Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fashion from a NON Fashionista...

Yesterday I talked about MUSIC... today shall be fashion... if you can't tell I am in a blogging rut... On that note - if you have anything you are interested in me blogging about or want to know - just ask me in a comment and I will definitely get right on that:)

Here we go... Fashion from the girl who believes in blazers, booties, and the color black. If you are not aware, I wear the color black 99% of the time. I find it age appropriate, slimming, and a staple color everyone must have:) I am one of those people who puts on an outfit, looks in the mirror, and thinks "is this appropriate for this 33 year old mama of two"? Now... I will get risky here and there (depending on the occasion), but I try to stick with this mentality "cover the bum, the bbs, and less is more with jewelry".


- I own a TON of blazers/jackets, because I don't like my arms and I just feel that when you cover your arms it gives you a more slender look. Blazers/Jackets and I are friends...

- I love leggings/skinnies. I feel you can dress them up or down. Roll them up to show off some cute booties with a cute long tunic or throw on a white T shirt and some sandals and off you go. Leggings/skinnies rock my world.

- I don't wear necklaces often. Jewelry and I can be tricky. I like earrings and of course bracelets - but necklaces and I - eh... I feel like they look good on other people but on me I look like "No Neck Nelly" when I wear them. In the jewelry dept I go with "less is more". A cute wrist, well dressed lobe, and bared neckline is an A+ in my book. (my book means nothing I tell you;)

Sorry about the geeky arm pose
- Rompers/Jumpsuits - ummmmm... you pretty much know I love them, maybe not going to the restroom when you wear them, but I still adore them. I also think they are slimming with the right shoe and of course a BLAZER!

- Scarves - a nice scarf can totally change an outfit for me. So many ways to wear them and you can add pops of color with them, plus I think they are classy. I even would tell you to go for that scarf pin - it might be ole school but ole school is the epitome of classy.

- Shoes - I am extremely picky about shoes. When I shoe shop - plan on spending at least 3-4 hrs until I find the "right" pair. I am going to be honest here - I don't like cheaply made shoes. When I buy a pair of shoes I KEEP that pair for many, many, many years. I wear them OFTEN and want them to keep up the wear and tear. I like classy shoes that can be worn with MANY different outfits. Hence... I own a ton of black and tan shoes:)

- Make-up. Play up the eyes and down the lips BUT... if you have been following me you know I love my red lipstick in the fall/winter so then I will play down the eyes and play UP the lips... It's all about balance - too much makeup turns me off immediately and who want's to do that;) LOL I am also a huge fan of ALL NATURAL..

Alright enough fashion mumble jumble for the day... I am not a fashionista - nor will I ever be - I just enjoy looking classy and FRESH. YES... I finally got to use that word!

In other news... keep this one in the back of your head... I am going camping at the end of August with K9Bish and our kids - just us girls and the good old wilderness AND... you all know how much I love camping. We may may/not get out alive. Troop Beverly Hills RIGHT HERE!!! HA..

Happy Thursday

What do you consider appropriate for a 33 year old? How do you wear jewelry? Favorite shoe brand?


  1. I am so with you there, if it isn't "mom" appropriate, I will not even try it on! If I don't want to be seen dropping off my kids at school in it, why would I buy it!?!? I think there is a fine line between "looking like a mom" and dressing for your age too, though. It can be exhausting! :) I don't do a lot of necklaces either, by the end of the day they just seem to be in the way and I end up with all my necklaces from the week in the cupholder of my car. I haven't done the scarf thing yet...that's a trend that I think looks great on other people but when I do it, it just looks odd! LOL

  2. Love the blazer look, black, scarves, and leggings too! Need to invest more in better quality shoes however:-)

  3. I believe you ARE a fashionista! Always dressed super cute and classy, I'm jealous of your fashion sense!

  4. I think you always look great, and well put together! I wish I sucked at fashion like you!!

  5. I agree 100% with each of these things...we have the same fashion mantra it seems!

  6. Oh Mel! You are 100% fashionista. If you want to do a non fashionista post, you just need to look my way. no makeup, hair in ponytail. I don't even want to start on clothes....

  7. I'm the opposite when it comes to jewelry--I can't stand bracelets! They always seem to get in my way. Either they're jingle jangling too much or I'm fidgeting with them or they get wet when I wash my hands--drive me nuts! So I stick with necklaces, even though I'm a bit of a no-neck Nelly, myself!

  8. I need some blazers!!! I always love how they look, but never buy them since I'm in hot ass Florida! :)

  9. I love love long necklaces. I feel like they can dress up a plan T or shirt.
    I do think of age since I'm ahem..34. Yikes.
    I don't feel that old. Blazers are tricking for me since I have a long torso. They tend to hit the wrong part of my body and make me look dumpy. I'm all over with shoes...comfy is the key so if costs $25 or $200 as long as I can wear them and not want to kill myself after I'm in.

  10. I am very similar with my modesty or at least what I think should be 'age appropriate' for my 37yr old self. I am cold natured and live in jackets or blazers year round despite the triple digit weather here.
    If only I could master the scarf look!! I love it on others, just can't get it right on myself, HA!

  11. Pretty sure you could wear anything and still be a hot mama. You do have great style. I don't do necklaces either!

  12. I have the hardest time trying to figure out how to dress my age (soon to be 29). I feel like my wardrobe hasn't changed in years and I'm not dressing my age. Oh well, half the time I don't feel my age, so I guess it works!

  13. YOU camping?!?!?! Please take a video camera! I must witness this!! :)

  14. Beverly Hills, what a thrill! I WANNA COME!!!!!! except for a pregnant lady camping would be comical. good blog post for you though. :)

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  16. Pretty new to the blog so you might have talked about it before, so sorry if it's repeat questions. did you get into it and improve? I'm still pretty new to it, and I already feel like I'm stuck in a rut. Adding distance and picking up pace just isn't happening. I tried the c25k app but hated it. I do better just pushing myself (not having someone in my ear hole). Any tips and or advice would rock!!

  17. You need to add some color to your wardrobe! Seriously, though I think you always look amazing and very classy AND age appropriate. You could probably mix in a few items that you think are too "young" and totally rock it. Have a great time on your camping trip! I'm sure you girls will have a blast.

  18. Troop Beverly Hills! LOVE that movie!! I love camping. I'm in between girly girl and rustic/loves the outdoors so when we camp, the car is OVERLY packed because I get paranoid and back practically the whole house, lol.

    I'm 29. I don't really have a favorite shoe brand. I wish I could wear heels but they just kill my feet (bunions - ouch!) so I typically wear flats to work. Speaking of shoes, I do need to buy some new ones soon. I don't mind spending a decent amount but more tan $100, I usually cringe because those are the shoes I'll only wear a few times.

    I wear the same make up everyday - bare minerals matte foundation, their bronzing mineral veil, a little blush, mascara and gray eyeliner. I do eyeshadow a couple times/week.

  19. Replies
    1. Hey girl I use and swear by "The Falsies" from Maybelline - in color "blackest black". It is my absolute fav and I have bought some expensive one's and NOTHING compares.