Monday, July 15, 2013

Half Marathon Training Week One Update

I started my half marathon training last week and I have decided to use Monday's to do a recap on how it all went. My weeks are going to be Sunday to Sunday.

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Sunday, July 7th - 4 miles / 6 miles
Monday, July 8th - 3 miles / 3 miles
Tuesday, July 9th - Cross Train / Leg Day
Wednesday, July 10th - 3 miles / 3 miles
Thursday, July 11th - Rest / OFF DAY
Friday, July 12th - 3 miles / 3 miles and upper body
Saturday, July 13th - Rest / 6 miles
Sunday, July 14th - 4 miles / 5 miles

Total Miles Week 1 of Training = 26 miles

Deuces and half duck face (and the window well in my basement LOL) - deal with it ... ;)
- Week went by pretty well - not terribly exhausted and legs are feeling good - leg day threw me for me for a loop... my legs were KILLING the next day.

- Kind of sad that I only got in one leg day and one upper body day - just too busy over the weekend and focusing on the running right now. Miss it though, already.

- My appetite has increased tremendously and you all know I can already eat like a dude... I have noticed (as in the past) that my longer run days I want to shove everything possible in my face. I HAVE to manage that better. I gained during my last training and I am trying not to do that again.

- I missed running with partners - thanks to Holly and Laura I have that back... (and my SIL Lauren)

- I love running outdoors and really missed it - the weekend runs I look forward to SOOO much.

Absolutely adorable family all running together - Mom, Dad, Kids, and Grandparents
If you haven't read Holly's post today - please, please, please, please do HERE... This is one of the reason's I blog... See how wonderful meeting others can be? 

Also Kyra from It Takes Nine Months and I will be hosting a fun running link up on Wednesday this week. If you have got some good race pics... LINK UP... I am sick of looking like a widescreen t.v. when I cross the finish line - I am HOPING with my "Running Around America" starting in Sept - I will get at least ONE decent finish line pic... If interested, link up with us on Wednesday.  

Have a Great Monday

How is training going for you? Reason's you blog? Linking up with fun pics?


  1. oh my gosh--you're a BEAST! that is one hell of a week. I need to get on your level :)

  2. Great job!! Keep up the good work!

    I want to do a half marathon one day (maybe when the little one is a teeny bit older)!

  3. I have run envy! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I ran 2.75 this morning without stopping (that is embaressing because you run like marathons and shit) and I was doing a happy dance the whole time. Then I got bumped back down to reality when I realized in a little over two months I will be running over 10 more miles after that... gah!

  4. What half marathon training program are you using? I am starting half training today and am using a program recommended by a few friends. I'd love to know what your schedule looks like!

  5. Look at you overachieving in your training already... bad ass you are! Get it girl!

  6. You are a beast!!! Serioulsy, you rock!!!

  7. You're amazing. #hellorhighwater

  8. Keep on keepin on! ;) You'll do great!

  9. LOVE the link-up idea! I'm in!

    I'm having a hard time working leg days into my half training plan! I'm running and doing ST on opposite days of the week, but I don't want to wreck my run the day after I work my legs. What do you typically do to avoid that?

  10. No rest days for the weary! Get it, Mama!

  11. Ummm....beast mode banner is needed for YOU GIRL!! You are amazing. I will tell you anytime I burn more than 700 cal on a run I'm starving marvin. Like bad!! Make sure to plan that shit out or you'll start plateauing in the weight loss. Just FYI as nobody told me that and I was pissed! Ha! Reason I blog is because someone out there might appreciate a good laugh.
    I don't have any fun pic's. They are all super sucky I'm going to die pic's.

  12. I am totally going to link up Wednesday! I have to get my 5 mile long run in this week yet! AAhh!!! Let's see if I can beat my time from last week! I started blogging as a way to hold myself accountable and it totally does!! :) Great job BTW! Keep it up!!

  13. Seriously, you're SUCH inspiration! You're busting ass, no wonder your appetite goes through the roof! I'd love to link up but the only run I've ever done was the damn Color Run. Pretty sure that ish doesn't count! :D

  14. You are a freaking rock star! I can only hope to one day be like you :)

  15. Well I better get Tina to bust out the camera... Big Holly is going for a running pageant Wednesday! :)

  16. Great week of training! I am the same way when I run a longer distance I am so hungry after. Maybe more protein that day???

  17. I looked at your training mileage and thought, "wow, that's a lot of miles". Then I realized you ran a marathon last week, and that people do that for fun in one day. This is about when I realized that marathon runners are far more amazing than I used to give them credit for.

    I have a hard time eating enough on days that I run and lift both. I'm following a pretty strict diet plan, and it is in no way enough food on days I run. I hope you find a good balance between food and training on this cycle!