Monday, August 19, 2013

Half Marathon Week 6 Training Update

Training Schedule in BLACK - What I actually did in BLUE
Monday, August 12th - 4 miles / 4 miles
Tuesday, August 13th - 3 ,miles or Cross Train / OFF DAY
Wednesday, August 14th - 3 miles / 3 miles
Thursday, August 15th - Rest / 3 miles
Friday, August 16th - 3 miles / 2 miles (speed work)
Saturday, August 17th - Rest / RACE DAY 3.1 miles (5k)
Sunday, August 18th - 8 miles (long run) / 10 miles

Total Miles Week 6 of Training = 25.1 miles

I believe I made up for my slacking last week - so not too shabby. I am happy with Week 6 of training. I am eating "better" (except one day a weekend or so;) so I think that is helping. I have REALLY upped my water intake MINUS race morning (that story tomorrow) - boo:( I am feeling fairly strong and can tell my endurance is getting BETTER on my long runs - so all in all training is going well.

My next race is Sept 8th in Peoria and then Sept 14th officially starts MARATHON training. I am cruising through my friends....

This week's posts will mainly be about running - so bare with me if you are not a runner: 
Tomorrow ~ My Saturday race recap
Wednesday ~ How I got into running and how I tried to improve my running - question answered for Angie
Thursday ~ My plan to increase my speed
Friday ~ Eh... who knows on this one...

Sorry this is short and sweet - I am getting ready to wake up my baby for her 1st day of kindergarten and the water works are all ready started. 

Monday Out... 


  1. Ahh! First day of kindergarten! That is savannah next year ... I'm so sad!

  2. Happy first day of kindergarten. Man your mini starts early my kids don't go back till Sept. Great job on training

  3. I'm looking forward to hear how you increase your speed. I need some advice ASAP!

  4. Hang in there, Momma! 1st day of kinder is tough on mom but you will be ok. Looking forward to your runner posts this weekend. Still trying to get into it. I run but I don't love it yet. Re-starting C25K for the millionth time this week.

  5. Great job on your runs this week! Staying hydrated is always a challenge for me too, but when I do, I can tell the difference! Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

  6. I am looking forward to running week posts! :)

  7. Great job girl! Happy 1st day of school Elle!!!

  8. When is your marathon? Oh, and congratulations on being the mom of a KINDERGARTENER! :)

  9. She is so fabulous! Her mama has done a really good job with her!

  10. So how was her first day?!?

    Good luck to you tonight!

    How did Wes do in the bigger kids room?

  11. awww, sweet girl :) And yes! bring on the running posts :)