Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What is up???

Besides my weight...

I am home (except today - E is home with Wes) helping my baby boy feel better. Wes had a cough for a week or so, heck... every kid in daycare has a summer cold right now. He was acting a bit "off" this weekend, ran a fever on Saturday - perked up on Sunday - and then Monday I could tell something was off. I took off work and made an appt with his pediatrician. He was complaining his ear hurt - so I figured "ear infection", right?

Verdict - ear infection, swimmers ear, and wheezing. His oxygen levels were a few points higher than what they are when my Ped admits a child into the hospital. 2 breathing treatments in the office (never been through this before) later they were up a tad. I went home with a nebulizer and albuterol, amoxicillin, and ear drops. He is still running a fever around 101 here and there, coughing a little, nose is running, not eating much, and has his moments. He is taking his treatments like a champ. We are doing them every 4 hrs around the clock for at least a week or so. He will not return to daycare this week and we will be home giving him TLC and treats here and there:)

Thank you all for your continued prayers and thoughts - they are much welcomed and very appreciated.

I am going to run the "Walk A Mile In Our Shoes" 5K on August 17th at Tower Grove Park - this race is to raise awareness for St. Patrick's clients who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in the community. I was thinking this could be a great chance to get other St. Louis runners/walkers who might want to run/walk it... to do it together. We don't have to run together but meeting up beforehand and after might be fun. If interested - shoot me an email at

Third and Final
It's also officially one week until MY BIRTHDAY... WOOT WOOT... My 33rd that is... and this weekend is going to be a BLAST... I CAN'T WAIT... Yes my B-day is a big deal to me - it's my favorite day of the year and I celebrate for at least 2 weeks:) Why not, right?

Wednesday Out...

Monday, July 29, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week 3 Update

I can sum up last weeks training in one word... SLAAACKKKAAA! I was so busy last week... so I tried to catch up on my mileage on the weekend... I didn't get much weight training in at all :(

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, July 22nd - 3 miles / OFF DAY
Tuesday, July 23rd - Cross Train / OFF DAY
Wednesday, July 24th - 3 miles / 3 miles, abs, squats, and shoulders
Thursday, July 25th - Rest / OFF DAY
Friday, July 26th - 3 miles / OFF DAY
Saturday, July 27th - Rest / 10 miles
Sunday, July 28th - 6 miles / 8 miles

Total Miles Week 3 of Training = 21 miles

- Week 3 I slacked - life got in the way...but I really hit it hard on the weekend.

- I missed long runs so much. It felt absolutely wonderful, even if my 10 miler was on the treadmill.

- I am going to scale back on the food intake this week and see how I feel - but I am a FIRM believer in that you need to eat to run long distances... So I will be eating my carbs the night before my long runs. Just the "right" carbs...

- My calves after Saturday and Sunday were tight - used my procompression socks and "voila" feeling good today. I swear I am in love with those for recovery.

- K9Bish and I had one of the best runs yet. Our 8 miler on Sunday we talked the entire time, didn't use our Garmin's, and honestly we could of kept going. It felt so freakin good. I love runs where time flies, you enjoy your surroundings, have great company, and it all just "clicks". Kind of was a great reminder as to why fell in love with running to begin with:)

Foam roll thoughts? Long runs - love em or hate em? What do you eat while training?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

First off... THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments as I shared my "personal growth" story about "Learning to Love Myself". If you didn't read them - you can HERE and HERE. It has taken me quite sometime to get where I am today and I struggle daily still. Your continued support means the world to me.

Today I am linking up with Darci from "The Good Life Blog" for my Five on Friday....

1. So I am a Leo (what you can't tell?)... and have a major obsession with Lion jewelry. Like these bracelets...
Anne Klein - Nordstroms...
Anne Klein - Nordstroms

Dying over this one... Not sure where it is at?
2. Pearl (my car now) is on her way out and just so happened the EXACT CAR I want swerved next to me today... Acura RDX in white - come to mama.

3. Voice crush...

4. My new Thread Eleven "Like a Beast - with lipstick" running tank from the lovely Kristen. I am just amazed at the quality of this shirt. I love buying something, that once I receive, I KNOW will hold up well. Kudos to Kristen and her new Thread Eleven shirts - looking forward to purchasing more.

5. Pajama Day... Who doesn't love going to school in pajama's and slippers? Love these kiddos' more than life itself.

And... I am going to throw one more in for good measure. I absolutely LOVE my new "Retro" Procompression socks - for real, these are SO cute AND... they are going to look great with my St. Louis Blues gear:) Oh and yes - it is totally appropriate to eat popsicles while you wear them. It kind of goes hand in hand;)

FYI... if you head over to Procompression - they are having a huge sale on EVERYTHING 40% off  - ONLY until August 4th though. AND... the new Royal Blue Socks for the Royal Baby - Prince George are in... and are 40% off with the code BLUE - only until August 31st.  

Weekend ON
Chingy lover? What kind of car do you want? Know any places with cute lion jewelry. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Learning to Love Yourself - Part II

Part II... Read Part I Here

Growing up - Pregnancy 1 and Post Pregnancy 1
So by now you know that after college I got married and pretty much felt the same as I did in college. I became pregnant with my first child in December 2006. I am going to be honest - I ATE... I didn't care - why should I? I was PREGGO!!! I was nearing 200 lbs by delivery and I am only 5'5 - I had a blast eating trays of cookies, loaves of bread, dinners for two, etc... and my weight showed this... Want to see me as a linebacker - check out my picture HERE

It was when Elle came home that I really felt the burden of losing the weight that comes with post pregnancy. I was not the girl who had the weight just "melt off". I didn't leave the hospital in skinny jeans. I had to work at it - REALLY work at it... It bothered me - why me - why do I have to work so hard at losing weight? (Um.... maybe because you ate 3 lbs of cookies in one sitting - Mel - just sayin) I would see all these women go in and come out looking fabulous and I was still carrying around 25 lbs of extra weight 5 months later. It played on my mind and it sucked...

Finally 2 years later and after MUCH working out and starting to "somewhat" run - the weight came off. I had been doing Atkins for sometime and the weight melts off when I cut out carbs - but honestly, who I am kidding - carbs are the fiber of my being... so what did I do...?? Oh get pregnant again.

Growing up - Pregnancy 2 and Post Pregnancy 2
I was 127 lbs when I got pregnant with the Wes man in October 2009 - the least I had weighed since college. It felt decent... I was WAY more careful during Wes's pregnancy, instead of 3 lbs of cookies I ate 2;) No for real - I did somewhat better, I had only gained around 45-50 lbs with Wes during my entire pregnancy. I had thought "Geesh...weight loss will be easy after him" - BOY... I was wrong... You can see my preggo with Wesley pic HERE.

The last 20 lbs were awful to take off and once again I wondered why other women walk out of daycare getting ready to deliver and bring the kiddos back in a size 2? I mean come on!!! I had Wes in July of 2010 and at his Baptism, after seeing pics, I decided it was time... Time for me to make a change, time for me to stop comparing myself to others, time to face the fact that I was NOT happy with myself. I shied away from the camera (I know can you believe it?), hated dressing up, cringed next to happy/skinny people, and was losing my "Mel Spunk".

Growing up - The first couple years after having children
I can say I officially started running in the Spring of 2011. My SIL Lauren called me up and said "Let's go" - I am going to run 6 miles and you are going with me AND guess what I did... I ran it - probably at a snails pace, but I did. I ran with Lauren for 6 months or so while she trained for her first half-marathon (insert K9Bish - she was training for the same half) and we all started running together. I fell in love with running - I started to feel decent again, weight started coming off, I felt strong/confident, I was gaining back ME... It was the first time since 2006 that I looked in the mirror and didn't want to critique every inch of me. I was a happier Mel - still up 10 lbs but a happier person to boot:)

Summer 2012
I have 2 half marathons under my belt and some fun 5k's, 5 milers, 4 milers, etc... and running/working out has become a part of "me". I have 4 halves coming up this fall and a full marathon in December - so yes running is my "thang". Running makes me happy - makes me "me".

Do the thoughts of "precisely plump" still ring in my head - YES. Do I still wonder why it is harder for me to lose weight than others - YES. Do I still step on the scale and want to be 10 lbs thinner - YES. But when I put on clothes I don't feel that "knot in my stomach" kind of feeling - I feel DECENT. I might not be the smallest mom of 2 out there - but I am a strong and healthy (minus bags and bags of Swedish Fish) mama and I am proud of that.

So I would be lying if I said I had this fabulous weight loss journey to share with you. I had periods of being heavier, but I had years and years of hurtful memories from teasing in my head. I had my own issues with comparing myself to others. I had to work on my self esteem. I had to rebuild confidence. I had to learn to love me. Sitting here in 2013 I can honestly say I smile because I have accepted my faults, found strength in who I am, surround myself with positive things, and keep learning something about myself each day. (such as embrace the selfie - wrinkle forehead and all;)

All Natural Mel
Smile Friends...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Learning to Love Yourself - Part I...

It's Tuesday and guess what I am NOT going to say it... but I know you are thinking it;) This post will most likely be broken into 2 parts... I was discussing a few things over the weekend with K9Bish and our discussion lead me to want to write this post.

I feel like a poser sometimes when I talk about my weight loss journey - I was NOT always the heavy girl - I had periods of being heavier, but as we all know those "periods" can mean more to you than ANY other moments in your life. I wanted to set the record straight as to where I was and who I am now... This post will be weight related, as well as internal conflict related...

Part I...

Growing up - Grade School Years...
My parents were married until I was seven and we lived the suburban life. I was a girl who felt good about herself. I enjoyed dancing, being with my friends, and both my parents ALWAYS made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl on Earth... I had no issues with my body, looks, personality, etc...

My parents divorced in 1987 and we moved from our house in the suburbs, in with my grandparents in the city. It was a time of transition for ALL of us - my brother, mom, dad, grandparents, and myself. I started a new school, had to make new friends, quit my dance, and started to develop issues with myself. I started gaining weight from about 4th grade - 7th grade. I remember feeling "bigger" than the majority in my class. I remember little things like being called "marshmallow legs" and "precisely plump". I remember the boys liking the other girls and I was always in the friend zone. I never really felt "pretty" - yet my parents continued to tell me I was beautiful.

I remember getting on the scale and it read 142 and I was 11. Yes I weighed the same then that I do now. It wasn't a good feeling but I didn't really understand how it would impact me in later years. I was the bigger girl that had TONS of guys friends and an awesome group of girl friends that never ONCE made me feel bad about myself. It was all me...

I hit puberty, started playing soccer, and working out in my basement to get ready for high school and guess what? the weight came off.

Growing up - High School Years
I walked into high school the first day and didn't feel like "marshmallow legs" - I had really worked on things and finally felt "good" about myself again. I was thinner, had a great group of friends, and was happy. High school was fine - I fluctuated as every normal teenager does (and teased by some for the normal high school bull)... but all in all I felt okay about myself - YET... I noticed how critical I had become of MYSELF... I would critique my legs, my arms, my nose, etc... Why did I do this to myself - why did I not measure up to the "beautiful girls" I had in my head?

Growing up - College Years
I made it through high school fine and left to go away for college. I had my 2 best girlfriends with me and we were ready to conquer the world. In college I actually learned a great deal about myself. I still compared myself to other women and still found MANY flaws, but I was becoming my own person and this overshadowed some of the hurt I felt as a "chubby child". I truly believe going away to college (although it came with MANY negative aspects) was the best thing that could of ever happened to me. I was gaining independence and finding out that I was not that bad of a person to "love".

Part II will include pregnancy 1, post pregnancy 1, pregnancy 2, post pregnancy 2, and NOW...
To be continued... 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week 2 Update

Can't believe I am already into week 2 of training and it feels SO RIGHT AND... I feel SO HAAAANNNGRY ALL.THE.TIME... We will get to that in a bit...

Here we go...

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, July 15th - 3 milesOFF DAY
Tuesday, July 16th - Cross Train3 miles
Wednesday, July 17th - 3 milesLeg Day
Thursday, July 18th - Rest3 miles
Friday, July 19th - 3 milesOFF DAY 
Saturday, July 20th - Rest6 miles and upper body
Sunday, July 21st - 5 miles7 miles

Total Miles Week 2 of Training = 19 miles

- Week 2 scaled back on the miles a bit... I hit it hard last week - but wanted to keep to the training program more - don't want to get burned out... 

- I am starving... like STAAARRVING... I can already see that I am talking myself out of "no don't eat that" and using my thoughts in saying "oh it's okay you will run 7 miles tomorrow". MUST.STOP.THINKING.LIKE.THAT. and shoving pasta down my pie hole. 

- After my 7 miler on Sunday my calves were tight - so hit up my purple ProCompression socks and voila... feel great today. I wear them AFTER my longer runs for recovery and I keep them on for about 3 or 4 hrs.. they are comfy kids... I am going to buy the RETRO one's today - I can't stand it, I tried to stay away from them... I just can't, I love them. If you use the code TUBE you get 40% off. Code is only for July though peeps...

Enjoyed the weekend with Laura (blogless) AKA K9Bish... She is one of my running partners. Honestly, if you don't have a running partner - try to get one. They keep you accountable, on track, and make for great company. When you get UP there in the mileage, they really help the time go by faster AND... if you can find one WITH a pool - even better;) Love you girl...

Monday OUT

How was your week in training? Pasta lovaaaa? Thoughts on running partners?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Five on Friday

Here we go....

Five on Friday with the ever so beautiful and talented Darci...

1. Funny story (well at least to me)... The kids and I love to play "pretend campfire" we get the bucket AKA the fire pit and we use the red angry bird as the "flames". We tell each other scary stories... I told one the other night about this beautiful girl named Esmerelda (I make this stuff up guys) and how at midnight she gets this feeling that comes over her body - I put my head down and when I brought it up I said super loud "and she turns into a witch". Elle and Wes jumped about 3 feet and started crying (okay I am lmao typing this) Elle then laughed - Wes cried for 5 minutes and now says we can ONLY tell funny stories at the campfire. Oh the joys of being a parent...

2. Miley... I love this chick... Obsessed... I have "We Can't Stop" on repeat like half the day... and... I want that grill.

3. Heat... sick of it... See that 06 in the picture below? - that is because it was 106 in my garage on Wednesday night... Ugh...

4. Got on the scale today... down 1 lb - so 142 peeps... Do I care? Kind of - I ate "not great" this week but have been keeping up with my running and working out - so if I eat better I could possibly start to see some results - DUH????

5. Guilty faces all around...

Weekend ON
WOP with Miley? Scare your kids? How's weight loss going for you this week?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence Link Up

First, THANK YOU to everyone you linked up yesterday to expose their precious race faces... I loved reading through them...

Today it is one of my FAVORITE link-ups EVER... My bff Holly and one of my favs Jake are back in action with "Finish the Sentence".


If I had one extra hour in the day... I would sleep it away, with an amazing pillow;)

I wish my name... was on a ginormous sign with big light bulbs around it.... "Super Star"...

I think anything chevron is... starting to get outdated. Never really jumped on the bandwagon - yet... "to each their own". 

My last nightmare... I woke up like "yeah I don't like you today" and proceeded to keep that attitude all day. LOL

Sometimes... I would like to drop kick people... all while I never stop smiling... 

My last meal on earth would be... a 12 oz Filet with the BIGGEST loaded baked potato on the planet... and a basket of bread with olive oil mixed with fresh Parmesan to dip it in... Just carbs and meat please:)

I would much rather be blonde than look like I did when I had dark hair. I looked like a washed out fool. Friends... where were you at on that one? I mean... I tell you when you have crap in your teeth or your shirt looks 1995ish - you gotta tell me these things...

Mayonnaise... LOVE IT... like a lot...

10 years ago, I didn't think... hammer pants would be back in style. 

Selfishly... I will be spending EXTRA time in the basement tonight "working out" aka playing on IG/twitter/texting (after I work out, of course) since I had to take out the trash, pump my own gas, and fill up the fountains this morning. Payback...It's a two way street, right?

My favorite show on TV right now... Eh... It's still just the news and sports, people... 

And, George Zimmerman... I plead the fifth here... 

Thursday Out...

Chevron? Fill up fountains? What TV shows are you into you?