Monday, June 24, 2013

Don't you wish your....

Thank you ALL for linking up with us last week for the "Wedding Details" link up with my good friend Holly. If you don't know - I have made it a RULE... that when you host a link-up you are automatically given an ETO day after - so no blogging on Friday for me... (Yes I make up my own rules)

Now... my girl K9Bish (blogless) shot me her "Wedding Details" story because she knows she wishes she had a blog;) So I had to post... Ummm... K9Bish - I need pics... People like visuals girl... hahaha.

Background on K9Bish - super gorgeous tall drink of water - always put together - mouth of a sailor - and most sarcastic person I know... Now remember these details...

So.... here is her post... Now go get ya blog girl - tell HJ to hook you up and you will swap him a 314 hat...

The engagement: I was ready for my bling, been dreaming about this my whole life. So when Jerret suggested we go camping one weekend (I lived in Saint Louis and he lived in Fulton), I knew what was coming. So the forecast came and predicted rain.  Oh, hell no!  We were GOING camping!  So I pretended that I love camping in the rain, drove to Fulton, and prepared to accept the ring by practicing the whole drive there.  Jerret takes me to his secret spot..........umm is this even a park?  Oh wait it's dove hunting season and we are just camping in a random spot in the woods.  No campground here people.  So bam, bam, bam is what we hear all weekend.  We try and go for a hike, but the trail ends in a swamp and I was covered in mosquito bites.  This will not stop me.  I keep waiting and waiting for the proposal, it gets dark.  Jerret takes me to a cliff to watch the sunset, but it's actually setting behind us- I pretend I don't notice.  It's now really dark outside and he finally proposes with a ring box that lights up (this is why we waited until it was dark). I say yes, jump up and down, trip on a root of the tree, and almost fall off of the cliff.  I then try and call my mom, BFF, brother to find out that I have no cell service.

The wedding: Let me start by stating that my parents got a loan to pay for my wedding.  We wanted a small wedding at the Butterfly house in Chesterfield.  I wanted an outside wedding and this was it.  We invited 150 people and wed under a canopy with a reception in a tent off of the lake.  Good weather and I was so excited.  My dad was really sick, but he was able to attend and nothing could go wrong.............except for the ceremony.  Jerret left our rings in the trunk of the car and decided not to tell anyone! So we go through the motions of putting on pretend rings- AWESOME!  In the middle of the pastor (his aunt) talking, he decides to kiss me- WHAT! He said he thought she said "you may now kiss the bride!" So he wasn't listening! The reception was nice except for our best man was missing in action- apparently he was smoking and his fiance didn't know he smoked and they were having an epic argument.  My BFF gave a speech about the worst fight we ever had.  Truley amazing!

The honeymoon: We went to Belize and stayed in the Francis Ford Coppola resort because we thought Jerret's parents would help pay for the honeymoon- ya that never happened! Amazing place where Jerret decided to demonstrate his ADHD.  Within one hour of arriving, he had done every activity they had. So the following day we toured the rainforest.  Don't ever wear shorts in the rainforest- I was trying to look cute.  I was covered in bug bites and woke up in the middle of the night with swollen legs, convinced that the housekeepers put bed bugs in the bed because we didn't tip them enough.  I think I was hallucinating from malaria. Other than that, was amazing!

There you have it folks... Since I am such a stellar friend and let K9Bish hog my blog today, I will recap the weekend tomorrow and I have to get back to FITNESS!!! Time to get back on track (isn't that what we say every Monday - oh wait... is that just me?)

Have a Great Monday


  1. Omg she is hilarious!!! Thks for sharing!

  2. Love that story!! Hilarious and seriously start a blog!! ; )

  3. Start a blog already, LH! Seriously, the part about swapping fake rings had me rolling!!

  4. Loved Laura! She was so sweet and funny.

  5. This cracks me up! I can HEAR her telling the story. HAHAHA! So glad we got to hang with Laura this weekend!! She's a hoot!! Now, excuse me while I call Dateline.

  6. LOL! This is hilarious! I second the request for her to start a blog!

  7. Hahaha love me some bloodless Laura!!!! Also I took today off from blogging, because I drove yesterday and I am making a new rule too haha. I am posting my recap mañana!