Friday, July 26, 2013

Five on Friday

First off... THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments as I shared my "personal growth" story about "Learning to Love Myself". If you didn't read them - you can HERE and HERE. It has taken me quite sometime to get where I am today and I struggle daily still. Your continued support means the world to me.

Today I am linking up with Darci from "The Good Life Blog" for my Five on Friday....

1. So I am a Leo (what you can't tell?)... and have a major obsession with Lion jewelry. Like these bracelets...
Anne Klein - Nordstroms...
Anne Klein - Nordstroms

Dying over this one... Not sure where it is at?
2. Pearl (my car now) is on her way out and just so happened the EXACT CAR I want swerved next to me today... Acura RDX in white - come to mama.

3. Voice crush...

4. My new Thread Eleven "Like a Beast - with lipstick" running tank from the lovely Kristen. I am just amazed at the quality of this shirt. I love buying something, that once I receive, I KNOW will hold up well. Kudos to Kristen and her new Thread Eleven shirts - looking forward to purchasing more.

5. Pajama Day... Who doesn't love going to school in pajama's and slippers? Love these kiddos' more than life itself.

And... I am going to throw one more in for good measure. I absolutely LOVE my new "Retro" Procompression socks - for real, these are SO cute AND... they are going to look great with my St. Louis Blues gear:) Oh and yes - it is totally appropriate to eat popsicles while you wear them. It kind of goes hand in hand;)

FYI... if you head over to Procompression - they are having a huge sale on EVERYTHING 40% off  - ONLY until August 4th though. AND... the new Royal Blue Socks for the Royal Baby - Prince George are in... and are 40% off with the code BLUE - only until August 31st.  

Weekend ON
Chingy lover? What kind of car do you want? Know any places with cute lion jewelry. 


  1. Love Chingy... I have an inner ghetto that creeps out through my iPod.

    I want an X5, bad, but I'm open to other options. I currently drive a tiny little 2 door clown car. Once I get knocked up, I will have to get a new car.

    Have you checked Charming Charlie for lion jewelry?


  2. Those socks are too cute!! The Lion jewelry is very cool - don't see that too often, I love unique things =) ... Have a great weekend pretty lady! It's going to be GORGEOUS in the STL this weekend and I am going to love every minute of it =)

  3. Love that lion jewelry! And I'm about to get me some compression socks! And I finally have the car I want - white jeep wrangler babay!! Something about a white car - seems so pretty and girly!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. If I could get away with wearing jammies to work, I would for sure!! Those kiddos get cuter by the minute! :)

  5. So, Eric finally agreed to a new car? Awesome! I would kill for PJ day at work, although sometimes I feel like the people I work with take casual Friday a bit to the extreme and come close to wearing their PJ's to work :)

    Happy Weekend!

  6. Want the "Like a Beast" top. Its killer!

  7. I need to buy some of those tanks, havent done it yet - but thanks for the review :)

  8. I might have to get another pair of socks... I love mine so much! How many do you have?

  9. My voice crush would be T.I........ LOVE him!!! Also... Alex and Ani have the Leo charm! I'm a bit obsessed with them right now.

  10. I have the MDX and I LOVE it! If you get an Acura, you won't want to go back!

  11. I MUST get a pair of compression socks before September.