cake! Something about those little crumbles, delicious. My weekend plans are still up in the air but I am going to get my butt outside and run at some point. Enough slacking!

  11. So jealous that you are going to opening day! I will be at work. womp..womp..

    Can't wait to read Ms. Kimmy's guest post! Should be amazing!

    I like the pants!

  12. It's seriously so not fair how similar your before and after make-up pictures are. I mean, I see the eye makeup and lipstick, but your skin is so even and your eyebrows are so perfect in your before picture that I thought you were already wearing makeup in it!

  13. 1. We are huge Cardinals fans! Brian has family in STL. We are so excited that Carter's first baseball team name is the STL Cardinals! If he'd been placed on the Chicago Cubs Brian prob would've made him quit. Ha!

    2. I saw those pants at Target yesterday! I like them. I thought about pairing them with an orange shirt but can't pull of orange. Whatev!

    3. Still cleaning up effin Easter grass!

    4. Your kids are adorable!

  14. You are gorgeous with or without make up! I hate that fake grass crap too and don't put it in the baskets either, the kids don't care!

    Have fun at opening day!!

  15. thanks for the shout out :) You BETTER be up tomorrow, I want you to suffer with me ! haha!

    Yay for half mara can't wait to see how you do!

    Love the kids' hats? headbands? whateves

    Your gorg! Can't wait for the link up tomorrow :)

  16. Girl same here. I waited until Monday and when I went online it was closed. BUT I think they had plenty of spots left. I also will be registering when I get there on Saturday. and does the fee go up to $100 from $85?? SHEESH!

  17. haha, I am right there with ya on the diet bet... oh well, next time! :)

  18. ugh Melllllll I need to look like your "before" pic. ok not exactly that'd be creepy but you look great!

  19. I failed at the DietBet too and pigged out on chips and salsa tonight at dinner in honor of it.
    Jealous of you getting to play on Opening Day for the Cards!

  20. I loathe Easter grass! lol. It's right up there on the level with tinsel for me. Can't stand either of them! It NEVER goes away. You find it months later! ahhh! lol. I like your polka-dot pants!! :)

  21. OMG - you forgot to register? Giiiiirlll. What time are you going to the expo? I'll be there probably rigt as it opens. Yeehaw!