Monday, July 8, 2013

Random Runnings...

It's Monday peeps and it's back to the grind - dropping the kids off at school this morning made my heart a tad bit heavy today. After being with them for 4 days straight - they kind of grew on me;) I won't go into all of the holiday activities we engaged in - but I will throw in a few pics for you...

Fourth Fun
Other Shenanigans
I also started back to running - as in "really running". My half marathon training officially starts TODAY.

This weeks agenda looks like this:
Monday - 3 miles (squats/abs)
Tuesday - No running (leg day/abs)
Wednesday - 3 miles (squats/abs)
Thursday - No running (upper body/abs)
Friday - 3 miles
Saturday - 4 miles (upper body/abs)
Sunday - No running (leg day)

Yep... it's here and I am PUMPED!!!! All this training makes me super stoked. It's time to get up early to get my runs in, move schedules around to keep up with the agenda, and look forward to all the fun races I have planned in the fall.

Here is a brief list of my Fall craziness:
September 8th - Illinois Valley Striders Half Marathon (Peoria, IL) - deets soon...
September 28th - Fort4Fitness Half Marathon (Ft. Wayne, IN)
October 13th - GO STL Halloween Half Marathon (St. Louis, MO)
October 27th - Rock N Roll Half Marathon (St. Louis, MO)
December 7th - St. Jude Full Marathon (Memphis, TN)

Full Training begins on Sept 14th - WOOT!!!

Started training yet? Running any of these races? 


  1. I'll see ya on the 10/13 and 10/27 halfs...but I will be WAY behind you :) So enjoy!!!

  2. Ahh! So awesome. My training starts next week!

  3. yay! I started training last week cause I needed a week to get back into running after a few month hiatus (should have not stopped, last week was rough) .. but still feeling good! can't wait to meet you in sept in IN!!

  4. Ahh St. Judes is in Dec??? I have a ton a friends who usually run that one. I know theres no way i would be ready for a marathon by then but I'd love to go run that one!

  5. All of those races look so fun! I'm doing the Iron Horse Half in Kentucky in October and maaaybe the Indianapolis Monumental half. Looking forward to following your training!


  6. That pic of Elle reminded me of when I would do laundry and put my Mom's bra on my butt. She had big boobs, I had a big worked.

  7. I get the same way... when summer is over most parents are excited to get the kids out of the house and back to school. Not me, I like having them around!

  8. Hey, my half training starts today, too! Weight training/cross training tonight, though, so it doesn't really feel like it. Also, my half is at the end of October--over a month after yours. Overkill, maybe? Oh well!

  9. After 4 days I was not ready for the real world. Countdown until the next holiday? Haha nice bra. ; )

  10. Just started half training a few weeks ago for the columbus ohio half and have already signed up for one a few weeks before in bloomington. what is this about a peoria half? I don't live very far from there, and hell, might as well sign up for another!

  11. Cute cute pics, I can't believe all those half marathons you're getting in. Way to go! I'll see in you in September!!! ahhhh

  12. I'm going to start training to run (period.) soon! I strained my achilles tendon a couple months ago and had to take it easy and rehab it so I don't REALLY hurt it :(

    P.S. my daughter wears my bras, too.

  13. WOOHOO!!!!! Can't wait for September!!

  14. I was not ready for the reality check and sending my bugs back to daycare either! I'm ready for the next holiday already! Side note :: that bra pic is adorable :)

  15. I'm running the GO STL Oct 13 and St.Jude. It's my first full! Good luck with your training

  16. Wish I lived close to you and Holly! I'd totes try and run one or two of these... :(