Thursday, May 30, 2013

Belly Wraps - I am a believer

Yes I am usually the worlds biggest skeptic - yet I always give something a "try" - so after Holly's Ahhhhmazing results using the "It Works" wraps - I HAD to try.... See Holly's results - HERE

I have heard all the RAGE and Alexis is one of my favorite people EVER - so I had to give it a go...

Let the pictures do the talking.... (Noticed MUCH more definition and toning) - Sorry I would of wore the same clothes, but they were dirty;)

Before Wraps...

After Wraps (after 4 of them)...

Here are a few more pictures... After wrap 1 and After wrap 4 and I can STILL tell a difference... I mean HOLY SMOKES....belly pouch is gone - POOF!

There you have it folks - the proof is in the pictures.... If you are interested and honestly I would recommend 100% - you can email - she will be extending a sweet deal on a sample pack for a week. You can also visit her website HERE

Alexis will be having the same deal for new loyal costumers that she had for Holly - see HERE

As Holly stated - I was NOT paid to write this review - I did this on my own because I believe in the product. 
Happy Wrapping...

I will be back tomorrow linking up with Trista and Holly for "Summer Break Bucket List". 


  1. Wow that's crazy awesome!!!

  2. Holy crap.

    I think I'll do my bucket list tomorrow too, I already had something scheduled for today.

  3. That is amazing! You look great- and I am loving the tats!

  4. Well, first off you are crazy hot anyway, but it looks like you got great results. Obviously time for me to order some. :)

  5. Dang Mel! Those results are great. I feel like this is something that I will do once I lose all my weight.

    Can I just say that I love your side tattoo! I really want a shamrock on my wrist, but I know Todd would flip out... Especially since I am currently in the process of getting my one and only tattoo removed right now.

  6. 1. I love you
    2. you look great
    3. are you still oozing yellow eyes?
    4. can you do the herbal life cleanse WITH strep?
    5. if you do you are a superstar!
    6. this is my first time commenting blogs since the tornado. I was going to go back in my feed but i decided EFF it. you text me the important stuff anyways :-)

  7. Wow! I'm surprised it only took four wraps! Looking good, M!

  8. 1. You didn't need it in the first place.
    2. But you look even more awesome after.
    3. I'm totally stealing Kimmy's commenting style because it works.
    4. I'm also with Marcy.

  9. Awesome!! I have a couple wraps left and wanted to do my thunder thighs, hehe

  10. You are teeny tiny. Looking good!

  11. can these wraps be used on arms, too? i hate my arms :(

  12. Your belly looks amazing!!! :)Heck, I'd take your before!

  13. Awesome results! Can they make a wrap that gives me your abs, not just my abs slightly tighter? You rock! I'd better get in my ab challenge. . .

  14. Damn girl you look great! I am totally trying these after baby!! :) woo hoo!!

  15. Amazing results and rockin abs girl! You are smokin HOT! So glad you loved them! Thank you so much for posting about your results!