Wednesday, July 3, 2013


If you haven't already done so - make sure you get yourself entered for $500 smackaroos - you know race season is coming up and you will need new attire;) Check out the give-a-way HERE.

Now let's get to it... Fitness my friends... There are quite a few fitness challenges going on right now and who doesn't want to look fly in the summer?

Here are a few challenges you can check out:
~ My bff Holly's (yeah Holls I am claiming you that - hahaha) 30 Day Shred Challenge - check it out HERE.
~ The Meredith's (my favs) Move your Booty Challenge - check it out HERE and HERE
~ #50milesinjuly Challenge - don't know who is hosting this but the Meredith's are on it ;)

Alright and my own little challenge for myself called #getitinjuly - OF COURSE I hashtagged it. Helloooo? LOL.  I have my b-day in a month and I want to look svelte for when Nelly pulls me up on stage and says "I need you to get up on the dance floor, Give that man what he asking for"... Cause you all know... IT'S GETTIN HOT IN HERRE.

What this challenge is for me...
~ following my half marathon training schedule WITHOUT excuses - check it out HERE
~ eating better - you all know this is HARD for me... but I am going to really TRY...
~ doing 2 leg days and 2 upper body days a week (strength training)
~ taking before pics and after pics and revealing at the end of July
~ weighing myself once a week and posting on it... REGARDLESS...
~ keeping myself accountable on IG and using the hashtag - this won't be hard;) HA

So let's do this... If you are interested in joining in the fun - make the challenge anything you want for yourself and let's keep each other accountable. Misery loves company, right? HA... Nah... we got this...

This is my "We got this" face... - #getitinjuly

Have a Great 4th...

Joining a challenge? E.I.? What's goal are you working towards?


  1. You are a trip!

    "I have my b-day in a month and I want to look svelte for when Nelly pulls me up on stage and says "I need you to get up on the dance floor, Give that man what he asking for"... Cause you all know... IT'S GETTIN HOT IN HERRE."

    Where do you come up with this stuff! Love you to pieces!

    and thanks for the shout out!!

  2. I'm doing the 30 day shred too, throwing in some extra crunches and squats along with starting my half training too!! can you say beast mode ;) my after pics should be rockin'

  3. Ahhh! I need to take part in your challenge!! My goal will be to do exactly as my training plan describes, too. By that I mean running 4 times a week even though I wish I could do it once a month and be ok, hahaha.

  4. My friends and I put together an ab challenge for July because who DOESN'T want fab abs for the summer right?!?!?! Plus that's my tough spot of the body that really needs the most work! Get it girl!! :)

  5. Every other day arms and a squat challenge for me, as well as waking 20 miles in July - low and slow but committing to it all.

  6. Hashtags are like personalized license plates to me -- I have to sit and stare at them awhile to decipher all of the words. And I couldn't get past the word 'tit' in yours! geTITinjuly. Ugh! ha ha!!!

  7. I'm all over this #getitinjuly so many challenges! At least I know I won't have to wonder what to do. It is already laid out for me. Oh, and how could you not get pulled on stage (in your romper no less)!

  8. Haha! Love that song! I''ll Keek that shit when he pulls you on stage! :D I need to make some goals for myself this month for sure!

  9. He probably will pull your hot butt up on stage if he's smart!

  10. Woo Hoo - count me in on EVERYTHING :)

  11. Guess I'll add yours to the list! You should be doing my #60inSixty Instagram challenge too! You run your ass off so it should be cake!

  12. I'm doing the #50milesinjuly challenge!! It should be fun and totally worth it!! Marta @ Hausofgirls is heading this one up! You should check her out on IG!! She's awesome!!! Happy 4th of July girl!!!! And I'm totally up for #getitinjuly!!! ;)

  13. wahoo. look at you go, i have been following you on IG and KEEK and just NOW found your blog. glad I did, you are such a beautiful happy person. Your so positive, i love your attitude! Keep it up

  14. Haha! Nelly pulls you up on stage ;) I'm in for your challenge, since I'm training for my first half AND doing the shred. WOOHOO! July is the month to get it tight!

  15. I start half training in 6 weeks...eek! I'm also doing Holly and Amber's 30DS 5 and already sick of Jillian ;)