Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Puttin on the Bitc* Boots... Advocare Day 1

It's Tuesday and this lady is getting back in the saddle. You all know that after Cali... I kind of went BIZERK with the food, laziness, and completely got out of routine... This weekend was no exception. Ugh...

So today I woke up at 4:30 A.M.:
- full body workout - hitting legs HARD
- 4 miles treadmill 

Getting my eating in CHECK...
Yep I am D.O.N.E. feeling like a glutton... Now don't get me wrong, I need these cheat days (weeks) to get my rear in gear to hit it hard... So I am BACK BABY... AND because you all know when I go... I either... GO BIG OR GO HOME... I started the Advocare Cleanse... Yep... you will probably see crabby Mel for the first 3 days, toxins will come out of my eyeballs (I miss Keek), and then it is smooth sailing until the 10th day. See my results from last time - HERE. So here we go...

Getting back to FITNESS
It's time to get real - it's summer... and my booty will be in and out of the pools, rompers will be worn, tank tops will grace my shoulders, and honestly I want to feel good. SO.... back to running and working out. Before I left for Cali I did the 30 Day Shred... it did OKAY... but honestly I like my own little workout I do better. I just see better results and I don't have to look at JM's face... So back to it - if you are wondering what I do - you can check out my version HERE.

Also it's time to UP my running - you know my average is about 5 miles (for regular cardio - not races) and it's time to crank out some higher numbers and up my speed. One of my favs just mentioned they are going to do their first 5k, and hearing this... kind of jump started my bum to really work at my speed. My next race is June 16th - the Go St. Louis All American 5k... It is supposed to be a pretty easy course and excellent for PR's - and who doesn't love a good PR? HELLO!!!!!???!!!!

New Ruffles with Love Shirt... Love the quote - thanks LB
Alright... so here is my workout/training for the week...
Tuesday - workout and 4 miles - DONZO
Wednesday - 5 miles and abs
Thursday - workout
Friday - 4 miles and workout
Saturday - OFF DAY (Lake with the kids)
Sunday - 5 miles and abs

I will update on the Advocare here and there, but not as in depth as I did last time and be on the lookout for Thursday's post. It will be on these Miracle wraps that I have been using;) Oh and bare with me as my crabbiness rears her ugly head the next couple of days...

Stay Fabulous....

On the cleanse? Love the shirt? Wanna get up with me at 4:30 A.M.?


  1. I want to have a fashion show with her asap... she has got to teach me how to walk the walk... Seriously!

  2. I am doing the cleanse too, just without ordering the cleanse stuff... most of what was in the pills was B complex vitamins and I hated the fiber drink, so I am taking a B complex and eating what I ate on said cleanse... and adding benefiber to my life for the next 10 days, it doesn't taste at all! I start today as well!

  3. My Facebook status this morning: "Do we get extra points for being first in the parking lot at the gym before it opens?" Apparently there is no extra credit for that. HA!

  4. My body does not work in the morning. Well, at 4:30 or 5 in the morning. I just laid out my fitness for June. I am sticking to it OR ELSE.

  5. I am so not a morning person either, but you get it girl! Love the new tank, that is a great quote. And Elle just cracks me up!

  6. Holly is doing that with you...thanks for making her angrier!

  7. Get it girl!!! Maybe, just maybe I'll be brave enough to try out the cleanse. Just can't give up Margarita Mania.

  8. I totally need those cheat days and weeks too. I am right there with ya!

  9. So I totally know the reason you left Keek, but I feel the need to whine a little bit because I have no clue what's going on with you because of it.

    Good luck on the cleanse....I heard drinking the fiber drink with apple juice makes it taste like apple sauce.

  10. I love hearing all about your workouts and your plans, always motivates me to get moving more/harder/faster, so thanks!!

    How are you, SS? Aside from crabby, that is. :)

  11. Taking my herbal pills now. :) And can Hubby Jack and I get a 5k re-do with you? No stomach bug or porto potties this time?

  12. Ummmm no thanks to waking up at 430 am! Gotta enjoy the beauty rest while I can! Your vacay to Cali looked amazing! Way to go for cleansing it up! You are going to have to do it again in Octoberish with me!! You will rock it of course!

  13. Love the mini Mel!!! Not doing cleanse but I am getting up early because weights and two year olds don't mix. Lol. And love the ruffles tank. I guess now I have to buy another one. Oh darn. Lol

  14. 4:30 is EARLY! I am on day 17 of the 24 day challenge. So over it!