Monday, June 3, 2013

May Fails and June Goals....

Hey Hey Hey... It is a NEW month... So I can throw May to the wayside and focus on June. I love new beginnings;) Remember that time I started the Advocare Cleanse and then went off of it on Day 3 because I had strep throat and someone put a box of Swedish Fish on my desk that I couldn't stand to not devour? Yep... Sorry folks - I caved... Bye Bye May - and sianara Advocare Cleanse... Yes we all FAIL at times and I am NO EXCEPTION... I am NOT going to give you excuses as to why... It just wasn't in my cards this time around...

So... onto June... I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and post my goals for the month and then recap on the last day of the month to see if I stuck to them... I am going to start small... so if I surpass them - I look even THAT much better;)

Fitness Related:
1. Run at least 15 miles a week... Total miles for June = 60 miles...
2. Strength Train at LEAST 3 days a week.
3. 100 squats a day (even on off days)
4. Replace 2 dinners a week with a "meal replacement". Oh good ole Whey Protein...
5. Get up early 2 days a week... Oh the joys...
6. PR at the GO St. Louis All American 5k on June 16th
7. Get to Yoga at least TWICE this month

Non-Fitness Related:
1. Get my freaking dead ends cut off

2. Get a massage - a REAL ONE...
3. Get this Maxi Dress... I am in LOVE with this VS maxi...

4. Get some awesome new running gear at  has wide array of products from MPG luxury fitness apparel, household d├ęcor, personal goods, and a bunch more! They are extending to myself and you all a 25% off discount for ANY of the products in the SB BoutiqueJust use the code (Code: Welcome25). If you already purchase from here - let me know some of your favorites... I am thinking I need these shorts - and they are ONLY $17.00...

MPG Essential Fitted Short 
I am hoping to at least stick to a few of these goals and have legs like that chick above;)... June is swamped for me, so I have to REALLY remind myself about these goals...

Linking up this post with Wendy at Daily Dose of Del Signore and adding this to her Motivation Monday...



Your June goals? Any races this month? SparkBlvd shopper already?


  1. Hey, sweetie! Would you mind linking up your post with us at Motivation Monday? Everyone will just love your blog!

  2. I love me some new month, fresh start, forget about the past myself. Goodluck chica. I hope you meet and exceed your June goals.

  3. Those shorts are cute and $17 is definitely doable. I have a 5K in two weeks that I'm hoping to PR at as well. Don't sweat it on the Advocare cleanse, it just wasn't meant to be. ;)

  4. You can reach those goals! Can't wait to read about you surpassing them :).

  5. I hear you on the dead ends.... I have yet to have a hair cut in 2013. I am pretty awesome like that... But I not only have the dead ends, I also have the same amount of roots. I like to keep it classy...

  6. I love doing monthly goals!! I may have to steal this idea. :) I love all of yours except #4- I love food to much to replace it with anything else,ha ha!

  7. Great goals, can't wait to see the haircut!!! :)

  8. I had to travel for work today... I am in BFE Texas... so my cleanse ended at dinner today with grilled shrimp and a baked potato with a side salad... I made it 6.5 days! oh well life happens! :)

  9. I need to start writing down my goals again.... Nothing feels better than crossing them off!!! Get it girl!!

  10. Ummm.. I def would like those legs magically!!! The shorts are super cute and would totally rock if I had said legs. Lol. And strep throat is no joke. Poor girl!

  11. Finally getting caught up on my favorite bloggers :) I love your goals first of all and SECOND of all..not only did I run my FIRST 5k Saturday...welll "run" is probably not the word to use..but I did jog a little of was a color run and I have not been running at all...however I do plan to RUN my second 5k in 2 weeks...not bad ehh...2 5k's will be down..and hopefully a third one the first week in July! :)Gorgeous as ever..and LOVVEE that need it you would look fabulous in it!! Just sayin ;)


  12. I love that dress too!!! A little pricey for me though, cause I know I won't use it that often. I fell in love the minute I saw it!!

  13. Great goals! I never set any running related goals. I think I might need to do that. I'm finally getting by your blog from the Monday Motivation this week. Looking forward to reading more!
    Lulu and Daisy