Thursday, August 29, 2013

K9Bish Got A Check...

Happy Birthday to K9Bish

She turns the big Three Four today. Whose younger girl, whose younger? 

K9Bish (ask her why this is her nickname - it's a great story) and I have been friends for about 2 years now... I know you would think we have been friends ALWAYS... We bicker, we argue, she yells at my driving, makes fun of my awesomeness, and basically will flat out tell you she didn't like me when we first met... Of course she knew my name - HELLOOO!!! our kids went to school together - her daughter was in Elle's class and her son is in Wes's - PERFECTO! Finally when she talked to me and fell in love;)

We immediately became besties. We can rap every word to every 90's rap song - we are rap boos for sure. We share quite a few things in common and RUNNING was/is "our" thing. She pushes me, motivates me, and always supports me - no matter WHAT!!! She is honestly the MOST compassionate person I know. She wears her heart on her sleeve and would do anything to help ANYONE. Her mission in life is to go to space... no for real IT IS... She can run on a different planet solo... I love her to the moon... but not enough to hang out with no gravity.

So... to the girl who gets bruises while taking pictures, always "got a check", shakes it to Miley with me, jets off to different cities, laughs at my craziness, listens to all my stories, and is ALWAYS UNDOUBTEDLY there for me... Cheers to YOU... This girl right "huuuur" loves you....


  1. This is so sweet! Happy Birthday Laura!

  2. It's my bff's (my sis) birthday today too!! Fabulous people were born on this day! Hope she has a fabulous one!

  3. Happy Birthday to blogless Laura!

  4. Love love love!!! Happy Birthday Laura!

  5. Happy Birthday Laura!! I think the best friendships come from someone not liking someone lol My best friend tried to beat me up when we met and we have now been best friends for 17 years!!