Thursday, August 22, 2013

Still Running...

First off Congrats to Chris and Holly today - it is MOVE IN DAY! I am so excited for the both of them and can't wait to head over there and do Jager shots off that kitchen island that Holly has always dreamed about;)

I was asked how I got into running and how I tried to improve my running. I did a post awhile back on it You can read one HERE - I also wrote about when I ran my first half marathon and how I felt HERE.

I can break it down for you easily...

How I got into running... 
I have always loved exercise - all forms. I have ran in the past, on the treadmill at the gym, around my neighborhood, from the cops (kidding... or am I?) but not consistently. In 2009(10) my sister in law called me up and said "I am going to run a half marathon" and you are going to run with me today - and I did... I started REALLY running then. I trained with her (although I was NOT running the race) AND... I fell in love.

Now... to say it wasn't hard at times and training with them in the 104 degree humid heat was fun - it wasn't... but I kept at it.. and at it... and things just fell into place... It was my "outlet" and that is where I began to love it...

The first RACE I ever ran was a half marathon (it will be ONE year since I ran that race on October 7th) - I just threw myself into it.. and I was so glad I did...You can read my recap HERE.

1st Half Marathon 10/7/12
Once you run a race - you get the bug... or at least I did. I can't stop now and after this weekend's race it has been solidified... I LOVE RACING!

How I keep running...
I just do... I enjoy it.. It is MY time, my outlet, my form of release and exercise. It is just "a part of me" now. I don't follow a training schedule unless I am training for a half or marathon (which I am right now). I just get out there - I started with one mile in 2009 and it just went from there. When I "run" I usually average around 5 miles (if I am not following a training schedule). I run on an average around 3 or 4 times a week - I just MAKE the time. It's hard sometimes and I have to shuffle things around, but I do it... Running makes me happy and I like happy:)

How I upped my mileage and speed...
Truth... I didn't follow a plan. I just did it. I ran a mile - then I tried 1.5 - then 2 and so on. When I felt that the mile was getting easy I upped it by a half mile or so... I did what my body felt it could do and I pushed it sometimes, as well.. I am currently trying to up my speed, once again by following my own thing. I run a half mile at normal pace - then a half mile fast - then half normal - half fast - etc... There are TONS of training programs out there I just listen to my body and push myself. I have never really been a person to follow a plan - I like to make up my own things:)

Running is not easy but it does get easier. It takes your body time to adjust and your brain too. You go out there and want to keel over and quit - then you make a long run (whatever mileage that is for you) and you feel so proud, you run a race and finish, you find a running partner that becomes your best friend, you meet wonderful people who share a common interest, you start shedding pounds (or opposite for me;), your legs tone up, your booty lifts, and you FEEL STRONG... STRONG IS GOOD... REAL GOOD...

A couple more things...
Looks like my girl Laura (K9Bish) gets to head to Peoria, IL with us in a few weeks to run the IVS half marathon with Holly, Sami, and I - we are Running for Maggie...

The Fort4Fitness half in Ft. Wayne, Indiana is approaching quickly. If you are headed there and are planning on meeting up - please let Holly know... her email is - she loves to plan;) LOL

Thursday ON...

How did you start running? Why do you still continue to run? Peoria or Ft. Wayne running?


  1. I love running for oh so many reasons. For me it's a time to test my self. I get to clear my head and let my body do it's thang. I feel strong and fast. I haven't had much chance at all to do any strength training on my weight loss journey but running has been handling that for me pretty well. I'm with ya on just listening to your body when it comes to how hard to push or what advances you are trying to make in your running.

  2. I am going to make myself a runner dammit, if it's the last thing I do!!!

  3. I love it and I hate it all at the same time. I want it to be easier, but then I remember that it just takes perserverence. I can run a lot longer than I could a year ago.

    Anyway, I just noticed that you hit 600 followers! Congratulations!

  4. It's weird, I've really had to scale back my running for this Galloway training plan. Two smaller runs throughout the week and then a long run on the weekend don't feel like enough lately. I AM able to focus on strength training more, which I wasn't doing with much regularity before, but it's just not as fun. Running frees my mind and centers me. But I know that if you do too much cardio, your body holds on to fat for dear life. So I'm stuck between wanting to run more for recreation and peace of mind and feeling like I should hold back to avoid overtraining/injury and to make my body get into fatloss mode.

    Makes me wish I was skinny so I could run all I want! :(

    1. Sorry for the rambling, me-centered reply, by the way!

  5. I started running in 2010 but quit when I got pregnant. I have a problem with my breathing. I just can't get it to plan out. So I get about a quarter mile and die. I push myself still. I am trying to get back into running. I too didn't notice any weight loss when I was running but I noticed my legs and butt were firmer.

  6. I started running because nothing else was working;) I want to go to Peoria since its only a 5 make drive but need to find a PIC ( partner in crime) since I'll need to stay in a hotel. We shall see. :)