Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ya think I like Branson???

It's Tuesday (the worst day of the week) and you all know I hit up Branson TWO weekends in a row... Why? Cause I am the Ozark Mountain Queen - that's why... hahaha. Actually because everything "out of town" seemed to fall within a month window from mid May to mid June - agh... then life slows down in July/August.

So... I decided to update on Branson in some pics... If you don't know what Branson, MO is - google it. I can sum it up in a few words - Table Rock Lake, Outlet Malls, Country Shows, Mini-Golf on every corner, pools, bikers, Silver Dollar City, retired folk, and an army of families... dragging their kids around...

So... let's start with Branson Trip 1... I went with my Mom, my brother (his 2 kids), and myself (my 2 kids) - SOLO and off we went.... We stayed at Welk's Lodge...

- I drove a mini van while my mom held on for dear life...
- My mom, brother, and I got into an argument in the van on Friday night - EPIC...
- Wes was a banche (he had no naps all weekend)
- Elle changed outfits 752 times a day
- I forgot Wes's swimming trunks and the kids life vests... Stellar
- My brother got SUPER sun burnt...
- Wes pulling down his pants at the pool and starting to pee in the fountain - sheer joy.. NOT!
- I slept with Elle in my face and then with my mom one night... HA HA HA
- My mom didn't talk pretty much the whole ride home - I can't stop laughing...


Branson Trip 2 - we stayed at StillWaters Resort. My bff Beth, her hubby, and daughter, my other bff Bridget, her hubby, and 2 kids, and E and I, and our babies all went together.

- Leaving to go down was a disaster - just ask E... couldn't find the car keys, then his wallet, then he drove away from the gas pump WITH the pump still in the tank (I ducked down so no-one knew I was in the SUV)... AWESOME... Then after we were on the highway - we had to drive BACK home to get the air mattress that we realized we didn't even need when we got there... Happy Times.... Oh... best part... he broke the kids DVD player so we drove 4 hrs without the movies for them... It is awesome listening to Wes say "Please can I watch Spider man" 52134512165 times in a row...
- Wes using the term "Branson House"
- Elle's Epic Pool melt down over the WRONG kind of turkey sandwich
- Wes's love to kick and punch everyone/everything
- The paddle boat fun that lasted 3 minutes
- Elle and Joey's question "Can we play in the bedroom?" - um.... NO!!!
- Soap in the whirlpool bathtub... NOT a good idea...
- Bridget and Joe's "breakfast/leaving early" argument
- My broccolli cheese casserole fiasco
- Bridget forgetting the main ingredient for her corn casserole... CORN!!!
- Paul's NO SHOW for an hour and a half while he was with the resort "dude" aka "Branson hooker" LOL
- Joey's love for "Fire in the Hole" - BAH!!!
- Non stop dirty rap all weekend even our own little music party at the pool...


Branson House Out... Until Next Year...


  1. That looks like a blast. I'm going to have to agree with Elle's meltdown about the wrong turkey sandwich. Getting the wrong sandwich is pretty big time, mom. geesh ;)

  2. Branson is the only place we got to go to as kids. I still love it. I was the only person at work who knew who the Baldknobbers were. Some people are sheltered. LOL!

  3. We are going in August to take my nephew and to visit family in STL. Love seeing all the pics!

  4. Now THAT'S the way to do it! If you're gonna go on vacation with your kids, bring friends along so you have additional adult reinforcement! I will definitely be taking a page out of your book in the future!

    Branson sounds a lot like Wisconsin Dells. I'm always exhausted (and sunburned) in that place, but it's sooo fun!

  5. I think you were just trying to drive south to get closer to me....

  6. "Can we play in the bedroom" ... Ha! They're so innocent, but great answer!! This trip sounded chaotic and I'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way! :)

  7. funny that after meeting Elle, I know that you aren't exaggerating at all about her changing outfits 452 times!

  8. oh my goodness, now I need to plan a trip to Branson. I never knew there was so much stuff there! I really thought it was just a place for the retired people to go because my great grandma used to go all the time. Now I know Granny should have been taking me with her!

  9. bahaha I am dying...the gas station fiasco sounds like something that would happen to us on a trip! I hope you had lots of booze on both trips lol...it helps to numb! :)

    Ps..totally gave you a shout out today....and mentioned the Half...EEK!!

  10. Good answer to the bedroom question. Once when my sister was about 5, she and some friends were playing in the bedroom. Everyone came out except a little boy and her. My mom asked my brother what Jarrah and Jacob were doing...he said "having sex." Um yeah the little boy told her that his parents laid on top of each other in bed. They of course were doing nothing other than like plank board laying on top of each other, but still my mom lost her shit.

  11. Two weekends in a row of fun! I love the little stuff you remember that made you laugh really hard about weekend trips.

  12. OMG, I am a HUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE Lawrence Welk fan!! Watched him every Sat night growing up, and now try to watch him (and get my kids on the bandwagon while Andy bitches about how boring it is the whole time) whenever I can! Did you see his picture??? So cute, that little guy!

    Fun, fun, fun! Love vacays!

  13. Is it bad that I think it is hilarious that your mom didn't talk to you the whole drive home? You must have scarred her for life. :)
    Trip #2 sounds like a blast with your friends and I am unfortunately all too aware what happens in the whirlpool tub when you add soap. The girls thought it was the funniest thing ever. I did not.

  14. HA! Sounds like weekend #1 was some quality family time!;)

  15. So glad that you had fun. I am dying over trip number one with the fight with your family. Nothing says family vacation without fighting. Any your mom sounds like my mom. She usually stops talking to us on the last day of the vacation as well too!

  16. Holy Hell that was a lot of ups and downs! It still sounds like you had a blast!

  17. LOL! I am so sorry that I laughed hysterically at this, especially the gas pump thing! Ahahaha! Sounds like a National Lampoon'ish thing. I thought Branson was just for the old folks. We will have to check it out!

  18. Love me some Branson, MO! My hubby and I went there this weekend for a getaway from the babe. We live an hour away and love going there. I was unaware of the resorts you stayed in, thanks for posting about those. It gave me some new ideas! I hope your mom is talking to you again. ;)