Friday, May 24, 2013

Part II - L.A. Story

Leaving San Diego is always so bitter sweet - if I could...I would pack and move there in a heartbeat. Bet me - one day I will be there permanently;)

So Saturday - we woke up and I chose to NOT work out - I pulled a chair out onto the beach and soaked up some rays before we hit the car for our drive to L.A.

I finally drug myself in from heaven and got ready... Time to say "peace out" to SD and move onto L.A. and meet up with my girl Laura (aka K9Bish) whose flight got into LAX around 1:00 PM or so...

We got into L.A. around 4 PM - we were staying in Beverly Hills so we valeted the ride and K9Bish was no where to be seen - so I got the place ready for when she returned...

Laura had walked a mile to buy a torpedo of water and finally when she returned, we pretty much sipped champagne on the balcony while we watched everyone drive down Wilshire in their Lamborghini's (and of course I made her take 70 million pictures from all angles;) - we got ourselves together and off we went to the Santa Monica Pier for some people watching and grub... Of course we chose Mexican - because you know how much K9Bish and I love our Thursday night happiness:)

We walked the pier after we ate and then hit up a Rite Aid because I needed a SWEET!!!! Laura was tired so we dropped her back at the hotel and the rest of us went to Hollywood. Good night...

MONSTER Bag of Swedish Fish...
Sunday morning we woke up and put on our running shoes and ran from Wilshire Blvd to Roxbury - around Rodeo - and back down Santa Monica Blvd to the hotel - about 3.5 miles - then we hit up the gym...

Got some pool time in before we headed to Malibu for the day. In Malibu, we laid on the beach for FOREVER and watched the surfers;) Then we headed over to the Malibu Country Mart to do some shopping - you know my FAV!!!!! Hit up Planet Blue, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Starbucks, Sephora, etc... I made two purchases at Sephora - my new favorite eye liner - Stila - Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and Buxom - Big & Healthy Lip Cream in White Russian - can NOT live without this lip gloss.

We headed back to LA and got ready for our dinner reservations at Public Kitchen and Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood, Blvd... I had a Pork Chop with turnips and sweet potatoes - EXCELLENT. K9Bish ordered the Kale Salad - sipped some wine and off we went down Hollywood Blvd... Of course I had to take a picture next to Mel's - come on!!!! Then we headed to Cabo Cantina on Sunset for my FAV - Margaritas baby... BUT.... it was late and they were closing so we had to chug a few Corona Lights and off we went. LOL... Great night...

Monday woke up and did NOT feel like working out at ALL. We slept in... It was great - LOL... We relaxed, laid around, and then decided to get ready and walk down to Rodeo to do some shopping... I was in my ELEMENT... minus the millions. BUT... We did hit up every store and I made a few purchases at BeBe.. This adorable black romper with the back cut out... and a cute pair of White Capri's...

We ate near Rodeo and huffed it back to the Hotel... So I would say we walked about 3.5 miles total that day - not too shabby - I am a fan of walking and when the California sun is beating down on you while you swing your Rodeo purchases - you kind of feel FABULOUS!!!

We hung by the pool for a bit and then got ready for our NIGHT OUT! Last night in Cali - either go big or go home... You know I wore that romper - would you have really thought anything else? LOL... We headed to the Saddle Ranch (recommendation from one of my favs) - a little bit of the Mid West on Sunset;) We were given shots right when we entered and then got a great table after downing a few Coronas. We ate, laughed, drank, and watched the Bull Riding competition - AKA - girls shirt came down, dudes looked ridiculous, they had no shoes on (yuck), people laughing and screaming, etc... Service was good and the company even better;) We stayed there for a really long time and out came this dessert that the manager brought us... My fav - cotton candy... Laura enjoyed it... we hung for a  LONG while and off we went in our ride with THUG LIFE on... to the next place... FANTASTIC NIGHT...

Tuesday we woke up - LATE... relaxed, laughed, and got ready for our flight home... I was so happy to see these faces. Bye Cali... I loved you... but these 2 own my heart...

Next week's post = FITNESS... I start Advocare Cleanse on Tuesday - I am going to have a post up on the Miracle wraps that I have been using, and back to running...

Have A Great Weekend


  1. What a fun work trip!!! So jealous. My work trips take me to coal mines in the middle of nowhere America. womp. womp.

  2. Love it! I am SO OBSESSED with that romper!

  3. Cute romper!!! Hair looks great!

  4. Ha!! I love saddle ranch. I wasn't a fan of the smoke coming out of my drink there or maybe it was because after one drink I was wasted...they make them strong there. Ha! I'm glad you had fun and way to work the that romper like you stole it know what our main man tupac says "California knows how to party!!"

  5. Fabulous trip all around! California is lovely.

  6. Damn sistah you rocked the hell outta Cali!

  7. So awesome!! Love how y'all made the most of each day! I used to work at Bebe. Love them and I've been searching for the perfect romper. Loved seeing the pics and the recap. Have a great holiday weekend!!

  8. Sounds like so much fun :) Jealous over here :) Have a great weekend!

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  10. Wow what a great trip, that’s too much fun. California always makes for great pictures and is definitely worth it. You just have to get out on the water sometimes. It sounds like the Saddle Ranch is a little crazy, I need to go there sometime. Have a good weekend.

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  11. sounds fun... I am starting the cleanse today too... good luck to you lady!!! I know I am going to need it, my addiction to sugar came back and I have to kick it!!!

  12. You made me miss Cali so much with this post! I need to get back there soon! You looked fabulous by the way!