Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish the Sentence Link Up

First, THANK YOU to everyone you linked up yesterday to expose their precious race faces... I loved reading through them...

Today it is one of my FAVORITE link-ups EVER... My bff Holly and one of my favs Jake are back in action with "Finish the Sentence".


If I had one extra hour in the day... I would sleep it away, with an amazing pillow;)

I wish my name... was on a ginormous sign with big light bulbs around it.... "Super Star"...

I think anything chevron is... starting to get outdated. Never really jumped on the bandwagon - yet... "to each their own". 

My last nightmare... I woke up like "yeah I don't like you today" and proceeded to keep that attitude all day. LOL

Sometimes... I would like to drop kick people... all while I never stop smiling... 

My last meal on earth would be... a 12 oz Filet with the BIGGEST loaded baked potato on the planet... and a basket of bread with olive oil mixed with fresh Parmesan to dip it in... Just carbs and meat please:)

I would much rather be blonde than look like I did when I had dark hair. I looked like a washed out fool. Friends... where were you at on that one? I mean... I tell you when you have crap in your teeth or your shirt looks 1995ish - you gotta tell me these things...

Mayonnaise... LOVE IT... like a lot...

10 years ago, I didn't think... hammer pants would be back in style. 

Selfishly... I will be spending EXTRA time in the basement tonight "working out" aka playing on IG/twitter/texting (after I work out, of course) since I had to take out the trash, pump my own gas, and fill up the fountains this morning. Payback...It's a two way street, right?

My favorite show on TV right now... Eh... It's still just the news and sports, people... 

And, George Zimmerman... I plead the fifth here... 

Thursday Out...

Chevron? Fill up fountains? What TV shows are you into you?


  1. Love Chevron.
    Hate taking out trash and filling up with gas.
    And it seems like most of us would use our extra hour sleeping.

  2. News and sports. Yep. Me too. More me time tonight too....softball DH!!! Whoop, whoop!

  3. Sick of chevron too. And I know I might get my butt kicked for that one lol. ; )

  4. I can't believe those damn hammer pants made it back. Ridiculous!

    In my opinion, I think its only fair for someone ELSE to do all those chores while you're getting MORE degrees up in herrr. Just sayin' ;)

  5. Seriously again, a girl after my own heart! There's nothing better than a steak and a humongo tater!!! I think the only think on in our house is either a cards game or a softball game. But wouldn't have it any other way!! :)

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  7. Just noticed on your race calendar that you're running the MO Cowbell...I'm running that one too! It'll be my first half marathon. Woohoo!

  8. Can I drop kick people with you....and not smile!

  9. Steak and potatoes, aw yeah! And I have been obsessed with Twitter lately, it is a little out of control. ;)

  10. No more chevron, anywhere, ever.

    I could eat steak for every meal.

  11. I agree with you on every single one of these things!

  12. Can I please be there when you drop kick someone? Because I think that would be the best thing I ever witnessed!!!

    Crack me up!

  13. I totally understand the "rather be blonde" thing. I'll forever remain a blonde *I think* Whether its really light or dark. Some people just look better blonde!

  14. Since we like the same foods we could totally hang out together. In a restaurant of course.


  15. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for checking out my blog :)

  16. I like dipping chicken strips in mayo - hold the ranch and BBQ sauce!

  17. I love Chevron but I'd have to agree...there is too much everywhere now and I need something different in my closet!!

  18. Gross.... keep your dirty pillow to yourself.