Wednesday, June 5, 2013

IVERESTER and DrinkIN...

So my girl Robin from Rockin Robin Buns wants a know a few things about Mel and her drinkin... Most you already know I am your girl if you want to run somewhere to have a beer and talk, sip wine and gossip on a patio, salsa it up with Margarita's and Grand Marnier, martini it up while the smooth sounds of the piano make love to our ears, and or dance our BOOTY's off with good ole Grey Goose... Sooooooo.....

Now to answer those questions:

What is your Favorite Drinking Game and Why?
I haven't played a drinking in YEARS... years I tell you... My kind of game usually entails trying to get people to do things "out of their comfort zone" - such as show their bum (B.B.), rap out the windows in Cali (K9Bish), and or dance offs (T.Howard). LMAO... Okay hit my girl Beth up for this one and.... we played Circle of Death ALL the time... making up rules to this game was so much fun;)

It is your Birthday - what is your idea of the perfect evening?
Well how ironic... I was just starting to plan my 33rd this year. Yes I am planning my own bash - why, because that's how I roll... BUT... perfection would be - small intimate sushi dinner, then heading to a fabulous club with great music where ALL my friends are to dance and drink the night away, and finally watching the sun come up with the loyal "stay to the bitter end" group holding the BEST cup of coffee in hand... while shoveling my face at the City Diner. Then back home to my babies and onto next year...

Money is no object - what is your "go to" drink of choice at the bar?
I am a good smooth vodka girl... Belvedere (Unfiltered) is my fav... add some tonic and a lime and I am GOLDEN.... Now I won't pass up a top shelf Margarita either:)

How many times have you ever played the game "Edward 40 Hands"?
Sorry the only Edward I know about, either has scissors for hands or is sucking blood from my neck ~ willingly;)

Take this alcohol screening quiz HERE, what score did you receive?
20% - not too shabby.. LOL...

What is your favorite memory with alcohol?
Oh man... this one is HARD... I am going to go with AKL Homecoming circa 2001 - let's just say I danced till I had sweat in places that I didn't know could sweat...wore a super low v cut dress that may/may not have been the best move I ever made...wrestled my girl Melissa in the hotel lobby (insert v cut dress nightmare)...half slept on the floor... and puked in a bag the whole ride back to the Burg with 4 other people in the Jeep Cherokee. Good times...


My SIL's Bachelorette Party circa 2008/2009 - can't remember? - STRONG drinks at Cielos, not getting let into Lumiere for reasons that might have to do with a little too much to drink, dancing at a few bars downtown - pretending to be my OTHER SIL's galpal to get away from people - getting kicked out of the casino for someone not wearing her shoes (L.Dog) - and having her hurl cabbage all into the backseat of my car... Oh the joys...

What is your favorite song about drinking. Or favorite to drink to?
Well since every song that comes on when I drink is "my jam".. I am going with a few:
My Drink N My 2 Step... Cassidy
Brass Monkey... Beastie Boys
Gin & Juice... Snoop
J-Kwan... Tipsy

AND any Britney Song.. HAHAHA - Gangsta girl who loves her some Britney Bish...

What is your favorite activity to do while drinking?
Watching baseball... Pooling it up... Patioing it up... WINERIES... and non other than DANCING!

In your opinion what is the #1 party school in the country and why?
Ummmm... HELLO - CMSU (now UCM) - can anyone say "Call Me Stupid University". Yeah... that's where I went... When there is nothing but a Walmart, a laundromat, a strip club, and a clinic ~ you know it's a PARTY!!! For real it is nothing but farm land... what do you think 20,000 kids are going to do? Okay it's probably not the biggest in the country - but it is MY answer;)

When do you know you had too much to drink - what are you signals?
What signals? I can either go from Happy Dancer to PASSED OUT... or I am dragging you on the dance floor or what I made as "my own dance floor" and we are bustin out some moves;) I guess I can get loud - but what's new? or I can't stop laughing - like per-ma-grin... - or you are holding me up. I teeter sometimes:) but I will ALWAYS blame it on my heels...

Alright... if you are in need of a post subject - I tag YOU!!!!!!!!! I wanna know your answers...



  1. Ha ha!!!girl you crack me up!! I always blame it on the damn heels!

  2. Thanks Mel!!! You are the best!!! Oh man! I need a night in St. Louis followed by slingers at the city diner love that place!!!! I love you, dance party, wooooo! :)

  3. you are a girl after my own heart!!!

  4. Brass Monkey is the BEST song ever!!!

  5. I love margaritas and pinacoladas. Keep 'em coming. Gotta love some good old alkeehawl to make you feel like you are super sexy and the worlds best dancer.
    My drinking jams are Tipsy and Blame It On The Alcohol.

  6. might know when Mel is drunk if she pukes in a cab! LOL! You are so funny! I'm a vodka girl too! xo

  7. I need to party with you some day! And Vodka tonics are the BEST (although Vodka Soda is less points, so I've recently switched).

  8. Hysterical! SO MUCH AWESOMENESS!!!! Work hard, play hard!

  9. Love this post!!! I really wsh we could party together and enjoy some top shelf margaritas! I'm totally adding brass monkey to my playlist I forgot about that song and I loves it!

  10. Haha! This was hilarious! So next time I'm up in St. Louis, I'm callin' you up for a night out!

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