Monday, August 5, 2013

Half Marathon Week 4 Training Update

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, July 29th - 3 miles / OFF DAY
Tuesday, July 30th - Cross Train / 3 miles, upper body, abs, squats
Wednesday, July 31st - 3 miles / OFF DAY
Thursday, August 1st - Rest / 3 miles, squats, abs
Friday, August 2nd - 4 miles / OFF DAY
Saturday, August 3rd - Rest / 9 miles
Sunday, August 4th - 6 miles / 3 miles

Total Miles Week 4 of Training = 18 miles

There you have it... 18 miles this week. I have noticed I don't stick to the training plan very well. Oh well - life gets in the way and you gotta get it in where you can fit it in.

I am not getting my strength training in very well and I can either "let it go" and stop worrying about it OR get up earlier and start 2 a days... Honestly with school starting for Elle and I - I might have to let it go for awhile...

I have been asked what I eat before my long runs and I would like to know what you eat before yours, as well?

I usually eat an english muffin with natural PB, piece of low fat string cheese, and banana before I run. NOW... if I ate a good amount the night before and I can't stomach anymore food - I will run on an empty stomach in the morning. FYI... that works for me - it might not for everyone else.

Week 4 in the books - ready to crank out week 5. I have a pretty easy week/weekend so I am really going to try and get an 11 or 12 miler in this weekend to see how I feel. Oh and FYI... I am a huge fan of GU Chomps during my runs... the watermelon kind are the best, in my opinion...

Lovin my new Dri-Fit shirt from Ashleigh - thanks girl.
Happy Running...


  1. Marathon training officially starts this week!!! The long run shows only 6 on Saturday....and I will be in Chicago so that works nicely for me. And I'm with you too- I normally don't eat anything before I run and if it is a longer run then maybe a banana or just a pack of GU.

  2. So sad I couldn't make it on Saturday! I ended up working a 12 hour shift...womp womp! Anyway, happy belated birthday!!!

  3. I'm so funny about eating before a run. There's so many variables, what did I eat the night before, how early is this run starting, how late did I sleep before I'm supposed to start runnning? LOL Overnight oats with half a banana has been my go to lately, but I will do a fasted run too! It all depends on the day. Starting school this week?! That's so exciting! Best of luck!

  4. Get at it, girl! I'm officially starting my half marathon training today - eeeek! Thanks so much for your amazing motivation (and being my friend Saturday)!!!

  5. I love GU chomps...I usually stuff them in my sports bra and snack on them while I run. Keeping it classy :)

    I start training in a few weeks...EEK!!!

  6. Awesome girl!! You are doing great! I think I am going into week 8! Just did my first 8 miles ever yesterday! It was incredibly hard and awesome all at the same time! Although, I tried a Honey Stinger and it made me nauseous! I felt horrible after! Bah! GU is my next try!

  7. I hardly ever eat before a run, especially before a race bc my nerves are SO bad!!! Now on a longer run, I have had a cliff bar shot block...I think its the fruit punch flavor that I like best. During my last half, I used the honey stingers and had one somewhere around miles 8 and 10...looking back, I should have started them around mile 6 and had them every couple of miles instead of waiting until I felt depleted. I can't bring myself to try Gu...

  8. Totally off the subject of look so cute in the last picture! I want to hate you because I wish I had hair like that but you are too damn sweet to hate!!

  9. I hear you on strength trainig - with my craziness right now, I can hardly fit in my runs, nonetheless anything else! And I have a Special K waffle before I run, every day - and if it's longer, Ill throw a banana in there :)

  10. totally with you on 'life gets in the way' .. the last couple weeks I've only been running in the weekends but still getting in cross through the week, and going well so far good

  11. Life always gets in the way!! I'm so NOT a morning person and could never be apart of the 5am club. I try and run as soon as my boys hit their beds for the night. You look so cute in that shirt! Makes me (almost) want to be a Cards fan :::: haha!! No not really ;) thanks for a great weekend love!! Xoxo

  12. I'm back at it! I can't believe you ran on the treadmill yesterday-- nothing slows you down!! I am ready to keep your birthday week going!! :)

    Also, let's do the virtual 5k tomorrow!

  13. I eat applesauce before I run. LOL! I call it my fuel. Haha! You're so adorable! I'm def gonna do the braids and hat thing.

  14. Great job sista!! I'm going to preach this because in all seriousness I slacked on it when I did my half. Strength train...strength train...strength train. Even if it means you need to skip a 4 miler. Seriously, I did none before my half and now with training for my full I started doing it and it is amazing. I'm not nearly as I just pumped out 17 miles on Saturday...17 freaking miles..who does that. Anyways and not sore what so ever. Anyways, I eat 1/2 c oatmeal before any run more than 10 miles in the am. If it's a night run than I have enough fuel from the day to knock it out. I love the shot blocks berry flavored. I'll have to check out the gu chomps. Have a great day girlie! Oh and I only run 3 days a week because yah life gets in my way all the time.