Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Mama...

Tupac... you know I love that man...

You say the words that can get me back in focus
When I was sick as a little kid
To keep me happy there's no limit to the things you did
And all my childhood memories
Are full of all the sweet things you did for me
And even though I act craaazy
I gotta thank the Lord that you made me
There are no words that can express how I feel
You never kept a secret, always stayed real
And I appreciate, how you raised me
And all the extra love that you gave me
I wish I could take the pain away
If you can make it through the night there's a brighter day
Everything will be alright if ya hold on
It's a struggle everyday, gotta roll on
And there's no way I can pay you back
But my plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated

Mommy's little Daaaaahling.....
Don't hate on Wesley's Yanks... Mommy's boy (and Mommy) heart them....
And for your viewing pleasure.....

Work It Elle - Click HERE....

Happy Mother's Day Weekend - 
B-day weekend;)

P.S. It's Race Day tomorrow- be on the look out on IG...


  1. I'm fave part of the song: Who'd think in Elementary Hey! I'd see the penitentary one day.

    Love me some Tupac!

  2. My least favorite song of his....idk why...I've just never liked it. :/

    Happy Mother's Day Pretty Lady!

  3. good luck on your race!
    Happy Mothers Day to one gorgeous momma!!!

  4. Pour out some liquor and I reminsce, cause through the drama
    I can always depend on my mama
    And when it seems that I'm hopeless
    You say the words that can get me back in focus
    PS I am still watching that video. She kills me.

  5. Homegirl walks better in heals than I do...TOTALLY!!!

  6. Love that song. Rap all the way girl!! Elle is too dang cute!!

  7. Gah could those kids get any cuter?!?! Love the jam lady! Happy Mother's Day Mel!

  8. Love that song!!! Good luck rockin that race tomorrow!

  9. Good luck on your race my love!

    yea I am FINALLY catching up on blogs. AT WORK. Bc i said Screw it I have been working way too much and not having ANY fun the past few weeks! :-)

  10. Good luck at your race Mel!!! That video is ADORABLE! Diva!

  11. One of my favorite songs ever. :) Even as a crack always was my black queen.

  12. Loved this song back in the day! Of course, I couldn't read it without singing it in my head. Thanks for the throwback!

  13. You know how I feel about those Yankees..... But Wes man is so stinking cute! How can I hate on that?!?! GAH!! You make this so difficult!! :)

  14. Not my favorite tupac song but still better than some!! Love the pics of your Mini's!!

  15. Oh how I used to sing this song over and over and over again! Even bought the cassette for my Mama! No wonder she thinks I'm CRAZY!