Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Workout Baby!!!

So.... it's May... and guess what that means? I leave for California in 14 Days... Yep you "hurrrd" me!!!

So I have decided every Wednesday I am linking up with someone/something... I like this link up stuff:)

Today I am linking up with one of my ALL TIME FAV'S - Skinny Meg  - she is all "buff and stuff" and probably one of my biggest inspirations...


So let's face it - I didn't wake up today - Umm... HONESTY here people... So last night I did Level II Day 2 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. BOOM!!! Feeling stronger on that front and seeing some results. YAY!

Today's workout will be a 4 mile run on the treadmill and Level II Day 3 - YEAH YA!!!! Looks like it will be this evening... I am focusing on my speed on these shorter runs (did I just say shorter? - agh!!!!) - trying to break in under 9 min miles... and then busting through with under 8:30 the last mile. It's hard... sometimes I can do it - sometimes I can't BUT... I AM trying... I have The Girls on the Run 5k next Saturday and I want to PR... So... I am trying to up my speed...

I also wanted to share one of my favorite workouts - it really produces great results and if you turn up some Mobb Deep - you can really bust this one out. It DOES burn though - so push through it... Check it out in this post HERE... it is called "The Grizzly Bear" (it's under the 2nd picture). You all know I love some squats and dead lifts - so in addition to JM I always bust out at least 3 sets of 25. BOOTY.BOOTY.BOOTY!!!

Happy Workout Wednesday
How is JM going? Dead Lift fan? Mobb Deep?


  1. I am LOVING dead lifts right now. You're gonna PR Saturday- I just know it! Happy Wednesday Mel!

  2. I'm so impressed by the Grizzly Bear! It looks like no joke!

    Also, I'm doing a run and JM workout tonight, too! Twinsies! :)

  3. You and Skinny Meg are my two biggest inspirations!! You're totes going to PR! You can do it Mel! :)

  4. Good luck this weekend on your PR :)

  5. Holy crap that Grizzly Bear is no joke!! 3 sets of 25?!?! ... This girl is on fiiiiiaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! ... Damn girl! You go! =)

  6. Holy cow I wish I ran that quickly. I'd probably do Mama Laughlin's 16 minute a mile "ugly run." I'm sure you'll do great. I've started dead lifts too, but my biggest weights are only 9lb handhelds. Oh how I wish we had a proper weight bar. And, I gain all my weight in my legs, booty, thighs so there's a lot of fat to get through before I see a nice, round, lifted butt. Someday. But, I doubt I'll be trying the Grizzly Bear - you're a beast for that one!

  7. Level 2 on 30DS scares me...I had to revert back to level 1! Haha :) Good luck this weekend!

  8. Ok I am stuck on the california part. I am praying that I can meet up with you and Rhonda :)


  9. I have a 5K on Saturday too, and I'm so hoping to PR. JM is meh, so boring, but so good for you.