Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Motivation Monday (a day late)

Well hello there Tuesday (worst day of the week) but today I am linking up with Wendy again - just a day late... hahaha... It's Motivation Monday over here... actually Tuesday... and guess what? I am NOT going to talk about ME... insert your sad face... LOL... I am going to showcase an amazing lady.. Why? Because I have been following her forEVER and continuing to see her SUCCESS!


Let me introduce you to Shelly from Shelly no Belly... Now I started following Shelly a LONG LONG time ago and watched her go through the ups and downs of weight loss/losing motivation/etc... and then came Shelly the AMAZING... She found something she loved to do and kept at it... Want motivation... Here it is people...

Doesn't she look amazing... the pic on the right is from her "Life Change" day at the end of December - the pic on the left is from last Saturday... Ummm... hello tight booty and killer bod!!! Please Please Please go read her inspiring post yesterday - HERE.

I read it yesterday and immediately thought - Motivation Monday right HUUURRR!!! This is what hard work and consistency looks like... This is what making changes in your life can do... This right here is DEDICATION!!! Shelly you rock and I am so proud of you. YOU inspire me each day... Shelly is also on IG and I follow her - check her out on IG @shellynobelly and watch this woman SHRINK before your eyes.

Oh if you are on IG and don't follow me.... hahaha... Plug for myself here - get at me @missmel_joy

One more thing on my mind today... A good friend of mine posted an ecard thing that said "No one wants to hear about your workouts unless you fall on your face on the treadmill" or something like that. Guess what? my comment I wanted to post on my blog today -  #saidthosewhodon'tdoshiz - love ya, but not cool - not cool;) And... this right here is why we post - INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION - go get ya some... BURN!!! (not a great one...LMAO)

Now go check out Shelly.... and show her some love.....

Tuesday Out....


  1. I actually like reading how other people work out! It's totally inspiring! You're right- people who don't workout say that ;)

  2. I hate that ecard. It always infuriates me and isn't it ALWAYS the ones who don't workout the one's always posting it?!?

  3. All I have to say is, I JUST ADORE YOU!!!

  4. I HATE that efunny card! Like I always want to throat punch somebody when they post that ish...

  5. Dayum! Heading over right now!

    Also, Mel, I always want to hear about your workouts. They seem like dance parties and you're always wearing the cutest hats. So. There.

  6. Love Shelly! Between her and Courtney, I totally want to try CrossFit.

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