Monday, July 29, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week 3 Update

I can sum up last weeks training in one word... SLAAACKKKAAA! I was so busy last week... so I tried to catch up on my mileage on the weekend... I didn't get much weight training in at all :(

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, July 22nd - 3 miles / OFF DAY
Tuesday, July 23rd - Cross Train / OFF DAY
Wednesday, July 24th - 3 miles / 3 miles, abs, squats, and shoulders
Thursday, July 25th - Rest / OFF DAY
Friday, July 26th - 3 miles / OFF DAY
Saturday, July 27th - Rest / 10 miles
Sunday, July 28th - 6 miles / 8 miles

Total Miles Week 3 of Training = 21 miles

- Week 3 I slacked - life got in the way...but I really hit it hard on the weekend.

- I missed long runs so much. It felt absolutely wonderful, even if my 10 miler was on the treadmill.

- I am going to scale back on the food intake this week and see how I feel - but I am a FIRM believer in that you need to eat to run long distances... So I will be eating my carbs the night before my long runs. Just the "right" carbs...

- My calves after Saturday and Sunday were tight - used my procompression socks and "voila" feeling good today. I swear I am in love with those for recovery.

- K9Bish and I had one of the best runs yet. Our 8 miler on Sunday we talked the entire time, didn't use our Garmin's, and honestly we could of kept going. It felt so freakin good. I love runs where time flies, you enjoy your surroundings, have great company, and it all just "clicks". Kind of was a great reminder as to why fell in love with running to begin with:)

Foam roll thoughts? Long runs - love em or hate em? What do you eat while training?


  1. Gawd you make me feel like such a couch-loving potato sack. Please sock some running love into my brain when I get to finally meet you & Holly at Nelly. I'll need it from both of you! In other news, I really want more info on Advocare so I'm going to dig through your posts to find the cleanse you did a few months ago. Gotta get this shiz in action stat!

  2. I Mel! I just found your blog and I have to say, you are a true inspiration. So happy I found your blog, you have given me that extra motivation that I need.

    Kate @

  3. I love that 21 miles in a week is "slacking" for you... HA!! That would be a wayy ambitious week for me right about now. You're doing great though... absolutely amazing!

  4. I don't think I've done 21 miles in my life lol. When you first started running, did you have shin pain? I did 2 miles yesterday and thought my shins and ankles were going to explode! Is this normal for someone who is completely out of shape?

  5. Foam roller is awesome!! It's a 'hurts so good' feeling that keeps me from getting to tight after long runs. I learned to love the long run (and my foam roller) during marathon training last year. My back was tight after my 9 miler last Saturday and the roller helped with that too. Get one asap!

  6. I haven't done a foam roller yet! My shins hurt, but the last time I tried socks, it made it worse! Aaahhh!! Keep up the good work girl!

  7. You busted out 10 and 8 mile runs! Woot woot! I wouldn't feel like a slacker if I was you!

  8. Youre awesome as usual :) Question, what do you mean by "good" carbs - I could google, but I want your opinion :)

  9. If 21 miles is slacking, you may call me Slacker. I am working toward that kind of mileage. I can't wait until I can run 8 or 10 miles. Heck, 5 miles I will be happy!

    Kristen - I know exactly how you feel! What helped me was getting new shoes. That eliminated my shin split pain. I didn't go to a running store but just went and bought new shoes. However, I would recommend going to a running store and they can recommend the best shoes for you. I also switched from running on the pavement to running on the treadmill. Last night, I ran outside for the 1st time in forever and had no pain.

  10. Slacker!!! Just kidding. I love long runs. They clear my head and help me push beyond what I "think" I can do. I bring some shot bloks along on any runs longer than 6 miles. Helps push you through the wall. Great job on your running girl. So proud of you!

  11. I long for the day when I can call a run longer than 5 miles magical. Attempted my first 10 mile run on Saturday, and it was a total eye opener for me! I have a long way to go with running, but it helps so much to hear that it's possible to go from being a non-runner to someone who likes doing long runs on the weekends!

  12. that's it I am getting compression you think they make them for your entire body?...I could have used a compression hip sock on Sunday AND yesterday soon as I get through my turbo fire challenge I am going to start training for a half so I can come run with your beautiful self...I really need to :)


  13. Goodness...I wish I had your motivation.