Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday...

Five on Friday - here we go... Linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog...

Camping... Not the "in the forest kind" but the "next to the pool with AC about 15 steps away" kind (in your backyard). It is going to be 7 million degrees tomorrow so instead of taking the kids camping in the deep dark woods - we are going to swim in K9Bish's pool, take the kids to Mexican for dinner, make smores in her fire pit area and camp in a tent in her backyard... Much more my style...Margarita's, Chocolate, and AC - sounds like camping to me;)

Great Fun For Kids - great blog I just found... This is her picture she created...

Top of the Riverfront Restaurant... I had dinner here on Wednesday evening with our vendor and potential clients. I have never been here before and I am so glad we went. The restaurant is on the 27th floor of the Millennium Hotel and revolves while you eat - the whole place is nothing but windows, the view is spectacular AND... the food was TOP NOTCH. Of course I had the fillet (MEAT BABY)... I will be going back and hopefully soon.

MIZ...ZOU... Tomorrow 6 PM vs. Murray St... FOOTBALL FOOTBALL FOOTBALL - errrbody loves FOOTBALL...

Image from HERE.

CMSU or now they like to call it UCM. Yes that is where I went to college... October 25th weekend is homecoming and guess who is FINALLY going back after 11 years... ME!!!!! Heading up Saturday morning for "breakfast of champions", the game in the afternoon, winery in the evening, and then who knows what the night will entail. MULES BABY!!!! LOL... Good ole Warrensburg... Get ready for the "Players Club" return... BOOYA!

Fall - read my post HERE. I am DONZO with the heat - the sweating - the bare skin/toes... Bring on the clothes, cold, food... AND PUMPKIN BEER! SCHLAFLY PLEASE! 



  1. Ah sounds like my kind of camping. We went to Jellystone by Six Flags and stayed there last weekend... in a cabin with AC and even rented a golf cart. There were margaritas involved. Also, the top of the riverfront restaurant is totally fun... but SO expensive for food that was just OK. Good experience, would be better if the food was better.... or if I had more wine. haha,.

  2. Backyard camping sounds like fun! We have one of those revolving restaurants here in KC, but I haven't been in years. It is so cool, though.

  3. Ummm you lost me at meat....ha! I've been dreaming of steak and I think I need to go get one. Have a great weekend girl

  4. Loving your version of camping ---- sign me up!!!! It's crazy hot here too, so I don't see that in our near future, but maybe come late October?!

    Have fun and make sure to drink too many margaritas... camping will be all the more fun! ;)

  5. I have ate at the Millinum once. It was amazing. I am going to have to check out that back yard camping thing. We can't camp right now because of the 2 month old but my 7 year old wants to go so bad....

  6. SO ready for Fall.

    Roll Tide!!

    That view is killer!

  7. I may need to try that beer! I love fall beer! Your idea of camping is right up my alley. Perfect!

  8. YAYYYYY MU football! I'm so sad we're heading to Southeast MO for the weekend with family instead of staying in CoMO for the game. Family Schamily. They should know better than to plan a family reuinion during the season!!! Enjoy Warrensburg! The winery sounds like a lot of fun.

  9. Have fun camping :) Sounds like Troop Beverly Hills :)

  10. Pumpkin Beer?!!? YUM! I am gonna have to find those guys!!

  11. Sounds like a great camping trip. Nice to be outdoors, but have all the luxury of indoors within in walking distance. Have a blast!

  12. So, I am a little behind in the commenting...

    Tell me more about the top of the riverfront? I went once in high school after a dance. Is it something that Todd and I should do on a date night?