Thursday, June 6, 2013

Upping My Speed...

You all know that I run for fun MOSTLY... but I do tend to be a "competitive" person to some degree;) So it's time to start trying to increase my speed... I have decided to try and hit a new PR at the 5K race on June 16th... I am really going to strive for a 26:00 finish ~ or approximately run about an 8:30 pace per mile BUT... we will see, I might keel over and die...

Here is what I will be doing in the next few weeks...

Good ole Interval Training....

Training plan I found - read it HERE or see below....

Week 1
Aim for four training days to start. Take three rest days, one of which can involve light cross training or walking. Avoid performing interval routines on consecutive days and give the muscles a chance to recover properly.
Sunday - this is distance run day! Start with a 6-mile run at a comfortable pace.
Monday - rest day (total rest)
Tuesday – standard interval workout. Start with a simple pattern. 30 second of intense running followed by 1 minute of moderate running is great. Repeat the pattern 10 times. Remember to warm up and cool down!
Wednesday - 4-mile tempo run
Thursday - rest day
Friday - pyramid interval workout. Run for 30 seconds at high intensity followed by 60 seconds at low intensity. Work up to 45 seconds, then 60 seconds and finally 90 seconds before reversing the order.
Saturday - rest day
Each week of a running interval training plan should be slightly different to help combat boredom and make the plan more effective. Obviously the workouts will get progressively more challenging but that will happen gradually so you’ll feel challenged but not completely overwhelmed. 

I really like this.... BUT I only have 10 days right now until the race, so.... you know I am going to make up my own until then;)

This morning I started my own little dohiggy...
1 - 1.5 mile ~ fast tempo
1.5 - 2 mile ~ recovery (normal tempo)
2 - 2.5 mile ~ fast tempo
2.5 - 2.75 mile ~ recovery (normal tempo)
2.75 mile - 3 mile ~ fast tempo
Cool down

Total time - 27 minutes... not too bad.

I found this article really interesting - 6 Tips to Running Faster - read it HERE. And... since I will be running my first marathon in December - I may incorporate a little of this HERE. We will see... I might use this first race to enjoy and just get to the end of 26.2 miles. AGH!!!!

Happy Running!

Do you do intervals? Any tips? Races next weekend?


  1. Ah yeah because 26.2 is no joke. I'm a slacker I never care about the time I just want to finish. Ha!

  2. I have GOT to get my booty in gear...I am unwilling to admit how few times I have run since my last half over a month ago, ACK!!!

    Go get em girl!

  3. I am pulling for you! You can do this!!

  4. I don't tend to do interval training outside, not sure why though. It is just easier on the good ole treadmill. I actually will run a minute at about 6.3-6.5 and then for one minute bump it up to 8-8.3. Then go back down to 6.3 or so then repeat. I only this 5-6 times. It is killer!

    and you can totally do this!

  5. Goodluck! I hope you meet your goal. Thanks for the articles. :)

  6. 8:30? You speed demon! :)

    I've decided that I'm not just going to aim to keep my pace below 10 min/mile. I'm running shorter distances for now, so as long as I don't slip back slower, I should be able to build up distance at this pace. It's all mental for me. As soon as I identify a slower pace as my "baseline", I'm stuck there. I've had a few faster runs under my belt, so now I'm trying to think of 9:45 as my old standby. This probably helps you in no way whatsoever, but oh well!

    1. Umm...sorry. I meant "I've decided that I'm JUST going to aim to keep my pace below 10 min/mile."

  7. Way to go. That is crazy fast! Also, still thinking about signing up for the MO Cowbell half.... nervous!

  8. I am LOVING speed training! My race is tomorrow night so I'm super excited to see how I do!! :)

  9. I started running today, I have only missed one day so far...

  10. Tat is awesome! I can barely manage 12 minute miles.. but everyone starts somewhere, right?