Friday, July 12, 2013

Five on Friday...

Today I am linking up with the hostest with mostest, Darci, from The Good Life Blog - it's Five on Friday peeps...

1. Running - of course this is always in one of my top fives on Friday's. This time it is for a great cause. I will be running a half-marathon on Sept 8th in Peoria, IL with Sami from Simply Sami (and Holly my "Running around America" counterpart). We will be running with Sami, and for her sister Maggie that was killed in a car accident last year - this will be to raise money for her charity. Sami is also hosting a Virtual 5K for this. If you are interested in running, donating, or helping to raise money - check out her page HERE.

2. This girl right HERE - Beth - and our super fun night at Parties in Park in Clayton. Best people watching in a LONG time... Yes I will be going back each month...

3. Sweets... Me likey...

4. Boat... going on a boat tomorrow... with 5 children, should be interesting...

5. Trains...Trains...Trains... our family took the kids on the Amtrak today for a train ride, lunch, and ice cream. I am so glad they are getting to do this - Wes is obsessed with trains.

Wes's "excited for the train" face... 

Weekend ON!!!!


  1. Our recent trip we had 5 kids(3 2 and under) on a boat- or more like a couple boats. It wasn't so bad:) I definitely recommend puddle jumper floaties for the little ones. Awesome.

    And JT is obsessed with Thomas the Train right now. Love having a boy!

  2. I LOVE to people watch! That was the best part of living in NYC. I would go to Little Italy, have some wine and just watch. Oh the things you see...

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend! I am heading to the sunshine state in just a few short hours. I CANNOT wait to see my babies! :) Oh and my parents and sis too!

  3. I love Wes's hair! Can't wait till Zach is a little older and can have a fun haircut. Have fun tomorrow!!

  4. Wes is just the cutest and I hope you have a great time on that boat. Rock that bikini girl, you've earned it!

  5. I love the train idea! That is so cool!

  6. I love the virtual 5k thang. I'm totally doing it. I love that you are doing the half with her!

    1. Thanks Meredith!! :) I am pretty excited they are running with me too!!

  7. Oh wow have fun tomorrow on the boat...with all the kiddos. ; )

  8. totally a people watcher! ha. I get it from my grandma we just to go visit them up at camp and they would sit on their camper porch and just watch! or as we got older we would go to the mall and get coffee and just sit at a table and people watch! good times!!

  9. stopping by from the link up!

    girl...i just read your training & weight loss story...i can relate to A LOT to your post-baby weight loss! it's like i'm reading my own story! cheers to you, momma!

    you have a beautiful family! have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Woohoo!! September can not get here soon enough!! :)

  11. I am having a panic attack already for you for the boat with 5 kids!!!

    Need details about the train adventure. Brady is WAY into trains, and I am sure he would love it!

  12. I need to check out Clayton more. What's your favorite restaurant in the Lou. I need more ideas!