Monday, June 10, 2013

Motivation Monday...

It's Monday and I am linking up with Wendy from "A Daily Dose of Del Signore". I just went her to post and about died when I saw the pic of me BEFORE and AFTER - AGH!!!!!!! For real I looked like a linebacker... but those babies were totally worth it:) and so were the 2.5 lbs of cookies I ate at one sitting (multiple times)...

It's Motivation Monday My Friends..... and LAWD knows I need it today... after my Branson fatatstrophe...


So.... it's Monday and you know EVERY Monday I am "back at it". LOL... I don't know why I keep telling myself that I can go NUTZ on the weekend because then every week it takes me a full 5 days to get all the water/salt out of my system.... and then I am back to where I want, just in time for another binge weekend. Ugh... If you are trying to lose weight - THIS WON'T WORK - you might be able to MAINTAIN this way... but losing at all is impossible...

Hitting up this aisle every weekend....

Then looking like this for 3 days....

Will lead to this "Elle Face" on Monday morning...

And... if you want to be in a bikini next to this skinny chick - ya best start realizing the weekends are NOT the time to go BONKERS...

So... onto this week's agenda...

Monday - Weight Train - full body...
Tuesday - 4 miles and abs, squats (meal replacement shake for dinner)
Wednesday - Weight Train (full body) and 2 miles
Thursday - 5 miles (meal replacement shake for dinner) AM workout day...
Friday - 4 miles and abs, squats
Saturday - Weight Train (full body) and 3 miles
Sunday - 3.1 Mile 5K - PR... hopefully....

AND... a new goal... do NOT go nuts this weekend. Have a little something but don't go crazy... I am also going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and then again on Sunday and see how this "NON BINGE" weekend thing does....

Monday ON...


  1. You are beyond gorgeous! You are simply an inspiration through your before and after pictures. As soon as I saw you link up I knew I wanted to share you with everyone!

  2. I feel like that from this weekend. Such a good reminder and motivation. I did not have any self control this weekend. It's Monday and time to "start again." Thanks for keeping me motivated though. At least if I mess up it's better to keep trying than give up. ; )

  3. Thank you for helping Holly this morning with the bug thing...she was going crazy and woke me up at 5 to burn the sheets.

  4. How ironic....I'm "back at it" as well.

  5. I'm back at it too! I had a fat girl Friday lunch, and it didn't stop all weekend. Plus no working out! You are not alone, Mel!!

  6. I tots agree with the whole binge weekend..that has been my life for the last 6 months...super great during the week..then hello weekend I think we shall party again...and by party I mean beer..chips and salsa (or any other dip for that matter) and whatever else happens to float in front of me! I am going to challenge myself the next 18 days to be as strict as possible minus a "free day" with in reason lol...I need to look as good as possible for vacay...annnnddd I am strongly considering signing up for the half in Indiana...b/c all the cool bloggers are doing it... but I am afraid I might die...I can barely do a 5k right now..let alone a I nuts or what?! :)
    PS girl you look beautiful as usual...linebacker...I am still dying!

  7. I'm with ya, girl. Weekends were my chance to gorge. When I did a Weight Loss Challenge at work a few months back I began to ween myself off of the weekend splurges little by little. For a couple of weeks I'd not eat crazy on Friday. Then I'd stop eating whack on Saturdays. Then I worked on Sundays until I wasn't missing the binges anymore.

  8. Get it girl! I would like to think I will be better this weekend as well, but I'll be back at the beach at a small music festival...light beer counts as not going wild, right?!? :)

  9. Oh no, Elle looks a little grumpers today! LOL! That face is classic.

    Your weekend looks kind of awesome, but I feel you on the Monday morning fatastrophe hangover!

  10. I hate the diet hard during the week and blow it on the weekend trend, ive been stuck in that cycle for a whie now, but I think I broke it this weekend - I tracked mostly everything and that helped :) even the miller lites :)

  11. You got this girl!! I am in the candy aisle every time I go to the store!! No worries!!

  12. your fitness agenda is awesome
    I need something like this in my life
    when I go to the gym I do whatever I have to, to break a good sweat!!
    setting an appointment with my trainer to build my own routine

  13. Look at you killing it with the amazing before and after's!!

  14. I totally get this weekend thing except mine is more like erry'day!

  15. I love the beer face...HAHAHA! That's me on the weekend with my wine. #nojudginghere I wish I could get into running but I just can't. Keep up the good work!

  16. Elle's face in that picture totally reminds me of Emmeline. Precious!

  17. So, it's Wednesday! How's the week going?