Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cali Shenanigans Part I - the San Diego Story...

Wednesday, May 15th I headed to San Diego, CA.... Our flight was around noon or so... Flying out of Lambert in St. Louis is a breeze - but 4 hrs on the plane is NO FUN for me. I have motion sickness like no other - for real I can't even swing on the swings at the park. BOO:( But the last couple of times I have taken Dramamine - I felt like crap for 2 days - so I went with NADA...

We got into San Diego around 2 PM and picked up our ride... I am sure you have seen it on Instagram;) I was pretty pleased with our finding... So I drove that puppy right to Vacation Rd... and to our little Oasis...

We hit up the restaurant because we were STARVING... Sorry no pic of the food... I ate it FAST!!! You all should know I eat my meal faster than anyone... Put plate down... inhale...

San Diego = PER-MA-GRIN
We then decided to hit up Gaslamp and the Ghirardelli ice cream shop. It was POPPIN in Gaslamp (always is). I may have drove down a few wrong way streets, but we got there, right? (Laura you know what I am talking about;) Then headed back for some beach fun.

Woke up on Thursday and headed to the gym for a quick 5k and workout...

Had breakfast and headed to our vendor for all day training... They took us to Vintana Wine + Dine at the top of the Lexus dealership - it was good and the view was gorgeous...the car browsing was superb:) Great training day... headed back and got some pool time in before dinner...

We decided to hit up Mission Bay for a bit - ate at Saskas for dinner - it was ADORABLE in there... Great food and excellent service - then back for more night beach fun...

Friday - back up and decided to run along the beach and crank out some abs and push ups on my patio...

Back to our vendor for a full day of training... headed back to the hotel... Got in some more "fun in the sun" pool side - guess what? my rings came unsoldered - does this happen? Yes it does... and I am so glad it did because I am LOVING my bands together, instead of on each side of the center stone...

We decided to head to La Jolla (MY FAVORITE) for dinner... Got myself together and off we went...

I swear if I could live in La Jolla - I would be there in a second... My view at dinner...

Then headed up to The Grand Del Mar to listen to Rick Ross play the piano and sing... He is amazing... Spectacular talent...

Then our final night of beach fun (bonfire anyone?)... I stayed for a bit but headed back to get my sleep on... because Laura was flying into LAX the next day and we were OFF to L.A....

After 3 days of sand and sea in my hair... I was looking a little "surfer girl"... and not going to lie... I LOVED IT!!!

Part II - LA Bound tomorrow...


  1. I have always wanted to visit San Diego and now I most definitely need too! It looks gorgeous!

  2. You look like you fit right in in that last pic!! I love your rings like that too. I never soldered mine. Glad y'all had a great trip! I get horrible motion sickness (thanks mom and older age!) and took Dramamine and felt like I couldn't stay awake all week lol. But I felt good on the plane except I thought I was going to fall asleep during my layover haha.

  3. Love those beach waves! When I was pregnant with Carter I flew every week for 2 months. Pregnancy and motion sickness was a bad combo and I couldn't take dramamine. I got these little wrist bands at Walgreen's called Sea Bands. They work! I swear. It's by accupressure. They aren't the cutest things ever but neither is losing your lunch on the plane. Check into them!

  4. My sister wears these pressure point bracelet things for motion sickness. She says they work. You totally look like a Cali girl. So jealous of that warmth and sun and those skinny toned legs. Lucky

  5. So jelly! One day I will visit Cali

  6. You are gorg!!!! Love the beach hair and you look right at home there!!

  7. Oh my goodness, this looks like the perfect trip (you know, minus the whole vendor training stuff)! Way to take full advantage of Cali!

    And you have my complete sympathy about the motion sickness. Same here, girl! Well, except I have no issues with Dramamine and keep my purse well stocked. Poor Mel! :(

  8. You look so amazing in all of these pics!!! Hot stuff. So glad you had such a fabulous trip :)

  9. Looks like you had a blast, I wanna work with you and go to "training" =)

  10. I want your hair, seriously :) Glad youre back, youve been missed!! Cant wait for part 2 :)

  11. OMG! I had to google "Rick Ross piano" to see if you were talking about the rapper Rick Ross! Bahahaha! I was like, there is no way Ricky Rose is playing the piano at the Grand Del Mar! Hahahaha! That gave me a chuckle.

  12. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loving the beach hair too!

  13. I feel like I was on vacay with you! Can't wait for Part 2!!

  14. Your beach waves are GORGEOUS!!! I love San Diego!!! You are making me miss it soooo bad!