Friday, May 3, 2013

Betheee Boo This One's For You....

It's Friday people. SAAAWEEET! Be on the look out this weekend for my hair tutorial - I know I don't usually post on the weekend - BUT... hair is of utmost importance;) 

I will also be sharing some exciting new things next week regarding RUNNING:) YAY!!! 

Let's get to it - my IRL BFF Beth's 33rd Birthday is Sunday and I can't go without posting how Ahhhhmazing my homeslice is. Beth and I met our freshman year of high school... We were in English class and the teacher said my name with a "twang" when taking role the first day, and of course I corrected the teacher with how my name is said "properly". Mel...A...knee... In there lied the moment Beth started to not like me - hahaha - but I won her over with my charm and  possibly that cute boy that lived down my street;) BOOM! "Brass Monkey - that funky monkey". LOL...

Beth's Wedding Day
So Beth and I were inseparable all of high school - we dated friends, we hung out constantly, we got into trouble (often), we experienced firsts together, we never turned our backs on one another, and we knew we would be life long friends.

Fav High School Beth Memories...

 - Walking through Carondelet Park rapping each word to Too $hort, Beastie Boys, and/or 311.
 - The MANY of nights we spent at her brothers making jello shots and having great bashes.
 - The night we made our own "daisy dukes" and danced until our legs hurt in her bedroom.
 - Working together at Lemmon's and me driving her everywhere.
 - How we would creep by the "cute boy" down the streets house.
 - Our Florida trip, with the top down, with her mom;)

Beth and I went to college together too and we were roommates all 4 years. Oh GAWD college was a blast - if I could do it OVER... I would in a heartbeat. We had our ups and downs in college - boyfriend things, becoming our own person, feelings getting hurt - I am stubborn, she is stubborn... and did I mention she STILL didn't have her license.. Oh NO... little ole Beth didn't get her driver's license until she was 21!!! Queen Beth up in "huur".

Fav College Memories...

- Freshman Year - ALL OF IT... "Freak Hoe - remember him?" HAHAHAHA - can't.stop.laughing...
- Star Bar - nuff said...
- The MANY roads trip we took.
- The night our railing collapsed at our house Junior year.
- Mardi Gras in New Orleans - BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY.
- My "episode in front of the Star Bar" night...

Here we sit, 11 years after college and we still are FABULOUS friends. We have been great friends for 20 years - agh!!!!! Can you believe it? We are still here for one another ALWAYS - without any reservation. She is probably one of the most loyal friends I have - she would give you the shirt off her back;), dislike someone just because you do, come running if you need her, pour you a glass wine and just listen, you could tell her your darkest secrets and she would not judge and/or take it to the grave, she is just a TRUE friend and I love this chick... Happy 33rd Bethee Boo... Play on Playa...


  1. Your hair is so cute short like the first pic!

  2. I'm crying. SO sweet. Thank you for the birthday shout out ;)

  3. this is super sweet!!! I am cracking up at your memories because growing a lot of mine sound very similar!!

  4. Awww Happy Birthday Beth!! We all need a friend like that :)

  5. =) True friends are hard to come by! Love the ones that I have!

  6. Awww, so sweet! It's a blessing to have a friend like that! Happy 33rd to your bestie!

  7. This is so sweet! Happy Birthday to Beth!!

  8. Such a sweet post! BFF's are the BEST!!

  9. She sounds amazing :) Old friendships are the best :)

  10. SO sweet! Love the photos that go with the story. What a special thing to have a life long friendship.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETH! If she is anything like you she must be awesome ;) XOXO

  12. She sounds like a fabulous friend! Happy Birthday Beth!

  13. I cant wait until you do my hair in June :-)