Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I did a post on just some AWESOME randomness...So here's a little bit of what I have in mind... my crazy whacked out mind...

- Elle... it has been sometime since I posted on her wardrobe craziness. Saturday we had an EPIC meltdown at my in-laws. We get there and they have a pool for the kids to swim in. I brought Elle's new swimsuit and she puts it on - to discover that the pink flower has bleed through a bit when I washed it. She tears it off, falls on the ground, and cries that she "will NOT wear something that is damaged". This melt down happened for 30+ minutes.... We used Oxy Clean, Bleach Pen, straight bleach.... nothing worked... she continued to melt... Finally... I had to leave to pick up my dog from the groomers... I get back and *VOILA* Elle is happy... Not sure what happened or why - but the moment I left "angel Elle" arrived... and guess what - she had the freakin suit on....

- Wes... honestly I can sum him up in a few words - CRAZY NON STOP... He never quits - he is all boy
and tends to amaze me in every way... For real... I think my sides hurt each night, not from my ab workout,
but from laughing at his craziness. Just a few Wes updates....
- Branson - at the pool - he pulls down his pants in the middle of the splash area and begins to pee in front of everyone into the water... Is this appropriate?... I think not...
- He uses inappropriate words and has taken a liking to spitting and kicking - why? Cause he is obsessed with wrestling and now he no longer gets to watch it... Womp.Womp.Womp.
- Take a look at this pic closely... For real - Hitler with his tongue out... Say what? Who acts like this?

- Saturday's Mud Run... K9Bish and I decided to hit up Cliff Cave for a nice little 5 mile run. FYI... St. Louis has been flooded and this trail floods - it is right on the Mississippi river - but it recedes nicely and usually stays fairly well. So we run... We get to mile 2.5 and the dusty mud turns to quick sand... My feet STICK... I mean STICK... I can't move - I try to pull up my right foot and my foot comes out of my shoe, the shoe is stuck in the mud and my sock foot flies immediately straight in the mud. One shoe on stuck in the mud, the other a sock foot in the mud. I am screaming "Laura I don't function like this - I don't do mud or the wilderness - this is not what I signed up for today - my foot is in the mud - there are snakes about to come out of the woods - and I swear I am going to die here". She is laughing so hard she can't breathe. Finally we get loose... I take the mud sock off - hold it in my hand - and run with one sock on and one sock off for another 2 miles. My kicks weighed like bricks from the mud... GAWD it was a crazy morning, but when we finished it was a KILLER run... What are friends for?

- Music... when is music NOT something I think about. Monday night's leg workout consisted mostly of me dancing in the basement to some good ole dance fav's... HA..

Holly, Ashley, Kimmy, Amanda - get ready I request this EVERY time I am out dancing. Probably one of my all time favorite songs to dance to. Weekend ON!!!

Must listen to this version - the Cirkut Remix... KILLER!!! In love with this chick.
Alright on that note - link up time. It's wedding season and who doesn't love to discuss their wedding - past, present, future... Oh wait you haven't met me yet? LOL... The "Real Deal Mel" will be rearing her head on Thursday and you might not have "thunk" it?

Anyways....One of my favorite questions to ask people is "What was your wedding song" - I think it tells a lot about that person (couple)... and I am nosey;) So.... Thursday Holly and I are hosting a fun linkup!!!! We want to know your wedding details!!!! Come share in the fun... Thursday baby!!!

Here are a few questions you might want to use for the post...

Share Your Wedding Details
Location (church/outdoors/destination):
Bridal Party:
First Dance Song: Mel wants to know this one!!!!
What would you do different?
Have a Great Day
Mud Run Fan? Linking up with us? Hate snakes like me?


  1. OOh, as a wedding cake designer, I loooove hearing about everyone's wedding details! I always get so giddy meeting a new bride and then showing up to her event and watching it all come together! So sweet! I look forward to the link up!

  2. Oh I do love a good linkup and since I got married in the stone-age pre-Pinterest there is much I would change. Lol I'm not a mudder girl. I hate the mud with a passion unless it's a mud facial. Ha! And your kids are adorable even if they're acting crazy. Lol

  3. OMG I LOVE the story about Elle... I am totally still like that...

  4. I'm so glad you are chronicalling(did I just make up a word?) there silliness. That way when they get older and you try to remind them of all of this you have proof! ;)

  5. Wes sounds just like Brady. He is nonstop until the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed.

    Can't wait until Friday!!!

    I will try to do the wedding linkup tomorrow. Work is kicking my butt this week... womp. womp.

  6. Nice linkup, I have my Thursday post up but I think I'll do it on Friday if it's cool with you ladies.

    I am freaking dying at the Hitler pic.

  7. OMG Wes is killing me!! LOVE HIM! And Elle, such a mini Mel! Your babies are beyond beautiful. And can we talk about what an amazing mama you are! It shows in your posts and all your pics, you were meant to be a mommy. The love just shines through! :)
    PS. I'll be linking up tomorrow!

  8. haha I would have freaked if that happened to my swim suit!

    Can't wait for the link up woohoo!

  9. bahaha Wes is a fun one :) love it
    Elle sounds just like my Yasmin :)

  10. Holy Moly...this post is all sorts of awesomeness!!!

  11. Can't wait for tomorrow!! YAY!! :)

  12. She couldn't wear it because it was "damaged". Haha! That absolutely cracked me up. It is amazing how quickly the tantrum abated after you left, though. Sounds familiar.

    I have a secret love for Britney too, so as long as the drinks are flowing, I'll get up and dance with you. ;)

  13. Cher Lloyd- With Ur Love

    You would LOVE that song!

  14. Back in the day, when I was a teenager who worked in the fields for the summer to earn major dolla dolla bills and to get a killer tan I walked around w/ lead feet due to muddy fields that caked onto my shoes. Not fun to walk in, I can't imagine running in them! Feel the burn, bay bay!

  15. OMG I just spit my water out of my mouth reading your mud "I can't function like this" I am dying...mostly because I felt like I just read my own thoughts...I ran this morning and 2 freakin gnats went in my throat...SICK...I love to four wheel, boat, and lay out and get tan..that's as wildernessy as I get! LOL....I wonder where Elle gets her "I'm dirty" from..haha that was stinkin adorable!

    PS..can't wait to link up...annddd i HATE snakes...and my fiance hates them :)


  16. What a fun post! That mud run sounds inSANE! Nice job gettin'er done! I'd probably take that over a small child's wardrobe meltdown, though. You must have so much patience! Good thing those kids are so adorable!

  17. I would have freaked about the mud. I don't know that either.

  18. I say it all the time on instagram, but your kids are too cute!! They both look like they have awesome personalities!! Can't wait for tomorrow, what a great link up idea!

  19. Ooooooh I can't friggin wait for the link up! Thanks for stopping by and I've added you to my weekly reading list!


  20. I'm liking the idea of linking up for wedding fun. Don't be too upset, I can't remember the first song we danced to. We don't really dance and the wedding was....wait for it....almost 14 years ago. I know, I was a baby when I got married. Haha! I am hoping I fixed my blogger account, please let me know. Esther Norine Designs

  21. I'm with Elle, I would've pitched a fit if my brand new suit weren't perfect!
    Gahhhhh I can't wait for these dance tunes - I may or may not know every word of those songs :) Aaaaand I'm participating in my first link up tomorrow just for my StL ladies! Come hell or the high waters of the Midwest flooding, I will become a better blogger this summer!!!

  22. Your babies are so adorable!!!
    They get it from their mama! ;)