Friday, August 16, 2013

Five On Friday

It's Friday and it's link-up time with the beautiful Darci from The Good Life Blog...

Texts... I love these texts, I love the Cardinals, AND... I am going to see my Birds next Friday night with K9Bish and Holly. Yeah a GNO with the boys of summer and my favorite girls.

Changes... Elle turns 6 tomorrow and starts kindergarten on Monday. Wes starts a new class at daycare Monday AND... I start school Monday night. AGH!!!! Transition City...

Big Sean... No explanation needed. I adore this song.

Six Flags... We had a wonderful time at Six Flags on Tuesday. Elle was so happy to be with her friends and enjoyed all the rides MINUS the Screaming Eagle that I took her on - worst experience of my life. I will spare you the details because I prayed to GOD about 20 times to please just let the ride stop and not let her fall out... AND just the thought of it now creeps me out. Poor sweet girl.

Jager... Root beer barrels anyone? Saw this truck at 8:00 A.M. this morning and had the gag reflexes.

This weekend we have so many fun things planned for Elle's birthday. I am looking forward to sharing them with you next week... and on IG this weekend;)

Weekend ON!


  1. Happy Birthday weekend to Elle!

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweet baby girl!! How is possible that you have a daughter old enough to be in Kindergarten?? This just blows my mind. You barely look a day over 20. Not even fair! ;)

    Have a great weekend, lady!!

  3. Sounds like you've got some fun and busy times coming up! I enjoyed visiting your blog.

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  4. Happy birthday weekend Elle!

    Gaaaaaah jager. No no no no

  5. Hope Elle has a wonderful birthday! AND HOW FUN IS YOUR GNO GONNA BE! Yes, I had the caps locks mistake. Oopsie! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Happy birthday weekend to your adorable little diva!! :) and heeeelllll noooo to that Jäger!!

  7. Happy Birthday to Elle!!! The smell of Jager alone will send me into hurl mode! Naaaaaassstttaaaayyy!

  8. Oh man, good luck on Monday! Too many changes in one day for me -- I'd be in the hospital having a panic attack! :) Happy Birthday to Elle!

  9. Love that Big Sean song! So good! What are you going to school for?!

    I know how you feel with your kids going to school and Elle starting's so tough to see them growing up :(

    1. I know I swear that song - I adore it... I am going for my MBA through my work. Should be fun and interesting;)

  10. Happy birthday to your sweet girl! And good luck on the first days of school next week.

  11. Happy birthday to your sweets tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you Monday also, and think about me Wednesday as that's when we start Kindergarten. I'm in denial...

  12. Happy birthday to Elle! Six Flags with kids is so much fun. Good luck to ALL of you with your new school adventures :)

  13. I was your jagger picture and nearly vomited in my mouth.

    I so don't need to ever, ever, ever do that again. EVER!