Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Girls... Where you at???

First thing FIRST.... My girl Ashley from "Living my Dash" is hosting this AWESOME Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Now you all know I am BIG advocate of the Advocare Herbal Cleanse - see my results from my last experience - HERE... AND... I am a HUGE ASHLEY fan... So if you are interested in this awesome challenge and the FABULOUS winnings for the person who loses the highest percentage of weight - check it  out. You can find the details - HERE...

I will be doing the 10 Day Herbal Cleanse starting on Sunday (if I order and get it in before then - you know me "procrastination station"). You can find Ashley's buttons on the left hand side of my page (or below). Love her.... If you want something to really kick start your weight loss or healthy eating habits - DO IT!!!!

If you are interested in purchasing either of these - click the buttons or you can email Ashley at ashley{dot}hoppus{at}gmail{dot}com) 

Next up... It's link up time with one of the most hilarious people I have ever "met". My girl and Future Island neighbor KIMMY from "That's the thing about destiny" and Kira from "She Can't Shut Up".!!!! Well's it time to remember when?
Remember that time....

I told Laura I knew how to get to "Hooters" and we drove all around downtown St. Louis the wrong way on streets... BUT... we managed to get there, devour food, and throw back a few...

I was having a HAAAANNNGRY day and decided to sit down and eat icing, from the can, with a spoon - yeah.... that was yesterday. 

I went to Vegas and E got kicked out of a night club for falling asleep outside the restroom (dang straight whiskey) and the bouncer came in and asked if "that guy over there passed out" was my husband and I said "No". BAH!!!! I eventually did end up leaving and this was my face the rest of the night. 

I actually thought this outfit was HOT... I mean Awesome, just AWESOME!!!

I wore clear stripper shoes to my college graduation... WTF was I thinking? Beth, Bridget, Melissa - where were you at on this one? Oh wait... Melissa you probably wore them too - LMAO!!! BOOM!

Alrighty then... I hang my head in shame... hahaha - Nah... not really - I RULED!!! HAHAHA

One last thing... Procompression has the May Sock of the Month out right now. It's YELLOW!!! I love it. 

Enter coupon code SOM5 for 40% off and free shipping with your purchase of our NEW Yellow Marathon sock.

Have A Great Day


  1. I was going to start the 10 day challenge tomorrow, but Peaches and Cream got backordered! Hopefully I'll have it so I can start Monday or Tuesday. I hope I see the same success as you when you did it - we are about the same height/weight!

  2. I think I may need to get some compression socks. Or does this fall under HJ's category of "unnecessary running purchases"? :)

  3. I have been needing to try the socks. Full marathon time just may be what makes me give in. and of course the 40% off.

  4. It's a Hawkeye sock!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your face (and hair!) in your vegas shot! ;)

  5. I *finally* graduate from college next weekend...I was considering cowboy boots, but I may have to rock the acrylic heals I wore to prom, HAHAHAHA!!!!!

  6. I'm on the fence about the cleanse, but I'm dying to do something that just makes me feel better!!!

    And I'm dying over the clear stripper heels!

    Vegas hair... Hollah!

  7. Break it down, girl! You and your clear stripper shoes struttin' across the graduation stage! owow ;)

  8. Bahahaha, there are a few times I would have denied knowing my husband as well, too funny! Is that goth Mel I see?!? ha ha ha, seems like everyone went through that phase at one time or another ... love it! =)

  9. I LOVE your hair in the Vegas picture!!

  10. Of course you wore clear stripper heels, what else would you wear? Sensible black pumps? I think not!

  11. I must buy compression socks, I keep seeing these great deals slip away...ugh!! :)

  12. HAHAHA! Love it! I totes loved clear stripper shoes! Thanks for linking up!

  13. bahahaha the stripper shoes!

  14. Is ok to wear compression socks all the time? lol im wearing some right now

  15. I've just downloaded iStripper, so I can have the sexiest virtual strippers on my taskbar.

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