Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish the Sentence Link-Up - Yep Another one...

I love these link-ups with Holly and Jake... Link-ups.. a bloggers DREAM... Thank you BOTH!


Finish the Sentence Time...

Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)....  - my house is ALWAYS clean...

My best friend says... - "It was Good". 

People call me... - Crazy, Nuts, Not normal, Loud.... #truth

I most often dream... - about my teeth falling out or loose teeth - ALWAYS! Just had one last night.

The best part of my day... - seeing my kids smiling faces after work and that falls in line with my daily running.

I really don't understand... why everyone is so serious all the time - life is much sweeter on the lighter side;)

I get really annoyed... when people talk with food in their mouth - DISGUSTING!!!

There's nothing like a... giant chocolate milkshake... Jack N Box or White Castle are my FAV!

Lately, I can't get enough... steak - MEDIUM.... I am all over the beef these days...

One thing I am NOT is... soft spoken - booming voice up in "hurr"

I spent too much money on... me, spend too much money - NEVER! 

I want to learn.... to wake board - San Diego you will TEACH me... 

If I ever met _________, I would... If I ever met Danny Amendola, I would drop my pants - immediately. Inappropriate, much? yeah I know... 

I can't stop... won't stop - EVER!

Never have I ever... realized how much people love to gossip and get involved in others lives until I joined the "social media" world. I really never thought my family was that intriguing - but apparently we must be. Shout out to those hanging out on my blog today to talk shiz - what up, yo?

Reese Witherspoon... is awesome - so yeah... if I was drunk and Reese, I probably would have done the same thing - "Do you know who I am". I mean come on... you know you would pull your starlet card...


  1. Haha! loved the beef comment! I've been dying for beef too! In Mexico at every restaurant I was all "Can I just get some beef and rice?"...

  2. Keep ya mouth shut when food is in it! That is my rule!! .. Don't want to hear you crunching or talking... just GROSS!! ... Love me a good steak too! Especially since it's grillin' season, yum yum getcha some!

  3. people who talk with full mouths should not be allowed to eat. barf city.
    im not even famous and I would still pull the sarlet card. just saying...

  4. I have NEVER had Jack n the Box for all my hard work will you guys make sure I get to experience that while I am there?! Puhhhlleasseeee

  5. I seriously have reoccuring dreams about my teeth falling out! So weird and it always seems so real!!!

  6. People need to mind their BIZNASS! You're fabulous, friend! Love ya!

  7. I love teeth and I have a dream like that almost once a week. Freaks me out!!!

  8. Just wanted you to know that I think you are amazing! Loud, funny, crazy, and that's what makes you, you! Don't change a bit! Don't let anyone tell you different. I love you like a sister (what I imagine having a sister would be like, HA) and hope that you have a fabulous Thursday!

  9. Jack in the Box!?!? I'm like Marcy! Never been. And if people are talking about your must be that you have the most ADORABLE children ever!

  10. You should have been a dentist!!!

    Now I am craving a chocolate shake from Jack in the Box. I think I might have to take the kids tonight when Todd goes to Bocci!

  11. AH! I dream about my teeth falling out too! It's so awful because it seems so real!

  12. mmmmm milkshakes... I haven't had one of those in FOREVER!!!

  13. I dream about my grill all the time too! I have a reoccuring dream that one of my k9's falls out and grows back in.haha I read that it means you are worried about your appreance. I think it just means I like my teeth.

  14. So glad everyone else dreams about their teeth falling out. Scares the shit out of me, and I wake up running my tounge across my teeth to make sure they are all in tact! We don't have a Jack n the Box in Bama nor a White Castle, but my fiance's family does own a resturant that is basically a Dairy Queen called the Dairy Delight so I get free ice cream all the time! Medium steak is the only way to go! I read your answers and they sound a lot like things I would say!

  15. Yum beef it's what's for dinner!! Girl you always have the best answers!!

  16. Ha! You're teeth falling out?! Haha! Beef, it's what for dinner :) why are people always up in everybody's look aid just to talk shiz?! Annoying!

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  18. I love the Danny comment! LOL!! And yeah, clean freaks party of two right here. :)

  19. You and your teeth :) They are even haunting your dreams - good thing you still have them when you're awake! I agree about Reese!

  20. You know I will straight cut some one :-)